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Here's How Online Proofing With Filestage Works

Click to comment on videos

Comment on files

Click to add comments directly onto all file types

Click to add projects

Organize the process

Ensure all files go through a consistent proofing process

View the status of all reviews

Track progress

View the progress of every review in one place

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Get approval

Timestamped & documented approval from all stakeholders

Compliance and audit trails

Share and proof files easily

Projects move faster when you’re not stuck chasing people for feedback or wading through your inbox. Filestage makes it easy for teammates and stakeholders to give feedback on your work.

Easy communication that speeds up reviews

Centralize all communication into easy-to-follow discussions that are accessible and documented for everyone in the team. Clarify your feedback by adding annotations to every file type, or by attaching example or resource files to comments.

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Standardize the review process

Ensure all files go through a consistent process

Create a transparent proofing process that is easy for your team to follow. All files move step-by-step through the process – providing better internal control and improved efficiency.

See the status of every proof

Keep an overview of all proofs your remote team is working on. Quickly decide when a follow-up is needed to get things moving.

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4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

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