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document version control

Share documents and stack versions for easy access

Add version numbers to revisions automatically
Use a consistent version number system to avoid doc_final_final_v19 nightmares!


Match new versions to the right documents
Filestage automatically matches new versions to documents with the same file name.

document version control_upload new version

Manage document versions in one unified platform

Check the status of previous versions in one click
Use the drop-down menu on your project dashboard to revisit previous versions of any document.


Notify reviewers when they’re looking at an old version
Direct teammates and reviewers to the latest version to add feedback or give approval.

compare document versions

Compare document versions and comments side by side

Verify that everyone’s feedback has been met
Check new versions alongside previous comments so that you can approve documents with confidence.


Auto-compare text to save time on document reviews
Highlight what’s been added or removed to keep reviews fast, focused, and accurate.

The document version control software that supports all your content


Business documents

Share and discuss critical business documents with key stakeholders in one cloud-based solution.

Draw on content

Marketing assets

Manage multiple versions of your marketing collateral in one place, from documents to videos.

compare versions

Sales materials

Optimize processes between sales and stakeholders to create industry leading sales enablement content.

blog articles

Blogs and articles

Raise the bar for quality management by making sure content is reviewed by the right people.

one click approvals

Press releases

Introduce version control to your PR processes to make sure the right stories and quotes go to press.

add review step

Internal communications

Regularly review the latest versions of onboarding materials and other company communications.

automations_send reminders

Create workflows to take documents from v1 to final

Group stakeholders into dedicated reviewer groups
Keep discussions focused on specific topics, like Marketing, Product, or Compliance.


Set due dates to nudge reviews for feedback
Keep projects moving forward by sending automated reminders to your reviewers.

document annotation tools

Use collaboration tools to collect clear feedback

Create markers, annotations, and highlights
Minimize mistakes and maximize efficiency with visual feedback tools to complement your comments.

Click on a comment to see what it’s referencing
Jump into the action with full context instead of wasting time interpreting feedback.

automations_document version control

Manage documents alongside other file formats

Track multimedia projects in one platform
Review and approve documents, designs, videos, live websites, and more – all in one place.


Use one version control system across your organization
Maximize efficiency across every department – from marketing to human resources.

How our document version control software helps you manage feedback

add review step

Create your project and reviewer groups

Set up your workflow with separate steps for teams or departments.

upload content

Upload content to your dashboard

Sort your content into sections to keep your projects organized.

invite reviewers

Invite reviewers to give feedback

Add reviewers or send a link, then they’ll be kept up to date automatically.

discuss ideas

Discuss ideas for the next version

Agree on the next steps in context so everyone’s always on the same page.

get approval

Share new versions until you get approval

Develop your content until your first reviewer group is happy.

review steps

Repeat for the remaining reviewer groups

Keep sharing new versions until everyone gives you the green light.

How Filestage saves you time on document management and approvals

get feedback in context

Consolidate feedback automatically

See everyone’s comments in one place, instead of juggling email chains.

less versions and review rounds

Minimize versions and review rounds

Make sure everyone knows which version is the latest (and greatest)!

comment on files

Add comments on top of your content

Use intuitive tools like highlights and annotations to add feedback in seconds.

compare versions

Compare versions and comments side by side

Save time searching through your inbox to check what you said about the last version.

tick off feedback

Tick off feedback as you work on new edits

Turn comments into to-do lists to keep track of what’s been done.

track your progress

Send reviewers automated reminders

Add due dates and make sure feedback is on time with automated reminders.

Document version control software that gives you peace of mind

Filestage is packed with security features that put you in full control of your document management and review process. Password-protect your content, restrict downloads, and anonymize feedback – all in a couple of clicks.

And with full GDPR compliance, AES 256-bit encryption, and ISO 27017 certified EU servers, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.

Your document version control questions, answered

What is document version control software?

Document version control software is a tool that helps you manage different versions of a document. It keeps track of changes made over time, so you can easily access previous versions if needed. With Filestage, teams can collaborate from anywhere, safe in the knowledge that everyone is looking at the most up-to-date version. This prevents confusion and saves time by providing a centralized platform for document management. With document version control software, you can track edits, compare versions, and merge changes seamlessly. It’s a handy tool for organizing and maintaining document integrity.

