Best Productivity Software for Marketers: 61 Tools That’ll Help You Get Things Done

As modern marketers, we live in a fantastic time yet find ourselves constantly battling time. A million projects to finish, deadlines to meet, sales enablement, competitor intelligence and what not. There’s always infinite to do and little time to finish it. To truly achieve success and productivity, the solution is the holy triage of modern marketing – Planning, prioritization, and automation.

While planning and prioritization are relatively business specific, automation is something that is arguably business agnostic. If you can minimize the time spent on monotonous chores and channelize them to creative aspects around your business, you know you’ve made it as a marketer. The activity leads to productivity.

This list of productivity tools has helped me and many marketers across the globe. I’ve tried to categorize them into various categories to help young and new marketers easily figure out what tools you need to iron the crinkles of your process.

✏️ Graphic Design Software – Create graphics in minutes.

✅ Design Approval Software – Speed up your review & approval cycles for any marketing materials.

🗣️ Text-to-Speech Software – Transform your written content into audio files.

✍️ Speech-to-Text Software – Easily transcribe your audio content without spending lots of hours.

⏲️ Time Management Software – Start tracking and optimizing your time.

🔐 Password Management Software – Manage all your passwords in one place.

📆 Appointment Scheduling Software – Never manually schedule meetings again.

🔎 Grammar Check Software – Get your personal writing assistant to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

💡Brainstorming Software – Generate ideas for new marketing campaigns as a team.

✉️ Email Marketing Software – Find & verify the email addresses of your target audience and send them personalized messages.

📲 Social Media Scheduling Software – Automate your social media publishing processes.

🔗 SEO Software – Optimize your website and blog for better Google rankings.

📈 Collaboration and Communication Software – Improve your internal (and external) communication and collaboration workflows.

Simple Graphic Design Software

These are some tools that will help you cater to your in-house design needs on the go.


As a marketer, you’ve got to be living under a rock to not have heard of this. Canva makes graphic design easy. You can make beautiful designs and graphics by using your own photos or choose from one million layouts in Canva. You get to choose the best fonts, graphics, stickers and photo filters to create a design. The site offers the most advanced photo editing tools to take your photos to the next level in your social media feeds and marketing materials. There is an option to add text and captions directly to your photos. You get to share your designs directly to your social media or can save your design to your camera roll to share it later via email or messaging apps.

Alternatives to Canva: Snappa, PicMonkey, Visme

 Canva Screenshot

Design Approval Software


This tool is a blessing for those of us who deal with third party design agencies on creating marketing collateral and creatives. Filestage is the easiest way to share and review audio files, designs documents and videos. Instead of sending dozens of emails with attachments that require downloads back and forth, the reviewers can directly annotate their comments and change requests directly in the file. Filestage allows external and internal stakeholders to get quick and actionable feedback. Directly in the videos, designs, audios and PDF files without the need to install any software.

Alternatives to Filestage: ScreenLight ,

Filestage Screenshot

Top Text-to-Speech Software

If you’re into content marketing, podcasting or video creation and need a voiceover, there are easy to use software that converts one form of content to another.

It’s a platform which helps with converting articles from Medium, Pocket etc. to podcasts. The podcast works with superior quality voices and can be modified as a playlist. Based on your plan, you’re able to choose the voice language or accent. Neat! Screenshot

Amazon Polly for WordPress

Amazon Polly is a subset of the Amazon web services suite. It uses deep learning to convert text to speech in various languages and create a podcast of your blog. Users can build a speech-enabled application with the choice of voice and accent as per user requirement.

Alternatives to and Amazon Polly for WordPress: Speechkit

The Best Speech-to-Text Software

Otter is a super easy-to-use and intuitive cloud app that helps you to convert speech to text. It saves a gazillion hours in transcription if you’re into a full-flung content program. ScreenshotAlternatives to Google Cloud speech to text,

Personal Time Management Software


This is a productivity tool that helps users track time and also provide you with tools to be more productive. The app monitors the websites and applications you use and the time spent on each of them. You can categorize each site and app on a productive and unproductive scale. The weekly report will be emailed to you. The app also allows you to set alerts to let you know when you have crossed the allotted time on any activity. The dashboard provides a breakdown of time spent on each activity like meetings, emails, etc. You can choose an amount of time you want to concentrate on your productive tasks and rescue time shall block the distracting websites to allow you to focus.

