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Crowd review papers together


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How will Filestage improve your manuscript reviews?

Faster reviews

Faster reviews

Manuscripts are reviewed within days, not months from a selected crowd of experts

Higher quality & less bias

Higher quality & less bias

Results are often more accurate when reviewed in crowd review than in peer review

Reduced workload

Reduced workload

Availability and capacity of reviewers is taken into consideration

Publish quicker

Publish quicker

Editors know at exactly what stage a review is at, and speed up the publication process

How do select crowd reviews work?

Crowd review papers together

A selected crowd of experts review papers together

Reviewers of the select crowd review manuscripts online together within a short timeframe.

  1. Send manuscripts via a secure and encrypted review link to a selected group of reviewers in the browser.
  2. Reviewers review, comment and approve a manuscript anonymously in the browser.
  3. Reviewers collaborate seamlessly and discuss different viewpoints together.

Feedback received by authors

Authors receive helpful feedback from the select crowd.

Editors have a clear overview about the review and approval status of their manuscripts.

Comments from the select crowd can be exported as PDF and sent to the authors for further improvements.

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A Proven Concept

Select crowd review was invented by Prof. Benjamin List to speed up the review process for scientific manuscripts.

The select crowd review solution was first implemented at the journal Synlett from Thieme. It has been tested there over the last 2 years.

In 2020, Emerald has started to implement the crowd review solution for their own journals.

Everything you need for select crowd review


Add annotations to any comment with markup tools

Document review

Review Word, Powerpoint, Excel and PDF files with intuitive tools

Anonymous Reviewers

Anonymize all your reviewers to get unbiased feedback on your files.

Due dates

Add due dates to keep projects running smoothly

Email notifications

Automatically inform collaborators about new versions and comments

No installs needed

Works in the browser - no installs or plugins needed

Privacy settings

Use privacy settings to lock-down access to reviews

Unlimited archiving

Store your completed projects and document all changes

Secure file encryption

256-bit SSL encryption keeps your data safe

Built-in security and compliance

Keep your company, employee, and client data safe and secure. Control user permissions and comply with even the most demanding data privacy rules.

Filestage meets all GDPR requirements, utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, and stores your data on EU servers that are ISO 27017 certified.

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See why people love using Filestage for select crowd review

4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

✓ GDPR compliant ✓ Secure servers ✓ ISO 27017 certified data centers

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