Tim Simonsen, Marketing Director at Queisser Pharma GmbH & Co. KG - Doppelherz

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What problems did you face within your approval process before using Filestage?

Advertising materials and packaging materials were checked on the agency side and on our customer side by various responsible persons. In the process, large email attachments, non-transparent feedback, and file versioning issues have pushed the feedback process via email to its limits.

How exactly did Filestage help you solve these problems?

The commenting feature in Filestage allows all project stakeholders to provide open and transparent feedback, making it easy for each party to understand document change requests. This results in a creative and cooperative exchange.

What impact has Filestage had on your team?

The accessibility of the system makes it very easy to provide feedback on creative advertising and packaging materials in a clear manner. This makes for an engaging and open exchange between the parties.

In addition, versioning files ensures that all parties are working on the current version and can refer back to old versions for information if necessary.

What feature do you particularly appreciate about Filestage?

I appreciate the open comment function because it has led to a positive culture change towards transparent collaboration within the company and also between agencies and our company.

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