Streamline review and approval workflows with co-workers and agencies

Increase productivity, save time in daily reviews, and bring transparency and clarity to work.

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Improve productivity with a consistent workflow

Get control over the review process

Establish a consistent workflow that streamlines communication and file exchange for everyone you work with - internally and externally.

One tool for all your approvals

No matter if you’re working with videos, images, slides, magazines, websites or other content - we’ve got you covered.

Everyone knows what to do next

What’s the status of that project again? Which files are waiting for my review? Reduce delays by having one central workspace that puts everyone on the same page.

Design Review Tool

Save time in your daily reviews

Give and get feedback faster

Simply click inside videos, images, and documents to leave precise feedback. Get to the point with only a few clicks. You no longer have to deal with email ping-pong.

Improve your team’s collaboration

It’s never been so easy, fast, and fun to review files together. No more digging through endless email threads!

Consolidate reviews with group feedback

Tired of consolidating email feedback by different stakeholders? Invite reviewers to the same file and find a consensus together.

Review Dashboard

Filestage allows anyone in our company to comment and improve the quality of the videos we publish as part of our curriculum.

Bring transparency and clarity to your work

Always know who said what

The time-stamped comment history of each file and version is easily accessible for everyone on the project. This transparent flow of information reduces misunderstandings, and increases your team’s shared knowledge.

Maintain a documentation with zero overhead

Keeping a transparent documentation of your reviews comes out of the box. Look into previous projects anytime, and export feedback for internal compliance.

Measure how effective you work with partners

Monitor the number of feedback loops, comments, or the time until approval for every partner you work with. This helps you to understand where to invest your ressources.

Design Review Tool
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4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

Enter the email address you use for work

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