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client feedback tool
client feedback dashboard

Every file, version, and feedback round at your fingertips

How much time does your team waste tracking down files and feedback every month? With Filestage’s client feedback software, you can access any file in your project with a single click. Or tap “F” to search for a client comment and jump to that version. So instead of getting lost in your inbox, you can focus on adding value for your clients.

add annotations and attachments

Clearer feedback with annotations and attachments

Say goodbye to consolidating comments and dealing with client conflicts. Filestage’s client feedback tool lets reviewers add comments right on top of your content. And with markers, annotations, and attachments to make feedback clearer, you can understand and act on client amends faster than ever.

separate internal and external feedback

Separate reviewer groups for internal and external feedback

With Filestage’s client feedback tool, you can set up custom reviewer groups to suit your workflow. This makes it easy to group feedback from different types of reviewers, like creatives, account managers, and clients. And if you need to copy comments or questions from one group to the next, you can do it in a couple of clicks.

One client feedback tool for all your content

Designs and mockups

Get consolidated feedback on all your design files, so you can save time juggling emails.

Play, video, media, conent, blog, article

Videos and commercials

Tap anywhere to pause videos and add comments and annotations, giving creators full context.

Approve, review, image, check

Websites and UX design

Make feedback easy and intuitive for your clients, instead of sharing designs with complex UX tools.

Social media posts

Review content calendars and assets in one place so you can always find the files you need.

Blog articles

Loop in key stakeholders from compliance to make sure long-form content is clear and accurate.

Emails and CRM

Share email sequences and campaigns to make feedback easier and more visual.

automated approval workflow

Set due dates to send feedback reminders automatically

Your days of chasing creative directors and clients for approval are over. Simply start your file review and set a due date, then Filestage will send automated reminders to make sure feedback arrives on time – freeing you up to focus on what you do best.

feedback on designs to-do list

Use comments as ready-made to-do lists for the next version

Filestage is a dream for designers, writers, and video editors. Once you’ve got everyone’s feedback, you can tick off comments while working on the next version. And if you want to double check you’ve covered everything, you can show and hide resolved comments any time.

compare versions

Compare versions and comments to see what’s new

Still making clients search their emails to see what they said about the last version of your work? In Filestage, they can open your content side by side with the old version, including everyone’s feedback. So they can check if they’re happy and approve your files in a flash.

How Filestage helps you manage client feedback

Checklist, tasks, organisation, review, feedback rounds

Create your project and reviewer groups

Set up your workflow with separate groups for internal and client reviews.

Upload, data, server

Upload content to your dashboard

Sort your content into sections to keep your projects organized.

Document, text, file, review rounds, feedback, comments

Invite reviewers to give feedback

Add reviewers or send a link, then they’ll be kept up to date automatically.

Discuss ideas for the next version

Agree on the next steps in context so everyone’s always on the same page.

Approve, check, done, review

Share new versions until you get approval

Develop your content until everyone in your first reviewer group is happy.

Repeat for the remaining reviewer groups

Keep sharing new versions until everyone gives you the green light.

How our client feedback tool saves you time

Document, text, file, review rounds, feedback, comments

Consolidate feedback automatically

See everyone’s comments in one place, instead of juggling email chains.

Minimize versions and review rounds

Make sure everyone knows which version is the latest (and greatest)!

Create, review, image, cursor

Add comments on top of your content

Use intuitive tools like highlights and annotations to add feedback in seconds.

Compare, feedback, designs, images

Compare versions and comments side by side

Save time searching through your inbox to check what you said about the last version.

Document, review, complete, approve

Tick off feedback as you work on new edits

Turn comments into to-do lists to keep track of what’s been done.

due date, comeplete, calendar

Send reviewers automated reminders

Add due dates and make sure feedback is on time with automated reminders.

A client feedback tool that gives you peace of mind

Filestage is packed with security features that put you in full control of your review process. Password-protect your content, restrict downloads, and anonymize feedback – all in a couple of clicks.

And with full GDPR compliance, AES 256-bit encryption, and ISO 27017 certified EU servers, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.

Your client feedback questions, answered

What is a client feedback tool?

A client feedback tool is a piece of software that lets you get feedback and approval on various formats from your clients. You can import your content and share it with different stakeholders. Then they can browse, add comments, and respond to other people’s feedback – all in one place.

What’s the best way to collect feedback from clients?

The fastest and most efficient way of collecting client feedback is with a client feedback tool. The tool allows you to quickly upload files for a review, and have all feedback come to you. Plus, your clients can comment on various files and discuss feedback in context. This way, a client feedback tool helps you get your projects approved in no time!

What is the maximum PDF file size in Filestage?

The maximum upload size for single PDF file in Filestage is 20 GB, which covers most use cases. If your PDF file is larger than that, you may be able to compress it or split it into multiple files before sharing it in Filestage.

How do you keep track of client feedback?

Tracking client feedback with a feedback and approval platform is as easy as a breeze. With due dates and status indicators in your dashboard, you’ll know who still needs to review or approve your document. That way, it’s easy to establish accountability. Plus, as the due date gets closer, your reviewers will get automated reminders to bring this task to the forefront of their minds.

How does review and approval software make client feedback easier?

A review and approval platform helps you establish a consistent review process in just a few minutes. Invite your stakeholders or send them a review link, then they can add comments, discuss feedback, and give their approval. All without sending a single email!

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