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Set up custom workflows with collaborative reviewer groups, making feedback fast, focused, and easy to track.

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Create workflows

Share content

Discuss feedback

Manage versions

Track approvals

Give stakeholders a faster feedback experience

Put every comment in context

Create point-and-click comments on any file and draw annotations for extra accuracy.

Cut approval time by 30%

Set due dates and send automated reminders to keep projects ahead of schedule.

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Build centralized and automated approval workflows

Keep standards high across all your teams

Make sure every piece of content goes through the right review and approval process.

Measure and optimize your workflow in real time

See everything from your fastest reviewers to the average number of versions per file.

Explore project workflow

Share content with confidence

Manage your files in a GDPR-compliant platform

Filestage uses enterprise-grade AES 256 encryption that’s certified against ISO/IEC 27001:2022.

Control who can access your content

Use password-protected links and email verification to choose who can see your files.

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Create custom project dashboards that give you a clear route to approval

Marketing campaign

Video project

Packaging design

Technical drawings

  • Collaborate with agencies, clients, and other stakeholders in one place
  • Make sure all your creative assets go through the same review steps
  • Set due dates to make sure you hit your campaign’s deadline

Filestage makes things easy. All the files and versions are in the same place. The clients really appreciate the ease of use and being able to have a clear overview of their projects.

Sara Chen

Medical Director at Publicis Health

  • Review everything from scripts and storyboards to post-production edits
  • Get point-and-click feedback with automated timecodes
  • Integrate with Adobe Premiere Pro to sync comments in your sequence

With Filestage, the process has become much more automated and simple. It is easy to request and add comments to video, in particular.

Naeran Rubio

Associate Director, Content at Sharp

  • Bring designers, translators, and marketers together in one place
  • Set up a compliant process so you can go to print with confidence
  • Zoom, rotate, and annotate to make feedback clear and accurate

In Filestage, we especially appreciate the automatic versioning of documents, which enables a transparent overview of the review and approval steps at any time.

Felix Boche

Project Manager at Stiebel Eltron

  • Make sure every drawing goes through the right review steps
  • Zoom and rotate designs to give feedback with pinpoint accuracy
  • Collaborate with topic experts, from engineers to legal

The commenting feature in Filestage allows all project stakeholders to give open and transparent feedback, making it easy for each party to understand document change requests.

Tim Simonsen

Marketing Director at Queisser

With Filestage’s review and approval software, your team can…

share files

Share unlimited files

Upload videos, images, designs, documents, websites, interactive content, and audio files, all in one platform.

get feedback in context

Get feedback in context

View and discuss feedback in one place so your stakeholders are always on the same page.

version history

View your version history

Keep a record of every version and review round, so you can check everyone’s feedback has been met.

use from anywhere

Log in from anywhere

Filestage works in your browser on any device, so you can keep things moving, wherever you are.

invite reviewers

Invite unlimited reviewers

Share files and projects with as many people as you like. They won’t even need an account to add comments.

one click approvals

Approve files with one click

Make approvals easy for everyone and get a clear view of which files need changes.

Add review and approval to your existing workflow, like magic

Filestage integrates with all your favorite tools to make your team more productive. Upload a file to your cloud drive, then you can create a project in Filestage, assign review tasks in Asana, and send nudges for feedback in Slack. All without lifting a finger.

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Review more files in less time with Filestage

2.3 million files reviewed across hundreds of industries

Created by the world’s biggest brands and agencies.

92% of files approved in two review rounds

Compared to an industry average of only 18%.

30% fewer emails to deal with every day

Giving teams more free time to create their best work.

Filestage has reduced our team’s daily email inbox by roughly 25-30% – which is really a lot. Since our inboxes are not swamped by these emails about content approvals anymore, we can focus on other important tasks for the day.

Rain Balares INCA lead

Get your best work approved with Filestage

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4.8 out of 5


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