“Thanks to Filestage our review and approval process is easy, fast and transparent from the beginning to the end.”

Marcel Martin, Director UX

Marcel Martin, Director UX




What problems did you face within your approval process before using Filestage?

The review process e.g. from Layouts was often very time-consuming, nontransparent and complex. Especially with multiple contact persons on the customer side.

In addition, our project managers were very busy looking through, summarizing and preparing asynchronous feedback from various contact persons for their colleagues.

This process was time-consuming, unsatisfying and unfortunately often included misunderstandings.

How has your approval process changed with Filestage?

With Filestage it’s easy for the project team to sift through and summarize feedback from different contact persons since redundant and unimportant comments can be simply ticked off and thus hidden.

In case some feedback is incomprehensible, the reply function of comments can be used to clarify things directly with the reviewer.

As soon as all comments are clarified, the revision can start by working through the automatically created to-do list in Filestage. After this, the assets are made available again for approval in a new review step.

Thanks to Filestage our review and approval process is now easy, fast and transparent from the beginning to the end. This is great for our customers and for our team at the agency because now we have more time for the tasks we really enjoy.

How does Filestage help your processes?

With Filestage you can place markers intuitively and directly in the file, this makes it always easy to identify where the comment refers to. Since this reduces the need for feedback to a minimum, everyone involved saves a lot of time.

Another advantage of Filestage is that the status and all given feedback within the approval process is always transparent for the project team and all contact persons. This significantly reduces the amount of redundant feedback.

Which Filestage feature do you appreciate the most?

In Filestage we appreciate that you can place feedback with markers exactly where it is needed. In videos even directly in the timeline. This saves us an enormous amount of time and avoids misunderstandings.

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4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

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