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Which problems did you have within your approval process before using Filestage?

A huge problem for us was the constantly growing size of Excel or PowerPoint files which we used back then to exchange feedback.

In this way, the approval of videos was also very laborious because feedback could not be given in the right place.

After one or two feedback loops it was also very difficult to say who had given which feedback at what point of the file.

How has your approval process changed by using Filestage?

Filestage has made our approval process enormously easier since feedback can be given exactly at the point in the text/ image/ video where it needs to be implemented.

Also, the fact that there is no need anymore to send huge documents via email makes the approval much easier and “leaner”.

The possibility to invite additional reviewers to a review step makes the coordination with supervisors and other departments much better.

Additionally, Filestage offers great documentation of the feedback and the approval steps.

Which benefits does Filestage offer you?

At Filestage I appreciate the possibility to invite certain persons only to single review steps or files.

It is extremely practical that reviewers do not need their own Filestage account. Especially for contact persons who only need to give feedback from time to time and therefore an own account wouldn’t be worthwhile.

Which features do you like the most at Filestage?

I especially like at Filestage that videos and moving images can be commented at relevant points. This saves us a lot of time and unnecessary feedback loops which arose from misunderstandings.

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