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Our story

2014: The lightbulb moment Our co-founders, Niklas Dorn, Maël Frize and Simon Kontschak, realized that the way people share files and get feedback is a chaotic mess. So with a well-balanced cocktail of marketing strategy, UX design and software engineering, they decided to do something about it.

2015: Making video feedback beta We worked closely with video production agencies across Europe to create a prototype for our video commenting tool. For the first time, people could just tap on a video to pause it and add a comment, instead of wasting time writing out timecodes.

2015: Our first customers It was a cold winter’s morning. Filestage was live and open for business, and Christmas was just around the corner. And then it happened. Our first customers walked through our virtual doors – and they’re still with us today. Prost!

2016: Planting the seed We raised a €600,000 seed round with High-Tech Gründerfonds. Go team!

2017: Time to grow We have lift off! We doubled the size of our team to develop commenting tools for PDFs, images and audio files. And we onboarded over 200 new customers in just 12 months.

2018: Evolving our platform After spending a few years working with some of the world’s biggest brands and agencies, we realized that managing feedback was just the tip of the iceberg. So we evolved Filestage into a review and approval platform, letting teams set up consistent reviewer groups for all their files and projects.

2019: That’s a lot of files! We reached a mind-boggling milestone of 1 million files reviewed and approved with Filestage. That’s everything from brand films and advertising campaigns to medical paperwork and brochures.

2020: Raising our Series A We raised €2.8 million in our Series A funding round with Newion, seed+speed and High-Tech Gründerfonds.

2021: Here we grow again We grew our team to over 50 people from 21 different countries around the world. All with the shared mission of helping teams get their best work approved.

2022: Saying hello to HTML After successfully rolling out live website reviews, we followed up with HTML support for banner ads, emails, and other interactive content.

2023: Launching the free trial and plan To help more teams put Filestage to the test, we introduced a free seven-day trial. And we also rolled out a free plan for freelancers and small businesses!

The future: Onwards and upwards… Stay tuned to see where our story takes us.

Review more files in less time with Filestage

2.3 million files reviewed across hundreds of industries

2.3 million files reviewed across 100s of industries

Created by the world’s biggest brands and agencies.

92% of files approved in two review rounds

92% of files approved in two review rounds

Compared to an industry average of only 18%.

30% fewer emails to deal with every day

30% fewer emails to deal with every day

Giving teams more free time to create their best work.

Our company values

Knowledge seeker

We’re naturally curious and keep asking “why?” until we get to the root of a problem. We learn new things every day by asking tough questions and challenging the status quo.

Reflective thinker

We know feedback helps us grow, so we’re always happy to give and receive it from the rest of the team. And if we make a mistake, we reflect on it so we can do better next time.

Clear communicator

We’re a remote team working all over the world. So we pick our words carefully, give plenty of context and communicate in a way that’s most helpful to the people around us.

Goal owner

We take responsibility for our objectives and relish the freedom of managing our work. We know it’s better to set a few impactful goals than trying to achieve everything.

Problem solver

We understand that every problem is an opportunity to make things better. So we embrace the challenge, get our hands dirty and power through until we find a solution.

Team player

We know a little bit of positivity goes a long way. We respect everyone’s perspective, build trusting relationships and treat each other with honesty, kindness and support.

Join the Filestage family, wherever you are

We believe that life is more meaningful when you have the opportunity to create your best work. So whoever you are, wherever you are in the world, we’ll endeavor to make your time with us as joyful and productive as possible.


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