RescueTime Screenshot

Alternatives to RescueTime: Toggl, Timecamp

Time Doctor

This productivity management app tracks the amount of time each team member spends at work. The dashboard offers an accurate and detailed report of time spent on specific tasks, projects and/or customer. This tool also provides top-notch time tracking, screenshot monitoring, chat monitoring, powerful reports, a payroll module, and desktop and mobile tracking abilities.

Not only does it help you keep track of your employees, but it also emails weekly reports that help you ascertain how productive each worker has been. Time Doctor allows you to allocate time for every task. This way, you can focus your creative energies on the most important work. When you exceed the fixed time for any task, Time Doctor will send you a notification. To boost your level of efficiency, this tool nudges you when you’re getting sidetracked by unproductive sites and apps.

What’s more, this time management tool integrates seamlessly with other project management apps like Slack, Asana, Salesforce, Trello, GitHub, Jira, Basecamp, and much more, so that you can accomplish more in the right amount of time.


Password Management Software For Business


Nowadays, you’re probably logged into a hundred apps at any time.It’ss difficult to remember dozens of passwords at any point of time. This really secure tool helps you to remember credentials and passwords.

LastPass Screenshot

Alternatives to Lastpass: Enpass, Dashlane

Best Appointment Scheduling Software


Calendly is a powerful yet simple automated appointment and scheduling tool that helps executives in better managing their day and planning appointments with internal and external stakeholders without running into a conflict in scheduling.

Calendly Screenshot

Alternative to Calendly: Calendar By Alore, Bookafy

Grammar Check Software


Marketing involves a lot of writing good content and copy. This tool with its free chrome extension is a Godsend.  It allows you to minimize the time required in editing your content.

Grammarly Screenshot

Alternatives to Grammarly: Plagiarism check (QueText, TurnitIn) and grammar checker ( e.g. Whitesmoke, Hemingway )

Brainstorming Software

This is an interesting brainstorming app and great to share and refine ideas. This also helps you create mind maps which helps clarify your thoughts on a topic

Alternatives to – Mindly, Mindmeister, SimpleMind Pro Screenshot

CRM and Email Marketing Software

Alore CRM

This is actually an end-to-end sales automation platform for small businesses. I added Alore CRM to the list because besides providing advanced CRM capabilities, the Alore email finder chrome extension helps you prospect smarter. It pulls out verified email IDs of prospects from Twitter, LinkedIn and AngelList simultaneously updating it into your CRM with tags you want. Thereafter, you can schedule drip campaigns, track links, create Facebook custom audiences in Facebook from your CRM’s prospect lists etc. Disclaimer: I’m the head of marketing at Plash Pte. the company behind Alore CRM. Screenshot

Alternatives to Alore CRM: A combination of CRM (e.g. Pipedrive, Flexie, Salesflare) email campaign scheduler ( and email finders (e.g., Calendar tools (e.g. Calendly)


This is one of the most widely used and established players in the digital marketing field. It allows users to send bulk emails, connect to the e-commerce store, advertise, and build a brand. The free plan already gives you enough space to get started with your email campaigns.

Mailchimp ScreenshotAlternatives to Mailchimp – Sendgrid,, Curated by Alore

Curated By Alore:

This is Alore’s marketing automation platform that helps marketers send beautiful bulk emails, newsletters, drip campaigns, automate social media posting, build landing pages and much more. So, while the CRM has the features you’d need to send plain text drip campaigns and comes with a built-in email finder, Curated is designed for marketers. You can send beautiful and fancy HTML emails using a drag and drop functionality. The chrome extension allows you to curate articles into your magazines and blast them to thousands of people in a drip campaign. Of course, there are advanced analytics tools to monitor your performance.

Curated by Alore Screenshot

Alternatives to Curated By Alore: Mailchimp, Sendgrid


This is an outbound cold email outreach software that’s super useful again for sending bulk email campaigns. Mailshake provides marketers with the ability to use simple templates, to send bulk emails and auto follow-ups and to track clicks & replies.

Alternatives to Mailchimp – Sendgrid,, Lemlist

Mailshake Screenshot

Email Finder and Verification Software is a popular email finder that allows you to find and verify email addresses in seconds.

Alternatives to : Alore CRM, Voila Norbert, Clearbit, FindThatLead, Rapportive, AeroLeads Screenshot

Voila Norbert:

This is another popular email finding tool to search for email addresses based on first name, last name and website of your intended targets. Voila Norbert has a higher rate of accuracy compared to for bulk verification. They’re constantly updating thousands of records and provide an easy-to-use API.

