CAMAO reviews 500 assets per week and tracks approvals with ease

About Camao

Camao is a German agency working on a diverse set of brands that covers everything from skincare to ski lifts.



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  • Keep a clear overview of high volumes of work
  • Make review and approval more enjoyable for clients
  • Bring 20 contacts together in one place

Favorite features

  • Review statuses so everyone can keep track of files
  • Version control to see changes and comments over time
  • Markers and annotations to give feedback more context
Explore Filestage for agencies

What problem did you have regarding getting feedback for content before using Filestage?

In our review process, we have around 20 contacts, who have to approve up to 500 assets per week. In our previous system, the main challenge here was to keep an overview of everything.

How has your review and approval process changed with Filestage?

With Filestage, we are able to solve several problems and thus simplify our review process without doing many changes to the process itself.

This made the switch a lot easier. Also, the biggest difference to before is that our customers now enjoy reviewing and approving the assets.

“With Filestage, we have the whole review process in one tool. That means no emails, no PowerPoint presentations with screenshots, and most importantly: happy users on both sides.”

Caro Berlinghof, Senior Concept Developer & Project Manager

Which benefits does Filestage offer in comparison to your previous approval process?

With Filestage, everyone involved has an individual overview about what content still needs to be reviewed and what is already approved.

Also, we are finally able to upload several files at the same time, create a folder structure, and with that always keep an overview. In addition, the right and role management of the tool is very simple and efficient.

Which Filestage feature do you appreciate the most?

Filestage has many great features. Especially, I appreciate the versioning of files as well as the clear tracking of changes with time stamps and comments in each file.

What do your customers think about Filestage?

Our customers especially like about Filestage that they clearly can see what project they are working on and in which status the asset is. In addition, the various comment functions allow them to give more specific feedback at the right place.

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