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  • Save time consolidating feedback across multiple emails
  • Reduce manual time spent managing feedback and approvals
  • Minimize delays between project phases

Favorite features

  • Reviewer groups for keeping approval processes consistent
  • Easy collaboration with colleagues overseas and external agencies
  • Version history with a record of comments and review decisions
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What problems did you face within your approval process before using Filestage?

Before using Filestage, the approval process was very tedious because we had to send many emails and then sort and compare the different responses.

In addition, this process was less clear and incoming feedback was difficult to manage in terms of time.

In some cases, approvals were linked to queries that could only be answered by a third person or by another person who needed to be notified.

Overall, the high time expenditure led to delays in individual project phases.

How has your approval process changed with Filestage?

With Filestage we can coordinate our marketing activities in a consistent, parallel, and above all clear way, regardless of whether with internal departments, colleagues from different countries or external agencies.

All involved colleagues work on a dashboard. In addition, we always have an overview of approvals and queries, can assign them to the right person with a single click, and even set due dates. The reminder is then sent automatically by email.

The bundling of feedback on one platform is very well accepted in our company. Especially the easily comprehensible history of a file with all its corrections, feedback loops and dated approval helps us to make projects even leaner in the future.

“With Filestage we can coordinate our marketing activities in a consistent, parallel, and above all clear way.”

Felix Boche, Project Manager Corporate Group Marketing

How does Filestage help your processes?

In Filestage, adjustments can be discussed easily and fast together with the responsible colleagues regardless of whether it is a movie, an image, a website, or a brochure.

Filestage has also given us more clarity in our process.

Which Filestage feature do you appreciate the most?

We especially appreciate the automatic versioning of documents, which enables a transparent overview of the review and approval steps at any time.