“Filestage has reduced our team’s daily e-mail inbox by roughly 25-30%.”

Rain Balares, INCA Lead, Philippines

Rain Balares, INCA Lead, Philippines

Marketing and Advertising



Which problems did you face within your approval process before using Filestage?

We work with many content creators and content pieces at the same time and they all submitted the content to us via various methods – email, download links and cloud drives. This often led to miscommunications, missed feedback and it also took a toll on our inboxes.

Collecting feedback became even more complicated when working with audiovisual formats. We needed to put comments on a timecode basis, which can be taxing to do via email or messaging.

In general, the whole process of collecting and consolidating the feedback from all contact persons and then sending it back to the creators was very laborious. Sometimes, we even had to create a PPT, copy, and paste the visual there, so we could make those arrows to specific the reviews we needed to accomplish.

How has your approval process changed with Filestage?

Filestage has made our approval process much simpler and clearer. After the first revisions with the content creators, we turn it over to the client for the next round of reviews. Then we can easily pass on the client comments to the content creator for the next revision.

Also, our content approvals are now much more precise as you can be more specific about the content’s details and make your comment on-the-spot. In general, Filestage as a seamless project management tool saves us a lot of time and effort for the entire content review and approval process.

What benefits does Filestage offer you?

Filestage has reduced our team’s daily email inbox by roughly 25-30% – which is really a lot. Since our inboxes are not swamped by these emails about content approvals anymore, we can focus on other important tasks for the day.

Also, we have greatly reduced the miscommunication in content approvals, since feedback can’t get lost in translation over a series of emails.

Which feature do you appreciate the most when working with Filestage?

At Filestage we love the flexibility to work across different formats such as images, videos, or PDF files – as we work with a mix of these formats for all campaigns.

Most of all, we like the fact that our external partners – whether a content creator or a client – can use Filestage without the need to sign-up for a new account.

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4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

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