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For small teams managing feedback across a range of file formats.

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For organizations seeking enterprise-grade approval software.

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Project workflow management





Unlimited files Upload videos, images, designs, documents, websites, interactive HTML, and audio files, all in one platform.
Unlimited versions Upload new versions of your files without overwriting previous versions. You can also go back to previous versions any time to check the comments.
Unlimited reviewers Invite people to add comments and approve your files, or simply send them a link. They don’t need to make an account to give feedback.
Active projects Set up projects to keep your files organized. You can archive an unlimited number of projects to free up space for new work. You can also add more active projects to your plan at any time. 2 10 25 Unlimited
Project templates Save your reviewer groups as a template, so you can set up new projects with the same approval process in a couple of clicks. You can add more templates to your plan at any time. 0 0 2 Unlimited
Dashboards Get separate dashboards for team members and reviewers. Your team members can view all the reviewer groups in your project, but reviewers can only see the reviewer groups you invite them to.
Reviewer groups Create reviewer groups for each stage of your project, then invite different reviewers to each group to make sure all your files get approved by the right people. You can add more reviewer groups to your plan at any time. 2 2 3 Unlimited
Sections Keep your projects organized by grouping files into sections. 3 3 6 Unlimited
Status indicators Use color-coded status indicators to see which reviewers have approved (green), requested changes (orange), or still need to take a look (gray) at each of your files.
Review status Set each file’s review status to “In review”, “Needs changes”, or “Approved”, so your reviewers and content creators know what to work on next.
Due dates Add due dates to your files so your reviewers know when to share their feedback.
Automated reminders Send automated email reminders as the due date approaches, or set up integrations to send reminders to your favorite tools.
Awaiting my review View, sort, and prioritize all the files you need to review, so even the busiest stakeholders never miss a thing.
Notification center Get notified and keep track of everything that’s going on in the projects you’re working on.
Email notifications Customize your notification settings for new reviews, feedback roundups, and more.
Custom branding Add your own logo to the Filestage dashboard so your brand always shines through. You can also add different logos for each team to make your experience more personal.
Quick find Tap the F key in your project dashboard or file viewer to quickly search for a specific project, file, version, comment, or help article.

File proofing





Comments Tap anywhere on your file to leave a comment, and reply to other comments in real time.
Team-only comments Keep conversations private between your teammates and creatives. So you can get aligned before sharing your thoughts.
Copy comments Copy selected comments from one reviewer group to another – perfect for filtering out noise or unhelpful feedback before passing it on to other teams or partners.
Timestamps Filestage automatically adds timestamps when you annotate videos and audio files, making it easy to skip to the right points when reviewing feedback.
Mentions Tag your team members or reviewers in a comment, then we’ll send them a notification so they can take a look.
Annotations Draw on videos, images and documents to bring your comments to life. You can also highlight or strike through text to make sure your feedback is clear.
Attachments Attach files to your comments, making it easy to share references, company logos and anything else your team may need.
To-do lists Turn all your comments into a to-do list, making it easy for your team to go through the feedback and keep track of what’s been done.
Request changes Tap the ↻ Request changes button when you’ve added your comments. Your team members will then see that you’ve finished leaving feedback, so they can start working on the next version.
Approve Everyone’s favorite feature! Tap the ✓ Approve button when you’re ready to move the file to the next reviewer group.
Batch review Browse your files in a gallery viewer to approve or reject multiple files at once.
Compare versions Compare two versions of the same file side by side, making it easy to check the comments and see exactly what’s changed.
Auto compare text Auto compare versions to highlight text that’s been added to the new version and removed from the previous version.
Bulk download Select and download multiple files at once from your project dashboard.
External partner uploads Invite people to upload files to specific projects, like freelancers or agency partners.
Disable review decisions Invite reviewers to add comments or collaborate on feedback without needing to submit a review decision.

