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Run your whole organization’s review process in Filestage

Review rounds, feedback

Set up a clear approval process

Keep standards high across your whole company.

Share one link to all your files

Your reviewers don’t even need an account to add comments.

Comments, feedback, talking

Collaborate on files in real time

Chat in the comments to get everyone on the same page.

Approve, check, done, review

Get aligned without meetings

So you can spend more time creating your best work.

review and approval platform for enterprises

Set your teams up for success with a consistent approval process

Create a structured and documented review process for every team, project, and file across your organization. And by looping in the right people at the right times, you can rest assured that everything is accurate and compliant – instead of worrying about sloppy mistakes.

share, discuss, and approve all files

Share, discuss, and approve all your files in one organized platform

With Filestage, your review rounds are more transparent, collaborative, and (most importantly) productive. So instead of wasting time juggling email chains, you can get everyone on the same page – literally. And because adding comments is as easy as tap, type, and send, it makes life quicker and easier for stakeholders too.

speed up review rounds

Speed up review rounds at scale with smart automations

Upload your files, invite your stakeholders, and set your due dates, then let Filestage take care of the rest. From automated feedback reminders to smart prioritization for reviewers, you can keep projects moving forward across every department.

One platform for all your file reviews

Designs and mockups

Get consolidated feedback on all your design files, so you can save time juggling emails.

Play, video, media, conent, blog, article

Videos and commercials

Tap anywhere to pause videos and add comments and annotations, giving creators full context.

Approve, review, image, check

Websites and landing pages

Make feedback easy and intuitive for your clients, instead of sharing designs with complex UX tools.

Social media posts

Review content calendars and assets in one place so you can always find the files you need.

Blog articles

Loop in key stakeholders from compliance to make sure long-form content is clear and accurate.

Emails and CRM

Share email sequences and campaigns to make feedback easier and more visual.

Project dashboard packaging and labels

Hit the ground running with guided setup and support

Our Customer Success Managers make getting started a breeze. We work through your needs and challenges to set your account up in a way that works for you. And if anyone in your team has any questions, we’re only ever an email or phone call away!

Connect Filestage with your favorite apps

Automate your workflow with our native and custom Zapier integrations.

Project management

Assign review tasks to your teammates and track file statuses in your project management tool.


Share files, comments, and review decisions in your favorite channels and spaces.

Content creation

Upload files and see comments in your content creation tools, so you can iterate and get approval faster.

And many more!

Create custom integrations in Zapier, turn marketing request forms into projects, and more.

make your review process more compliant

Make your review process more compliant with verified approvals

Request electronic signatures during your review process, so stakeholders have to verify their identity when approving files. And enjoy a secure and compliant review process in line with regulations FDA 21, CFR Part 11, and EU Annex 11.

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Share files with confidence

Filestage is packed with security features that put you in full control of your review process. Password-protect your content, restrict downloads, and anonymize feedback – all in a couple of clicks.

And with full GDPR compliance, AES 256-bit encryption, and ISO 27017 certified EU servers, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.

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