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Get Clear Feedback from Your Clients and Co-Workers

Click and Comment Inside Videos

Fast track your iterations with in-video feedback. Your clients and co-workers just point and click inside your videos to mark their change requests. You can even draw sketches and annotations.

Threaded Conversations

Collect feedback from your clients easily. Your reviewers don’t need to register. They comment directly in their browser. All feedback is saved in one place. All comments are well structured and highly actionable.

Add Attachments

Better show than tell. Cut down on lengthy explanations by attaching quick samples of sound, video or images directly to your comments.

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The Easiest Way to Get Feedback on Video

Frame Accurate Video Feedback

Sometimes you need exact, frame based feedback. Switch seamlessly between the timecode and frame based view in our video player.

Mark comments as resolved

Use Filestage as an interactive to-do list and mark comments as resolved as you edit your video. Share your progress on the change requests with your team.

Shortcuts make you faster

Use the same intuitive shortcuts as in your favorite editing software. You can even jump frame-by-frame.

Manage Your Project Reviews With Ease

Project Overview

Manage your feedback loops with clients and co-workers with ease. See the actual status of all your video reviews at a glance. Use the dashboard to keep track of all your video reviews and approvals. Gain extra time for the things you love.


Upload a new version of a video right on top of an old one. Every video receives a version number automatically. Filestage tracks version history and records all comments. So you can check previous videos and related comments anytime.

To-Do Lists with Timecode

You want to hand over tasks to your editor? Your client wants PDF documentation of the changes you made? Just print out personal To-Do lists or save them as PDFs.

Feedback loops are way more efficient now. It’s simply the best video review tool we have seen so far.

Video Essentials

Filestage supports all video relevant files. Upload your creative briefs, storyboards, screenplays, film concepts, video snippets and animations.


We use the newest 256-bit SSL encryption technology to keep your projects safe. All data is saved and hosted in Germany.

Full Documentation

Who said what and when? No more misunderstandings. All your videos are stored in one place. There is a clear record of all comments and change requests.

Company Branding

Customize the branding of the Filestage web application. Add your own logo and your key color. Filestage is the perfect platform to present your videos to your clients and co-workers.

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