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Filestage centralizes your medical, legal, and regulatory (MLR) review process to make feedback faster and more transparent.

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Rain Balares

INCA Lead, GroupM

Filestage has reduced our team’s daily email inbox by 25-30%

Since our inboxes are not swamped by these emails about content approvals anymore, we can focus on other important tasks for the day.

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Zsolt Arnodi

Digital Communication Specialist, B. Braun

Our review turnaround time has significantly improved

As Filestage offers many file formats, we can easily review all kinds of content formats without any issues.

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Naeran Rubio

Associate Director of Content & Communications, Sharp

The process has become much more automated and simple

Our designer simply uploads the video, sends it to the group, and everyone is able to comment and select the area where the changes need to happen.

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Enjoy a centralized and transparent MLR review process

Email was great in the 90s, but it can’t keep up with the modern MLR review process. With so much happening at once, it’s easy to lose track. So we designed Filestage to bring all your projects, files, versions, and feedback together.

You can create a project, customize your review rounds, and upload content in a matter of seconds. Then you’ll be able to see who’s added comments, requested changes, or given their approval in real time – all in one place.

Cut MLR review time by one day per person, per month

As a marketer, you’ll know that content reviews are rarely at the top of your team’s list. So you waste time pushing, chasing, and micromanaging to get work across the line. With Filestage, you’ll get that time back.

Our easy-to-use platform makes feedback faster for everyone. Comments happen right alongside your content and reviewers can compare versions side-by-side to see what’s changed. So instead of juggling email, chat, and spreadsheets, you can focus on high-priority work.

Meet deadlines and regulations with confidence

When you’re working on product launches or promotional events, there’s a lot at stake. Deadlines are set in stone, but sometimes your requests for feedback go unnoticed. Filestage is here to change that.

You can upload content and set due dates for each stage of your MLR review process. As the due dates edge closer, Filestage will send automated reminders to nudge people for feedback. So by the time you hit your deadline, you can be confident that everything is accurate and compliant.

One MLR review solution for all your content

Document, search, data, review, research

Detail aids

Sales aids, visual aids, objection handling guides, implementation guides, and other documents.

Video, play, media

Advertising and promotions

MOA videos, talking heads, websites, emails, direct mail, banners, blogs, social content, and print ads.

Signage and leave behinds

Packaging, booth designs, brochures, dosing cards, reprint carriers, and patient support materials.

Filestage makes your MLR review process better for everyone

Marketers and agencies

See the status of every project, version, and review round without getting lost in your inbox. And collaborate on everything from 50-page documents to video promotions – all in one place.

Medical product managers

Use handy tools like annotations, highlights, and strikeouts to give feedback with pinpoint accuracy. So you can make sure your team’s advertising and promotional content is always up to scratch.

Legal and compliance specialists

Get a clear overview of all the content awaiting your review so you always know what to prioritize next. And if anyone has any questions, you can chat in the comments in real time to keep things in context.

Regulatory affairs managers

Save time on regulatory reviews by giving feedback right alongside your team’s content. Simply tap, highlight, or annotate to make sure everything is on label and meets the latest regulations.

Designed for peace of mind

Filestage is packed with security features that put you in full control of your MLR review process. Password-protect your content, restrict downloads, and anonymize feedback – all in a couple of clicks.

And with full GDPR compliance, AES 256-bit encryption, and ISO 27017 certified EU servers, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.


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