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Filestage automates your creative proofing process so you can get work across the finish line with confidence.

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One online proofing platform, from v1 to approval

share files

Create a project and upload your files

Share any file format, including designs, documents, videos, and even live websites.

invite reviewers

Invite reviewers to add feedback and collaborate

Set up reviewer groups for different types of stakeholders, like creative teams, clients, or legal specialists.

compare versions

Edit your content and share new versions

Compare verisons and comments side by side to confirm that all the changes have been made.

get approval

Get approval in time for your deadline

Add due dates to your content, then your reviewers will get automated reminders, like magic!

Rain Balares

INCA Lead, GroupM

Filestage has reduced our team’s daily email inbox by 25-30%

Since our inboxes are not swamped by these emails about content approvals anymore, we can focus on other important tasks for the day.

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Zsolt Arnodi

Digital Communication Specialist, B. Braun

Our review turnaround time has significantly improved

As Filestage offers many file formats, we can easily review all kinds of content formats without any issues.

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Naeran Rubio

Associate Director of Content & Communications, Sharp

The process has become much more automated and simple

Our designer simply uploads the video, sends it to the group, and everyone is able to comment and select the area where the changes need to happen.

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See the status of every file from your project dashboard

Filestage’s online proofing software makes stakeholder management a breeze. Instead of chasing reviewers on email and setting up spreadsheets to keep track, you can see everything in your dashboard in real time. Every file, version, change request, and approval, all in one place.

Online proofing software video annotations

Get crystal clear feedback and discuss comments in context

Say goodbye to confusing email based review and approval process. With Filestage’s online proofing software, comments and discussions happen right alongside your files. Tap on videos to draw annotations. Highlight designs and documents to pinpoint paragraphs. And add comments and attachments to make collaboration effortless.

Make it easy for stakeholders to prioritize reviews, for free

Filestage’s online proofing software includes free reviewer accounts for all your stakeholders. This gives them a clear list of every file awaiting their review, prioritized by due date. And with automated reminders when deadlines are looming, you can rest assured that feedback you’ll collect feedback on time, every time.

compare versions

Compare versions to check all the changes have been made

Tired of consolidating feedback and missing important comments? With Filestage’s creative proofing software, you can compare versions of your content side by side. So you can check the comments, see what’s changed, and make sure the latest version hits the mark.

The online proofing software for all your file formats

comment on files

Design proofing

Make it easy to give visual feedback when proofing design projects, so comments are always clear.

Video proofing

Add comments directly on your videos, with full context for reviewers and creatives.

3D models

Artwork proofing

Set up a clear process for proofing artwork and checking for errors before anything goes to print.

Website proofing

Iterate on your web pages more often by proofing website designs, live pages, and interactive HTML.


Document proofing

Collect everyone’s feedback in one place, instead of consolidating everything on email.

Audio proofing

Get clear feedback on music tracks, voiceover artists, and other audio files for your creative projects.

video review software video annotations

Clearer feedback for creatives, designers, and video editors

Our Year In Review found that 44% of creatives get conflicting or unclear feedback on their content. This often leads to frustrating rework, extra review rounds, and, worst of all, meetings!

With Filestage’s online proofing software, comments are attached to your content with markers and timecodes. So you can take feedback onboard faster and focus on creating your best work.


✓ Get pixel-perfect feedback on your creative content
✓ Collaborate in the comments to keep discussions in context
✓ Turn comments into to-do lists for the next version

Better oversight for marketers and project managers

3 in 5 marketers and project managers waste time chasing reviewers for feedback and approval on their content. Filestage’s online proofing software does all this for you.

Set due dates to trigger automated feedback reminders, and check the review status of all your files at a glance from your project dashboard. So you can finally put all that energy to better use.


✓ Enjoy easy access to every project, file, version, and comment
✓ Quickly see who has approved a file or requested changes
✓ Send automated reminders to make sure feedback is on time

video review software project dashboard
files and feedback in one place

Easier ways to give feedback on every file format

Taking screenshots. Writing out timecodes. Emailing essays to explain what on earth you’re talking about. For one reason or another, giving feedback is often a chore for stakeholders.

Filestage’s online proofing software changes that, making feedback faster, easier, and more fun. And because everything happens in one place, everyone’s on the same page from the start.


✓ Tap on any file to create a marker and add a comment in context
✓ Draw annotations or add attachments to make feedback clearer
✓ Reply to other reviewers to align on suggested edits

Keep your online proofing process organized

stay organized

Project management

Group files into projects to keep all your content organized and easy to find.

share files

Unlimited files

Upload videos, images, designs, documents, live websites, interactive HTML, and audio.

version history

Unlimited versions

Keep all your versions in one place so you can check your previous feedback any time.

invite reviewers

Unlimited reviewers

Invite people to add comments and approve your files, or simply send them a link.

review steps

Reviewer groups

Organize stakeholders into reviewer groups to keep feedback focused on specific topics.

track your progress

Due date reminders

Add due dates and send automated reminders to make sure feedback is on time.

Make feedback clearer and more collaborative

get feedback in context


Tap anywhere on your file to leave a comment, and reply to other comments in real time.


Add timestamps to video comments automatically so you always have full context.

Draw on content


Draw on videos, images, and documents, or highlight text to bring comments to life.

upload content


Attach files to your comments and replies to share references in context.

compare versions

Compare versions

Compare two versions side by side to check the comments and see what’s changed.

tick off feedback

To-do lists

Turn comments int to-do lists to go through the feedback and keep track of what’s been done.

Designed for peace of mind

Filestage is packed with security features that put you in full control of your review process. Password-protect your content, restrict downloads, and anonymize feedback – all in a couple of clicks.

And with full GDPR compliance, AES 256-bit encryption, and ISO 27017 certified EU servers, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.

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Your online proofing questions, answered

What is online proofing?

Online proofing is the process of sharing content for feedback and approval. It’s popular with marketing teams, agencies, design studios, and video production companies, and is especially useful for distributed teams proofing creative work.

What is online proofing software?

Online proofing software is a dedicated tool for sharing, reviewing, and collaborating on creative work. Designed to fix the pains of email feedback, online proofing tools bring all your content and comments together in one place. And because it works in your browser, your teammates and clients can access your content from any device and keep your content reviews moving forward.

What file formats can you share with online proofing software?

Filestage’s online proofing software supports video, images, designs, documents, PDFs, live websites, interactive HTML, and audio. You can also import content directly from Google Drive or Dropbox.

How does online proofing software make feedback easier?

Online proofing software lets you see what’s happening across all your projects. Instead of getting lost in email chains, you can get crystal clear feedback with full context. And because everyone’s on the same page from the start, you can avoid delays from conflicts or misunderstandings. Learn more about the benefits of online proofing tools.

Is online proofing software a good choice for agencies?

Yes, online proofing software is perfect for marketing agencies or production studios. It gives your teammates and clients one place to collaborate on content, and you can even set due dates to trigger automated feedback reminders. So instead of tracking everything manually and chasing reviewers on email, you can focus on creating your best work. Learn more about why client proofing software is the future for agencies.

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