Voila Norbert Screenshot

Alternatives to Voila Norbert: Alore CRM,, , Clearbit, Zerobounce

Social Media Scheduling


Buffer is a popular and widely used social media scheduling tool. It allows users to schedule their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts for multiple accounts for days and weeks all under a single dashboard. Their intuitive UI and advanced analytics make Buffer a widely liked tools by marketers. I love the fact that you can customize the time zone and schedule posts. Its chrome extension comes in super useful while scheduling content and queuing it.

Image result for buffer website

Alternatives to Buffer: HootsuitePlanableContentStudio


Planable is a social media content collaboration platform for agencies, freelancers, and marketing team. It brings team members and social content on the same page for better, faster brand storytelling. With Planable you can create social media posts, preview exactly how it looks like, exchange feedback, get approval and schedule posts directly to social media.


Alternatives to Planable: BufferHootsuiteContentStudio

SEO Software

These are three tools which are super useful with your SEO needs. They’ll help you to simplify keyword research, find suitable linkbuilding targets and improve your on-page SEO performance.


SEMRush is one of the most comprehensive keyword research tools that can dissect everything – the rankings, the ad copy and also backlink profiles of your website but also of your competitor’s website. SEMRush provides marketers with the profitable keyword options, pinpoint high converting ads, identify new site monetization opportunities, track SEO metrics and also dissect competitor content strategies to provide you with insights that’ll help you to build profitable campaigns.

SEMRush ScreenshotAlternatives to SEMRush – Buzzsumo, Ahrefs, Moz


Ahrefs is an all-in-one SaaS tool for your SEO needs. It has a massive crawling setup that gives a comprehensive analysis of the backlinks which most tools tend to miss. Apart from this, the content explorer tool provides you with detailed information on articles for any keyword. Ahrefs provides you with recent and wide-ranging keyword alerts daily via emails, comprehensive social share information, complete SERP analysis including SERP features and many more features. It also has detailed and very unique metrics like return rates and clicks for SERP. The page report gives a comprehensive list of the top visited pages of your competitor or any domain to help you plug your loopholes accordingly. However, one of the major demerits: It does not integrate with Google Analytics or Search console.

Ahrefs ScreenshotAlternatives to AhRefs – Buzzsumo, SEMRush


Best Software for Team Collaboration and Communication

This software will help you create a central collaborative repository, assign tasks to team members and quicken communication. These tools are not just specific to marketing teams. Other departments can benefit from tthem aswell and should be involved.


Communication is the foundation of marketing. Slack is a super easy and handy collaboration tool that helps you bring all communication together. Slack consists of channels – a single place for messaging, tools and files. All your communication happens through channels. You can add as many channels as you want. You can message colleagues, groups, share files or screenshots on the go for a quick turnaround.

Slack Screenshot

Alternatives to Slack: Flock, Oracle beehive, TeamWox

Google Drive

As marketers, you need to be constantly sharing documents and deliverables with the team, management and vendors. This is probably the most widely used solution for sharing documentation and basic organization of data in folders etc. Google Drive can be used as a free service. Although there are some limitations (such as limited file storage), in most cases, the free plan is totally sufficient to start with.

Google Drive Screenshot

Alternatives to Google Drive: Dropbox


Asana is a team productivity and project management tool that helps everyone in your team to stay in sync, to meet deadlines and to collectively achieve goals. At a basic level, this cloud-based software allows team members within the workspace to track and manage the progress of all ongoing projects. It even allows you to create tasks and assign responsibilities to manage the individual components of any project. You can also set due dates for completion and comment or share relevant documents. Status notifications are sent to the team members’ inboxes.

Asana Screenshot

Learn more about alternatives to Asana


It’s a great tool if your company manages multiple projects at once. Basecamp combines all the tools like message boards, schedules, to-do lists, group chats, documents & file storage and many more in one place. It makes it easier to communicate and collaborate with your team. Even from 1000 of miles away, you can manage multiple projects, share and discuss without the need of hopping on a conference call. You can even access documentation of previously completed projects which is super useful. It allows individual and group communication as well.

Basecamp ScreenshotAlternatives to Basecamp: Asana, Wrike, GanttPRO

Referral Marketing Software

OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate is referral software that simplifies the process of getting your customers, new affiliates or also influencers to spread the word about your company and your product(s).

OSI Affiliate

What other tools are you using to improve your productivity? Don’t hesitate to share them in the comments. I’m looking forward to your recommendations.

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