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Filestage brings every file, version, comment, and discussion together in your browser. So marketing and design teams can deliver better designs and get approval faster.

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design approval software

Rain Balares

INCA Lead, GroupM

Filestage has reduced our team’s daily email inbox by 25-30%

Since our inboxes are not swamped by these emails about content approvals anymore, we can focus on other important tasks for the day.

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Zsolt Arnodi

Digital Communication Specialist, B. Braun

Our review turnaround time has significantly improved

As Filestage offers many file formats, we can easily review all kinds of content formats without any issues.

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Naeran Rubio

Associate Director of Content & Communications, Sharp

The process has become much more automated and simple

Our designer simply uploads the video, sends it to the group, and everyone is able to comment and select the area where the changes need to happen.

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feedback on designs

Get feedback on your designs with pinpoint accuracy

With Filestage’s design and artwork approval software, your reviewers can click anywhere on your content to create a marker. Then they can draw annotations, add attachments, and create highlights or strikeouts to bring their comment to life – all in a few seconds. Perfect for marketing teams and creative agencies looking for ways to speed up the creative process.

discuss ideas in context

Discuss ideas in context to avoid costly miscommunication

Say goodbye to stakeholder conflicts and overlapping comments. With Filestage’s design and artwork approval software, feedback sits right alongside your creative assets. So you can add comments, reply, and resolve disagreements before you get started on the next version.

compare versions

Compare versions side by side to make it clear what’s changed

Filestage’s creative approval software lets you compare any two versions in your browser – including all the comments. This makes it easy for creative teams and other reviewers to verify new versions against their previous feedback. So you can cut the time between versions and spend more time refining your designs.

Design and artwork approval software for all your content

Document, review, complete, approve

Print advertising

Review press ads, billboards, and posters to get approval before sending them to the printers.

Social media posts

Get clearer feedback on images, carousels, and more, so you can post content faster and boost engagement.

3D, box, package, mockup

Packaging designs

Zoom, rotate, and annotate to leave no stone unturned when reviewing your product packaging.

Document, search, data, review, research

Product brochures

Collect everyone’s feedback in one place, then click on a comment to jump to that point in your content.

Brand guidelines

Run regular reviews of your team’s guidelines to constantly develop and grow your brand.

Data, code, website, online

Websites and HTML

You can also get feedback and approval on websites, prototypes, and other interactive content.

manage content reviews in one dashboard

Manage all your content reviews in one project dashboard

Project management is where Filestage really comes into its own. Upload all your file formats in one place, and set up clear steps to manage your review and approval process from start to finish. So instead of juggling everything over email and chat, you can see the status of all your content in one collaboration tool.

set due dates

Set due dates to trigger automated reminders

Stop wasting time chasing people for feedback. With Filestage’s online proofing software, you can simply upload your content and set a due date. Then, when the deadline is just around the corner, Filestage will send your reviewers automated reminders to make sure feedback and approval arrives on time. It’s a project management team’s dream!

get approvals on designs

Post, publish, and print your designs with confidence

Filestage’s design approval software gives you a clear record of who’s approved what. Every approval comes with a timestamp and decisions can’t be undone after the first 10 seconds. So as soon as you’ve got the green light from your reviewers, you can send your work out into the world with a smile.

How design approval software works

Checklist, tasks, organisation, review, feedback rounds

Create your project and reviewer groups

Set up your workflow with separate reviewer groups for each sign-off stage.

Upload, data, server

Upload designs to your project dashboard

Sort your designs into sections to keep your dashboard organized.

Document, text, file, review rounds, feedback, comments

Invite reviewers to give feedback

Add reviewers or send a link, then they’ll be kept up to date automatically.

Discuss ideas for the next version

Agree on the next steps in context so everyone’s always on the same page.

Approve, check, done, review

Share new versions until you get approval

Develop your designs until your first reviewer group is happy.

Repeat for the remaining reviewer groups

Keep sharing new versions until everyone gives you the green light.

How design approval software saves you time

Document, text, file, review rounds, feedback, comments

Consolidate feedback automatically

See everyone’s comments in one place, instead of juggling email chains.

Minimize versions and review rounds

Make sure everyone knows which version is the latest (and greatest)!

Approve, review, image, check

Add comments and discuss designs faster

Use intuitive tools like highlights and annotations to add feedback in seconds.

Compare, feedback, designs, images

Compare versions and comments side by side

Save time searching through your inbox to check what you said about the last version.

Tick off feedback as you work on new edits

Turn comments into to-do lists to keep track of what’s been done.

due date, comeplete, calendar (1)

Send reviewers automated reminders

Add due dates and make sure feedback is on time with automated reminders.

Design approval software that gives you peace of mind

Filestage is packed with security features that put you in full control of your review process. Password-protect your content, restrict downloads, and anonymize feedback – all in a couple of clicks.

And with full GDPR compliance, AES 256-bit encryption, and ISO 27017 certified EU servers, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.

Your design approval questions, answered

What is design approval software?

Design approval software is a platform for sharing designs, artwork, and other creative content for feedback and approval. It makes the design feedback process more visual and collaborative, doing away with the need for endless email chains.

Who uses design approval software?

Design approval software is best suited to teams who need to get their content signed off before it can be posted, published, or sent to the printers. This includes creative teams, marketing teams, and project management teams at creative agencies. It keeps all your files, versions, feedback, and approvals in one place, so you can send your work out into the world with confidence.

What kind of designs can you review with Filestage?

With Filestage, you can review any creative project that can be saved as an image or PDF, like posters, packaging, and social posts. Simply export your files from Adobe Creative Cloud tools like Photoshop and InDesign, then upload them to Filestage for feedback.

What other file formats can you review in Filestage?

As well as images and PDFs, Filestage also supports videos, documents, live websites, interactive HTML, and audio files. So if you’re working on multimedia projects and integrated campaigns, you can review all your files and feedback in one place.

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