Publicis Health reduces review rounds to nourish better client relationships

About Publicis Health

Publicis Health is a network of healthcare agencies with 40 offices and 11 brands across the globe.



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  • Reduce the number of versions per file
  • Centralize feedback from stakeholders
  • Improve collaboration with clients

Favorite features

  • Automated version control
  • Project overview for clients
  • Collaborative and centralized comments
Explore Filestage for healthcare

What problems did you face with your approval process before you started using Filestage?

Before using Filestage, we had issues with version control and not having feedback all in the same place.

We would have multiple people reviewing documents, so we either had to arrange a sequence for them to review and send the documents between themselves, or we would end up with multiple PDFs with different feedback and no consolidation or agreement between them.

Sometimes comments would be missed and that would create issues of frustration internally and with our clients. So in the end, the process and organizational issues led to problems with quality.

How has Filestage helped you to solve those problems?

Filestage makes things easy. All the files and versions are in the same place. The clients really appreciate the ease of use and being able to have a clear overview of their projects.

Everyone’s comments are clear and in the same place so that everyone – agency and clients can work more collaboratively.

As an agency, we strive to create and foster an environment that encourages partnership with clients – rather than a service provider way of working. Filestage helps us to nourish the working relationship we have with our clients.

“Filestage helps us to nourish the working relationship we have with our clients.”

Sarah Chen, Medical Director at Publicis Health France

What key metrics allow you to measure the success of Filestage?

We have been able to reduce the number of versions. We no longer need to send heavy files around or set up box folders to exchange documents.

Our clients appreciate that we provide tools to deliver quality materials in a more streamlined manner.

Is there a specific feature in Filestage which you appreciate the most? If yes, why?

The interface with Filestage is very user-friendly. It’s nice and quite helpful to have a clear overview of our projects all in one place.

Compared to other solutions, the project management aspect is something that stands out as best in class.

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