B. Braun improves review turnaround time across all their file formats

About B. Braun

B. Braun is a medical and pharmaceutical device company with 5,000 healthcare products and 63,000 employees worldwide.


Medical devices

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  • Improve transparency between stakeholders
  • Reduce long email threads and review turnaround times
  • Make collaboration more visual and interactive

Favorite features

  • Video, audio, and live website reviews
  • Annotations and markups for precise feedback
  • Easy to use without training
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Can you describe the key problems you were facing before you started using Filestage?

The key problem was mostly the standardized classic document management system we had to use.

It was not designed for modern media review. Therefore the system was inflexible, had a lack of transparency and it required a substantial need of training, and that led to long ongoing review project turnarounds.

Can you describe the key outcomes you wanted Filestage to produce?

Our main goal was to improve our user experience, the project turnaround time and to have more transparency over ongoing review documents.

Another important goal was to reduce long email threads, revision loops and the possibility to work more interactively and collaboratively.

Why did you think industry-standard tools would not be able to help achieve these outcomes?

As content management gets more complex, Filestage already understood what kind of data formats were important for the future of content creation.

Those formats are for example video, audio and even websites. Another aspect was that other tools were inflexible and could not be customized for specific customer needs.

“As content management gets more complex, Filestage already understands what kind of data formats are important for the future of content creation; for example video, audio and even websites.”

Zsolt Arnodi, Digital Communication Specialist

How has Filestage helped you achieve these outcomes?

Since we have managed our review processes with Filestage, our review turnaround time has significantly improved.

As Filestage offers many file formats we can easily review all kinds of content formats without any issues. It is easy to create precise annotations within the documents.

What key metrics allow you to measure the success of Filestage?

Our key metrics to measure the success are: more transparency, a notably faster review time of our documents, less support and training necessary.

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