Integrations and automations





Automations Automate manual tasks by setting up custom triggers and actions. 1 per project Unlimited
API access Connect your systems to our REST API to set up your own custom automations, making your approval process faster and more productive.
Webhooks Set up webhooks to get your Filestage notifications sent straight to your team’s messenger app.
Adobe After Effects Share motion designs and collect feedback inside Adobe After Effects.
Adobe Premiere Pro Share sequences and collect feedback inside Adobe Premiere Pro.
Adobe InDesign Share design files and collect feedback inside Adobe InDesign.
Dropbox Upload files directly from your Dropbox folders.
Google Drive Upload files directly from your Google Drive folders.
Integrately Set up ready-made automations with all your favorite tools, including Google Drive and Mailchimp.
Make (formally Integromat) Create your integrations, then watch them play out in real time without lifting a finger.
Monday Send review tasks and status updates directly to your projects.
Pabbly Connect with 700+ tools to create smart triggers and actions, saving hours of manual tasks every week.
Zapier Set up automations between Filestage and the rest of your tech stack using Zapier.
Custom integrations Get expert support to integrate Filestage with your existing tech stack.

Reporting and insights





Standard insights Get analytics on your company’s review and approval process, so you can make optimizations and boost productivity.
Advanced insigths Track and optimize performance across your projects, with real-time insights on projects, files, reviews, and reviewers.
Export review reports Download a PDF report containing every comment and review decision in a specific reviewer group, so you can keep a record of your approval process.
Export full file reports Download a PDF report containing every comment and review decision across all reviewer groups, so you can keep a record of your approval process.

Security and privacy





Secure storage and file encryption Store your files securely thanks to the latest 256 bit AES encryption technology. The servers are ISO 27017 certified. All your personal data is hosted in Germany according to GDPR. You can add more secure storage to your plan at any time. 2 GB 250 GB 250 GB Unlimited
Verified approvals Transform the “Approve” button into “Approve and sign”. This requires reviewers to verify their identify with a password in line with FDA 21, CFR Part 11, and EU Annex 11 regulations.
Password protected review links Add a password to your review links to give your files an extra layer of protection.
Verify email addresses Confirm who your reviewers are before they share their feedback. And make sure updates, reminders, and new versions are sent to the right people.
Google single sign-on Sign up and log into Filestage with one click using your Google email address.
Single sign-on (SAML, Azure AD, and more) Ensure maximum security and smooth onboarding of your users and authenticate your team with your own identity provider via SSO.
IT audit We provide you with all documents and certificates and ensure that your IT audits run smoothly.
Legal audit Get help and guidance through your company’s legal audits, so you can relax knowing you have all the right documents in place.






Email and in-app chat Chat to our team to get help and support with your account or review process.
24/7 help center Get access to a wide range of tutorials, guides and articles to help you get the most out of Filestage.
Dedicated Customer Success Manager Enjoy a seamless onboarding experience with your personal Customer Success Manager. We’ll set up the perfect approval process for you, support you with training, and make sure you’re reaching your goals.
Service level agreement (SLA) Through our separate Service Level Agreement (SLA), we guarantee you the best possible service for Filestage.
Priority access to Filestage Lab Get priority access to Filestage Lab, where you can view our feature roadmap and talk about upcoming improvements with our team.

Administration and control





Member role Give team members limited access so they can only see the projects they’ve been invited to.
Custom roles and permissions Set up custom roles for your team members and choose who has permission to view all projects, upload files and manage your account.
Teams Create separate teams so people only see the projects that matter to them.

Frequently asked questions

How does the free trial work?

You can test Filestage for seven days, absolutely free. This gives you a chance to test all of Filestage’s features without any limits. At the end of those seven days, you’ll automatically switch to our Free plan unless you choose to upgrade.

Do you offer discounts for education and nonprofits?

Absolutely! We’re always happy to help the next generation and support nonprofits around the world. Email us at to find out about our discounts.

What are my billing options?

You can choose between a monthly or annual subscription. Payments are taken in advance and are renewed automatically unless you cancel. You can cancel at the end of your monthly or annual term without needing to give a reason or notice.

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