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Before using Filestage, what would a typical proofing process involve?

A key person in the marketing department would print out the marketing material, staple it to a pink form, which was then passed along to different approvers on the list.

This wasted a lot of time, since they had to walk over to various desks in the office. Additionally, the paper would sometimes get lost in a pile of others or when someone was travelling, it would just sit there while they were gone.

Also, if someone was passing around a video, they had to put it on a usb drive and put it in an envelope that they then attached to the pink form.

When all of this was complete, the person getting the approvals had to scan in all of the changes and then put it on the network so that everyone could access them.

How has Filestage helped you to solve those problems?

Since we now do all of our approvals and change requests digitally through Filestage, the process has become much more automated and simple. It is also quicker.

In particular, it is easy to request and add comments to video. Also, we do not have to worry about whether someone is travelling or not in their office.

They now receive an email from Filestage and a reminder if they don’t take action in a timely manner. We are also able to export our comments easily and are able to keep track of everything in Filestage.

There have been quite a few instances where we were able to go back to something someone said in Filestage and make a correction that perhaps was missed, so the tool has proven to be very useful.

Now with Filestage, what does a typical proofing process look like?

Now with Filestage, our designer simply uploads the video, sends it to the group and everyone is able to comment and select the area where the changes need to happen. Additionally, we all get to see where comments have been made. It is a much more thorough process.

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"The exchange has gotten much faster and more precise, so we’re able to quickly boil our projects down to their common denominators."

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"With Filestage, we now have all feedback collected in one single place and directly linked to the videos."

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"Without Filestage, our approval processes with our largest clients would be impossibly complicated."

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