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How will Select Crowd Review enhance your review process?

Faster reviews

Manuscripts are reviewed within days from a selected crowd of experts

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Higher quality & less bias

Results are collaborative from a large, diverse crowd

Reduced workload

Editors and reviewers able to work more flexibility

Publish quicker

Editors know exactly what stage a review is at, and the publication process is faster

Select Crowd Review (SCR) is an innovative peer review process which improves both the quality and speed of scientific publishing. Submissions are anonymously reviewed by a diverse crowd of experts selected by the journal editor. Reviews are submitted via a safe online platform, developed and hosted by Filestage, which enables the crowd to evaluate and comment on submitted articles in an intuitive, interactive, and anonymous way. This results in fast turnaround, less bias, and deeper insights for each submission.

How does Select Crowd Review work?

A selected crowd of experts review papers together

  1. Submissions are uploaded to an online platform and the crowd members, chosen by the journal editors, receive a review invitation.
  2. Each CR reviewer decides whether they have the time and expertise to review the paper. Participating reviewers are anonymous, but can see each other’s comments and start a discussion to improve the manuscript further.
  3. The review period ends after 72 hours.
  4. The CR Editor exports the manuscript and decides to accept (with or without revision) or reject the article.
  5. The feedback is provided to the author for consideration and implementation.

“Compared with our control experiments, we found that the crowd was much faster (days versus months), and collectively provided more-comprehensive feedback.”

— Crowd-based peer review can be good and fast, Nature News & Comment

With Select Crowd Review you can:

  1. Save time by creating and adapting custom reviewing templates to suit your journals’ needs.
  2. Easily manage your crowd by sending invites and reminders within the platform.
  3. Maintain a safe review environment by customizing security settings.
  4. Keep your crowd engaged and diverse by continuously adding new qualified reviewers or removing members from the crowd.
  5. Conveniently export articles and feedback as PDF.
  6. Avoid mistakes by using guidelines drawn from previous experience, provided to you.

“SCR provides opportunities for reviewers to communicate with each other and that has changed everything. It makes reviewing process more efficient, more pertinent, and more insightful. Importantly, it prevents reviewers’ unreasonable comments such as requesting authors to cite irrelevant publications.”

— Chemistry researcher from California, USA

How your editorial team benefits from SCR

  1. Reduced workload: Take searching for, and reminding a handful of very busy peer reviewers off your to-do list! This frees up valuable time for your editorial team, enabling you to focus on what you do best.
  2. Review speed: Manuscripts are reviewed by a select crowd of experts within a few days. Your editorial team can process more articles in a shorter period.
  3. Proven success: Select Crowd Review has been implemented by peer reviewed journals for several years. Their findings of the process have been compiled in a comprehensive onboarding pack that comes with your license.

“Imagine a world where it is possible for an editor to know that a researcher is already working on a review assignment. They won’t need another four review requests today.”

–The Future of Peer Review, Scientific American

Why your authors value SCR

  1. High quality: By interacting with each other, the experts in the crowd offer different perspectives and provide informative feedback as well as new insights to the authors, enhancing the quality of the article.
  2. Less bias: Having numerous hand-picked experts reviewing submitted papers enables you to have a highly diverse crowd, which reduces bias. In addition, the Filestage online platform has very high safety standards and reviewers are able to submit anonymous feedback.
  3. Publish quickly: By reducing the review process to 72 hours, the article can be published shortly after submission.

“One advantage of the crowd is that it helps deter unfair reviews, which can occasionally happen in traditional peer review.”

— Chemistry lecturer from U.K.

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