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How to share video online for feedback and approval

5 steps to help you share video online for feedback and approval

Video is one of the most exciting and effective marketing formats. But sharing videos online and collecting feedback makes it a pain. Let’s look at how you can share video files and get feedback and approval in four simple steps – all in one place.

sign off sheet

The Ultimate Guide to Project Sign Off Sheets (incl. 7 Templates)

Within any creative process, there may be no definitive end to the new ideas that seem to pop up along the way. While on the one hand, changes and additions to a project can add significant value, they can also derail it if they aren’t kept in check. Using a sign-off sheet is an effective way to keep your project on target and all stakeholders informed and happy with its progress.

The best design feedback tools for quick and clear design reviews

The best design feedback tools for quick and clear design reviews

Feedback is a fundamental part of any design project. Find out how design feedback tools can help make the review process that much easier, giving designers the opportunity to collect in-context comments and annotations so that they can get on with their next round of amends and get closer and closer to sign off.

The 20+ Best Review and Approval Tools Compared

The 22 best review and approval tools for every situation

Find the best review and approval solutions and alternatives to share and comment on videos, images, documents and audio files. Including a comparison chart.

How to create an effective approval workflow

An effective approval workflow brings companies financial gains, saves time, and improves overall productivity. So, instead of asking yourself whether you need a more efficient workflow, try asking yourself, “How do I create the most effective approval workflow possible for my team?”

10 playlists to improve your productivity and focus

It’s a slow day at work and you have a project to finish but somehow everything else seems more interesting than focusing on the work at the moment. Our ten playlists will help you focus, stop procrastination, and get your work done.

The ultimate feedback management guide for creative projects

If you’re responsible for feedback management, you’ll know just how chaotic things can get. With some tweaks to your feedback management process and the right software, collecting, analyzing, and implementing feedback on your creative projects is a breeze. 

27 best feedback tools for every situation

Feedback is important in just about every company. It helps you to create your best possible work, to improve your products and services, and to keep your business moving forward.  With the right feedback software, feedback management is made so much easier.

What is a feedback loop? – 6 feedback loop examples

From customer feedback on your products and services to internal feedback on a particular project or policy, feedback loops help you to create your best work and grow in the right direction.

The 5-step feedback process for creating your best work

Whether you’re responsible for collecting feedback or giving it, keep reading for tips on setting up your feedback process. With a clearly defined feedback process and the helping hand of online proofing software, collecting feedback on your work is an absolute breeze. Get ready to revolutionize your workflow!

Client feedback vs. customer feedback and why you need both

Client feedback vs. customer feedback and why you need both

The first thing that comes to mind when creating a new product or a service is having a great idea and implementing it. Creating great content, products, and services is no walk in the park. But when you include client and customer feedback in the process, you increase your chances of success. Let’s dive into the specifics of client and customer feedback and see how a client feedback tool makes both processes more effective.

Marketing collaboration article

8 marketing collaboration tools for a remote-friendly world

More and more teams are working in a remote environment, and collaboration tools are making it happen for them. For marketing teams, things are no different. Many teams are turning to marketing collaboration tools to successfully guide their content creation from start to finish. See what makes Filestage your go-to tool for marketing collaboration.

Creative collaboration in an asynchronous world

Creative collaboration in an asynchronous world

Creative collaboration is all about working with a team to find innovative ways to overcome business or marketing challenges. Companies often find themself stuck with some processes or products that aren’t optimal for their business. That’s when they gather teams to find innovative ways to solve a specific challenge. So let’s take a closer look at everything you need (and what to avoid) to improve creative collaboration at your organization.

Why your content review process is broken (and how to fix it)

Why your content review process is broken (and how to fix it)

Your content review process might be broken, but by following the seven tips in this guide, you’ll soon fix it. See for yourself how Filestage can help with your content review and approval process.

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