Master Your Creative Workflow

Learn how to achieve better project results and save time with a smoother creative review process.

How to give feedback on a file

Share any file in seconds, get comments and watch the feedback roll in.

45 sec

How to upload files

Learn how to import images, videos, PDFs and audio files to your Filestage account.

45 sec

How to add due date

Set a due date and your reviewers will get automated email reminders.

56 sec

How to create project templates

To make sure all your projects go through the same reviewer groups, you can use project templates.

1:05 min

The difference between collaborators and reviewers

Find out what permissions project collaborators and reviewers have.

1:07 min

Advanced feedback options

You can draw, highlight, add shapes to the file or directly address collaborators by @mentioning them.

1:00 min

How to keep an overview of all files awaiting your review

To see an overview of all the files awaiting your review, sign up for a free account and visit Awaiting my review list.

50 sec

Review and approve all your file formats in one place

Share images, videos, designs, documents, PDFs, and audio files in one dashboard and enjoy a faster approval process.

1:14 min

Upload a new version of a file

Upload new versions and view all of the previous versions and comments in one place. Track and manage all file versions through to final approval.

1:13 min

How to export a review report

Download a PDF of every comment, discussion, and approval for each file version to fulfil compliance guidelines and audits.

56 sec

How to archive completed projects

Keep your project list organized by archiving completed projects and reaccess them again when you need it.

59 sec

How to add a password to review links

Add a password to your review links to give your files an extra layer of protection.

55 sec

How to add or remove team members

Invite people to join your team and collaborate on your projects.

41 sec

How to create custom roles for team members

Set up custom roles and choose who has which permissions.

42 sec

How to upload custom logo for your team

Add your own logo to the dashboard and email notifications, so your brand always shines through.

38 sec

Getting started with the new project dashboard

Filestage has a fresh new look, giving you a clearer view of your files and the whole project.

1:37 min

How to review live websites

You can now review live websites in Filestage. So you and your team can easily add comments and suggest edits with full context.

54 sec

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4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

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