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From single sign on (SSO) to password-protected file reviews, Filestage makes your approval process secure and compliant.

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Protect your team’s work with Filestage

Fantastic support

Get personalized security support

Enjoy personal support with setup, security audits, and everything in between.

Secure file encryption

Share files securely with AES 256-bit encryption

And rest assured that your work is safe on our ISO 27017 certified servers.

No installs needed

Integrate your single sign on (SSO) provider

Get your team up and running quickly and securely by integrating your SSO identity provider.

Password protection

Add passwords to protect your file reviews

Make sure files, feedback, and review decisions can only be viewed by people you trust.

Email notifications

Make sure reviewers verify their email addresses

Confirm who reviewers are before they share feedback, and make sure they never miss an update.

European servers

Enjoy a GDPR compliant approval process

Relax knowing that your data is protected based on the latest European standards.

verified approvals

Make your review process more compliant with verified approvals

Request electronic signatures during your review process, so stakeholders have to verify their identity when approving files. And enjoy a secure and compliant review process in line with regulations FDA 21, CFR Part 11, and EU Annex 11.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I sign a data processing agreement (DPA) with Filestage?

Yes, this is a key part of setting up your contract. We’ll draft your DPA in accordance with Art. 28 GDPR to make sure everything meets the latest guidelines.

Can the Filestage team help with security audits?

Absolutely! We’ve helped thousands of teams implement Filestage across a broad range of industries, from marketing to pharmaceuticals. Our team can help with all your internal approvals, including compliance, security, and IT guidelines.

Are my files backed up regularly?

Yes, your files are backed up regularly on our ISO 27017 certified servers. So your team can rest assured that files, versions, and feedback are safe – even after projects have been archived.

How and where is my data stored?

All personal data is encrypted and stored on our servers in Frankfurt, Germany. This includes names of reviewers, email addresses, and comments. For optimal performance, uploaded media files are temporarily delivered in encrypted form via a CDN worldwide.

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