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Filestage gives brands and agencies a centralized space to share files, manage feedback, and track approvals – all without a single email chain.

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Create workflows

Share content

Collect feedback

Compare versions

Track approvals

Filestage is designed for projects where missing
feedback has the highest consequences

Think packaging designs, where one overlooked comment could mean thousands in reprinting costs. Or pharma marketing, where forgetting to involve your compliance manager can lead to a lawsuit.


By controlling your content reviews at a project level, Filestage’s online proofing software helps you centralize and standardize your file sharing, feedback, and approval processes. So your creative and marketing teams can deliver content at scale without worrying about human error.

Project dashboard with packaging design files

Control your review and approval process at a project level to reduce the risks of missed feedback

Create standardized workflows with reviewer groups

Make sure every file in every project gets approved by the right people.

Deliver content at scale without losing track

Enjoy a centralized overview of your files, versions, feedback, and review decisions.

File review of packaging design file

Collaborate with agencies and freelancers without compromising your review process

Invite external partners to share content for review

They can respond to feedback directly and share new versions without the management overheads.

Keep standards high across all your formats and channels

Collaborate on packaging, artwork, videos, and other digital assets, all in one place.

Expert support from our team

Get multilingual support to onboard teammates, partners, and reviewers with confidence

Standardize content reviews across all your key markets

We offer proper human support and training in English, German, French, and Spanish.

Reduce manual work with automations and integrations

Get expert advice to build a seamless and personalized workflow for your use case.

Share content with confidence

Manage your files in a GDPR-compliant platform

Filestage uses enterprise-grade AES 256 encryption that’s certified against ISO/IEC 27001:2022.

Control who can access your content

Use password-protected links and email verification to choose who can see your files.

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iso gdpr ssl

Customize every project to suit your industry and give your team a clear route from v1 to approval

Consumer goods

Consumer electronics


Travel and tourism


  • Check packaging designs for product claims and mandatory elements
  • Collaborate on brochures and point of sale (POS) for in-store promotions
  • Manage translations with local markets

With Filestage, we have the whole review process in one tool. That means no emails, no PowerPoint presentations with screenshots, and most importantly: happy users.

Caro Berlinghof

Caro Berlinghof

Senior Concept Developer & Project Manager, CAMAO

Consumer goods project dashboard
  • Collaborate on creative projects to deliver high-impact work
  • Include a product reviewer group to check tech specs are accurate
  • Centralize all your file formats to make sure everything is consistent

It is easy to request and add comments to video. We are also able to export our comments easily and keep track of everything in Filestage.

Naeran Rubio

Naeran Rubio

Associate Director of Content & Communications, Sharp

Consumer electronics project dashboard
  • Run your MLR review process without wasting time in meetings
  • Zoom and rotate to focus on the finest details of your content
  • Auto-highlight edits to make sure nothing slips through the net

The accessibility of the system makes it very easy to provide feedback on creative advertising and packaging materials in a clear manner.

Tim Simonsen

Tim Simonsen

Marketing Director, Queisser Pharma

Pharmaceuticals project dashboard
  • Break down complex projects into manageable approval workflows
  • Bring stakeholders from different markets together in one platform
  • Restrict downloads to approved assets

In Filestage, it is always clear which file the feedback refers to since the comment is directly placed on the file. Since we have a very high project volume, this is especially helpful.

Angelika Schneider

Angelika Schneider

Executive Creative Direction Motion Design, Sixt

Travel and tourism project dashboard
  • Follow a standardized online proofing workflow for print and digital assets
  • Invite external partners to upload content and give feedback
  • Keep a clear overview so you can print and publish content with confidence

Filestage was such a game changer to us. The whole process is streamlined and we have a tracked record that shows our clients when they review the comments and the date that they approved it.

Mark Stern

Mark Stern

CEO at Custom Box Agency

Logistics project dashboard

Get fast, clear, and accurate feedback on all your print and digital assets

Comment threads



Review decisions

Compare versions

  • Click anywhere to add a comment with a marker and timestamp
  • Reply and tag teammates to keep discussions in context
  • Use comments as a to-do list to make sure feedback has been met
  • Give visual feedback by drawing on top of files
  • Create highlights and strikeouts on documents and PDFs
  • Click on a comment to focus on the linked annotation
  • Upload attachments directly to comments
  • Keep important files in context
  • Approve a file or request changes in one click
  • Track review decisions in real time from your dashboard
  • View a side-by-side version comparison to check feedback has been met
  • Auto-compare text to highlight the differences between two versions
  • Keep a clear history of previous versions, comments, and approvals

Enjoy a more efficient and compliant review process



Workflow templates

Review reports

  • Assign due dates for a set number of days in the future
  • Update file statuses based on your stakeholders’ review decisions
  • Start the next reviewer group as soon as a file is approved
  • Get analytics on projects created, versions shared, and more
  • Identify and remove bottlenecks in your review and approval process
  • Set up reusable workflow templates so it’s easy to stay compliant
  • Use the same reviewer groups, reviewers, and sections across multiple projects
  • Reduce admin and manual project management time
  • Export a report with every comment, version, and review decision
  • Keep a record of your review process for easy auditing

Connect Filestage with your favorite apps

Automate your workflow with our native and custom Zapier integrations.

Project management

Assign review tasks to your teammates and track file statuses in your project management tool.


Share files, comments, and review decisions in your favorite channels and spaces.

Content creation

Upload files and see comments in your content creation tools, so you can iterate and get approval faster.

And many more!

Create custom integrations in Zapier, turn marketing request forms into projects, and more.

Karina Berner

Karina Berner

Creative Production Specialist at Sartorius

Filestage saves our company a huge amount of time

Instead of writing detailed instructions over email, reviewers can just click on a file to add comments in context. This makes everything faster – from giving feedback, to managing the process, to making edits before sharing the next version.

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Zsolt Arnodi

Digital Communication Specialist, B. Braun

Our review turnaround time has significantly improved

Filestage helps us reduce long email threads and revision loops by working more interactively and collaboratively.

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Naeran Rubio

Associate Director of Content & Communications, Sharp

The process has become much more automated and simple

There have been quite a few instances where we were able to go back to something someone said in Filestage and make a correction that perhaps was missed, so the tool has proven to be very useful.

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Angelika Schneider

Angelika Schneider

Executive Creative Direction Motion Design, Sixt

Filestage has simplified the approval process for us and the departments we are working with

It is now much easier for us to process the collected feedback since we can access all the information in a single place.

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FAQs about online proofing software

What is online proofing?

Online proofing is the process of reviewing creative assets in your browser using online proofing software. For years, brands and agencies have managed files and feedback over email, chat, decks, and spreadsheets. But it’s incredibly messy, and staying on top of who’s approved what can be a full-time job. Online proofing software streamlines and centralizes every part of this process, bringing every file, version, creator, reviewer, change request, and approval together under one roof.

Who is online proofing software for?

Online proofing software is for creative and marketing teams who need to gather feedback, improve version management, and track approvals on creative assets.

What’s the difference between Filestage and other online proofing tools?

Filestage is the only online proofing software that lets you set up an approval workflow for your entire project. You can then invite internal teams or external collaborators to upload files to your review and approval process. This gives you the confidence that, no matter who creates your content, it will get approved by the right people before getting sent out into the world.

Does Filestage’s online proofing software integrate with other tools?

Absolutely! Filestage offers native integrations with tools like Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Microsoft Teams. And we also have a Zapier connection that you can use to collect with hundreds of other tools.

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