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10 reasons to use Filestage for online video collaboration

Since the pandemic, the world has embraced flexible working. This has led to a boom in demand for online video collaboration tools. That’s where Filestage’s video review and collaboration software comes in. It makes it easy to share video online, discuss feedback, manage versions, and get approval – all in one place. Read More

4 ways online proofing tools make feedback easier

Getting feedback on your content can be a headache. Imagine if you could answer any question about the status of your content within 10 seconds. Maybe even five. With online proofing software, you can. Read More

Why client proofing software is the future for agencies

Feedback management is a problem that’s crying out to be solved. Find out the top three things we learned about the client proofing process – plus insights and on how online proofing software can help. Read More

How to build an efficient approval process in 2022

At any given moment, in organizations across the world, you’ll find a person or team waiting on an approval. And depending on the size of the organization, this approval process could take weeks, months, or even years. By streamlining your approval process, you can increase productivity, improve costs, and ensure the quality of your work. Read More

The best video production management software for your video projects

Video production management software includes tools that assist with the planning, organization, and execution of video projects (not only for agencies). But choosing the right tools is no easy task. So you’ll need to carefully choose the ideal tool for your project. Read More

How to Use a Client Feedback Form to Get Better Feedback (Including a Template)

Collecting client feedback can help you to keep your clients happy and boost your results. Here’s how to effectively use a client feedback form. Read More

Easy-to-Use Client Onboarding Checklist to Welcome New Clients

The client onboarding process is the perfect opportunity to leave a positive first impression. The process is filled with promise, and if you handle it… Read More

Here Are Ways to Streamline Your Post-Production Workflow

Mastering post-production will decide on your video's success. Here's how to streamline your post-production workflow and optimize your video content. Read More

Best 20 Agency Software Solutions to Manage Your Agency

If you want your agency to succeed, it’s critical that you use the right agency project management software. Here’s a closer look. Read More

The Most Comprehensive Guide on Explainer Videos (incl. 15+ Templates & Examples)

Explainer videos are very popular, and there’s a good reason why. These videos help businesses explain their products and services, which makes it easier for… Read More