What is enterprise document management software?

Enterprise document management software is any tool or platform that helps large organizations to store and share documents. Filestage does this by letting you create project dashboards for managing all your documents and versions. You can then see everything in one place, including which version you’re up to and where you are in the approval process.

How does Filestage compare to other types of document management platform?

Filestage is far more than an online document management system. It’s a complete document approval tool for sharing content, collecting feedback, managing versions, and tracking approvals. And with built-in automations and integrations, you can save valuable time throughout every stage of your review process.

Does document version control software support multiple users?

Yes, document version control software supports multiple users. It allows team members and stakeholders to collaborate on documents simultaneously, keeping everyone on the same page. Filestage goes a step further by letting you create approval workflows to support your business processes. This lets you organize stakeholders into reviewer groups like Marketing, Product, and Legal, helping to keep conversations focused on specific topics. This also gives you full control of when stakeholder groups see your documents, further strengthening your document control measures.

Can you access previous versions of a document with version control software?

Absolutely! With a document version control system, you can easily access previous versions of a document. Filestage keeps a record of the changes made over time, so you can review and retrieve any earlier version you need. That means no more worrying about losing important information or struggling to find the right version.

Does document version control software support version comparison?

Yes, document version control software supports side by side version comparison. This makes it easy to compare the content of two different versions, as well as all the comments. On top of that, Filestage includes one of the best version control software features – auto-compare text! This highlights everything that’s been added to the new version in green, and everything that’s been removed from the previous version in red. Not only does this support quality management during your review process, it also helps you give feedback and approve documents faster.

Does document version control software allow for commenting and feedback on specific document versions?

Some document version control software lets you collect feedback and document approval from stakeholders – and Filestage is one of them! You and your reviewers will be able to open documents on any desktop or mobile devices. Then you can highlight text or create markers and annotations to add clear feedback. Other key features include replying in threads and adding attachments to comments to keep everything in context.

Does an online document management system let you edit documents directly?

Yes, some document management software lets you edit documents directly. But this can have security risks when it comes to revision control – especially for enterprise document management where compliance is key. When you share documents in Filestage, each version is fixed. You and your reviewers can add comments and collaborate to discuss what should be added or removed from the next version, but changes can’t be made directly. This makes sure that only select users can edit documents directly.

Can document version control software integrate with other tools and systems?

Yes, document version control software can integrate with a range of other tools, including Asana, Slack, Google Drive, and Dropbox. With Filetstage’s Zapier integration, you can automate your business processes in a variety of ways. For example, you can remind stakeholders to share feedback in Slack or Microsoft Teams. Or you can automatically download approved files to your Google Drive or other document management solution.

How secure is document control software in terms of data protection and access control?

Filestage’s document version control software lets you share documents using AES 256-bit encryption. Files are stored on our ISO 27017 certified EU servers and all data is handled in line with GDPR. Filestage also offers a range of access controls to support document management. As a collaborator, you can choose who has access to share documents or invite reviewers to give feedback. And by password-protecting your review links or turning off downloads until files are approved, you can rest assured that only the final version will see the light of day.

What types of documents can you share and review with a document management system?

Document management software supports a wide range of Microsoft Office formats, including DOC (Microsoft Word), DOCX (Microsoft Word Open XML), XLSX (Microsoft Excel Open XML), and PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML). You can also share Google Workspace content by exporting Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets as PDF/X files. Filestage supports a wide range of other formats too, including videos, images, designs, audio, live websites, and interactive HTML. For more information, take a look at our full list of supported file formats.

Can you keep an audit trail from document generation to the final version?

Yes, Filestage allows you to keep and download audit trails using file and review reports. These include every comment, change request, and approval on each version, including timestamps. For the eco-conscious, this is a great step towards a paperless work environment. Instead of printing out documents with all their version control and approval records, you can save and access everything digitally using cloud storage.

How do you stop people from editing versions of your documents directly?

If you want to prevent people from editing your Word documents and Google Docs directly, you should export them as a PDF first. You can then share them using Filestage’s document version control system. This will give everyone the opportunity to add comments and request changes without being able to make changes themselves.

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