Everything you need to make content reviews easy for teams

Manage the feedback & approval processes for all your files in one place

Review content quickly & easily

Unlimited reviewers

Invite an unlimited number of reviewers to review files

One-click approvals

Get one-click, documented approvals from stakeholders


Add annotations to any comment with markup tools

Project dashboard

Stay on top of all review workflows in one dashboard

File attachments

Add attachments to include reference files in comments


Track and manage all file versions through to final approval

All of your content in one place

Unlimited files

Upload an unlimited number of files to your projects

Document review

Review Word, Powerpoint, Excel and PDF files with intuitive tools

Video review

Get feedback on all popular video formats - with time-codes

Image review

Get feedback on designs, photography or wireframes

Audio review

Review all popular audio formats - with time-codes

Drag and drop

Drag and drop files through your projects

Organize the process

Consistent review steps

Use workflows to route files between teams or departments for review

Customize projects

Create custom projects for each review process

Project folders

Keep organized by sorting projects into folders

Centralize approvals

Centralize all your approved files in one accessible space

Internal projects

Restrict access to any project to only your team

External projects

Share access to any project with external reviewers

Collaborate with your team

Multiple teams

Create multiple teams to optimize your review processes

@ Mentions

Mention other users to bring them into the discussion

Flexible sharing

Share files and review links internally or externally

Downloadable assets

Control when users can download your project's files

Private comments

Private comments to discuss ideas with just your team

Custom branding

Personalize your workspace with your own logo

Create transparency in the process

Review dashboard

Reviewers keep the overview with individualized dashboards

Clear accountability

Stakeholders are accountable for their feedback & approvals

Threaded comments

Threaded comments replace messy back-and-forth emails

View file status

Keep track of any file's status in the review process

View all versions

View all of the previous versions and comments

Track delayed files

See where files are stuck and when due dates have been exceeded

Reduce repetitive project management tasks

Email notifications

Automatically inform collaborators about new versions and comments

Automated workflow

Automated workflows replace the need for many manual tasks

Due dates

Add due dates to keep projects running smoothly

Automated review reminders

Automated reminder emails help reviewers meet deadlines

Project templates

Create project templates that define the specific order, name, and settings of your review steps

File sharing

Share files with the right stakeholders automatically

Enjoy working productively

Task lists

To-do list of tasks to ensure all feedback is considered

Resolvable feedback

Resolve comments on files to stay on track with edits


Comments automatically create tasks

In-app notifications

In-app notifications ensure that reviews are completed on time

Keyboard shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to complete tasks faster


Quickly find what you are looking for with advanced search

Reliable and flexible


More than 99% uptime, with 24/7 monitoring & response

Fast file uploads

Upload files quickly and securely to your projects

Fast performance

Our servers ensure exceptional worldwide performance

Mobile devices

Mobile optimized to make it easy to review files on-the-go

No installs needed

Works in the browser - no installs or plugins needed

Fantastic support

Get quick and friendly support from our team

Best in class security

Roles and permissions

Assign roles and permissions to your team

Secure storage

Secure storage with regular backups to protect your files

Secure file encryption

256-bit SSL encryption keeps your data safe

European servers

All data is hosted on European servers

Privacy settings

Use privacy settings to lock-down access to reviews

Password protection

Password protect your review links

Easily comply with audits

Unlimited archiving

Store your completed projects and document all changes

Review report

Export your file's reviews and comments to a PDF

Standardized processes

Transparent standardized processes for every review

Integrates into your IT set up


Integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools


Use the REST API to automate workflows

Single Sign-On

Use Single Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate your team

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