20 Best Agency Directories Your Agency Shouldn’t Miss in 2020

Agency Directories

Before a marketing plan for a new project can even come to be, so much time and work go into the process of finding the right marketing agency for a job. For brands, it can be a daunting prospect to find a reputable agency whose background and expertise fits the project. For marketing agencies, even while they’re working hard on current projects, they’re always thinking about lead generation and where their next client will come from. From both the agency and brand perspectives, it’s a stressful process. Going through a digital marketing agency directory can therefore save time and work for all parties involved.

However, the diversity in the current market of agency directories means that not every directory will be equally helpful for your agency. Depending on your niche, your agency should take time to study the market and be selective about which directories you choose for listing. The digital agency list below spans a wide range of services and specialties, and offer different methods for connecting clients to agencies.

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1. AdForum

adforum screenshot

AdForum features an ad agency listing of over 25,000 members and a creative library that houses hundreds of thousands of past campaigns and more. Their directory features sophisticated searching that allows brands to narrow down by types of services (PR, social media, etc), potential audience (multicultural, luxury), and various other categories. In addition to their design agency directory, AdForum serves as a news and content hub for the advertising industry. A basic listing for your agency in their directory is free, with plans starting at $63/month for greater profile visibility.

2. Rnked

rnked screenshot

Rnked has branded itself as a marketing broker service, taking on the work of searching for the right agency and providing the necessary data to connect clients to the right agency for each project. Rather than allowing clients to sift through a massive marketing agency directory themselves, Rnked uses its algorithm to search on the back-end and go through the work necessary to match clients to agencies. It is free to register as an agency with their directory.

3. Clutch

clutch screenshot

Clutch covers more industries than just digital marketing, as their comprehensive directory also covers software development, video production, public relations and a whole host of other marketing and tech-related industries. They provide a detailed review of each agency in their digital agency list, which contains roughly 3,000 agencies. It is free to list your agency, but you must provide three client references in order to submit your company profile for review.

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4. Google Partner Directory

google partner directory

If your agency has been awarded Google Partner certification, you will be automatically listed in this directory. The Google Partner program is designed to highlight agencies that do exceptional and frequent work with AdWords, YouTube, Google Shopping and Analytics, and other platforms across Google’s network. It is free to apply to join the Google Partner program.

5. Top Digital Agency

Top Digital Agency

This digital agency platform has 2,471 agencies. Top Digital Agency’s website also features case studies of a good amount the agencies in their directory, as well as articles, interviews, and a blog. However, the main focus of the platform is on the projects. The pricing on this platform works differently than many others, as they provide a TDA “currency” specific to their website that agencies can use to pick and choose the features they need.

6. Agency Spotter

agencyspotter screenshot

The concept behind Agency Spotter is that they use verified client reviews and a search engine with detailed filtering capability to enable brands to find the precise right fit for their project. Brands looking for a web design agency directory can choose from over 14,000 agencies across the spectrum of digital agencies, marketing agencies, design agencies, and strategic agencies. Basic listing in their directory is free, and agencies can pay for packages that include greater visibility and lead generation starting at $197/month.

7. 4 A’s

4as screenshot

4A’s serves as an advocacy center and content hub for the advertising industry, in addition to their straightforward marketing agency directory. They ask that marketing agencies join as members to be listed, and provide membership benefits such as training opportunities in addition to their ad agency listings. It is free to join, but their application process for membership is extensive.

8. MailChimp Experts Directory

mailchimp screenshotSimilar to how the Google Partner Directory works with agencies that have demonstrated success with Google products, the MailChimp Experts Directory highlights agencies that work extensively with MailChimp software. Brands can search for the services they need to use with MailChimp, including copywriting, e-commerce, email strategy and more. To be listed, agencies must apply for the partner program and there is a fee.

9. Redbooks

redbooks screenshot

Redbooks is a useful tool to help marketing agencies with lead generation, while brands can use it to search a directory of over 14,000 agencies to find the right fit. They use machine learning technology to provide data on their ad agency listings that is always up-to-date. They offer a free trial for agencies to test out their services before paying for Redbooks features.

10. HubSpot Partner Directory

hubspot partner directory screenshot

HubSpot is a software package for marketing agencies that also offers an impressive and useful marketing agency directory. HubSpot’s search engine allows clients to narrow down firms by location, services, tier (referring to the agency’s tier of HubSpot partnership), budget, certifications, and languages spoken. The agencies listed in their directory are HubSpot partners and different partnership tiers which can be earned depending on agency success with the software and reselling the software.

11. Creative Ham

creative ham screenshot

Creative Ham’s angle is that they seek to provide a list of the most creative marketing agencies. So while their listing might not be the largest, their “Forever Incomplete” list of agencies feature only those hand-picked marketing companies that prioritize creativity in their work. It is free to request that your agency be listed and submit creative work to be highlighted.

12. Facebook Agency Directory

facebook agency directory

The Facebook Agency Directory is so new that it’s only barely rolling out, and at the moment membership is limited to Asian and Australian industries. However, Facebook’s Agency Directory promises to be an influential and invaluable resource for the many clients hungry for Facebook advertising. If your marketing agency is pursuing the Facebook niche, keep an eye out for this directory to open up. While Facebook is currently adding agencies to their directory on an invitation-only basis, they plan to open up their program to all qualified agencies in the near future. On their website, you can easily submit a form to be considered for entry into their program.

13. G2 Crowd

g2crowd screenshot

G2 Crowd is most well-known for its software reviews, but it boasts an impressive marketing agency directory as well. Clients can search for branding agencies, inbound or outbound marketing, PR firms, marketing strategy firms, and other marketing services as well. It provides basic listings to agencies for free, with the option to pay for features such as adding client reviews to your profile.

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14. Shopify Experts Directory

shopify experts directory screenshot

If you’re looking to expand your Shopify portfolio, you should definitely look into listing your agency here. The Shopify Experts Directory is open to those who have launched at least five stores, and connects prospective clients to marketers, developers, photographers, designers and more. It is not free to join because membership is only open to those who participate in Shopify programs at the specified level.

15. Sortlist

sortlist screenshot

Sortlist functions somewhat similarly to Rnked, in that it does not offer clients a searchable directory of marketing agencies. Instead, Sortlist provides agencies with new business opportunities based on the information they receive from prospective clients. Registration with Sortlist is free, and you do not have to pay for their services until you have signed with a new client.

16. Digital Agency Network

dan screenshot

DAN provides news, blog articles, and editorials in addition to its ad agency listings. While its directory is relatively small, its traffic numbers (80,000 visitors each month) bring clients flocking to each agency with a profile in this directory. DAN covers every type of digital marketing, from mobile advertisement to SEO and branding. As an agency, you can join with a 30-day free trial, after which membership packages start at $450/year.

17. Upcity


Upcity sets itself apart by focusing particularly on location-based searches, connecting small and medium-sized local businesses to marketing agencies in their city. Upcity collects profiles of trusted marketing service professionals that specialize in local markets, providing an invaluable tool for businesses that need local advertising in cities that fall outside the massive metropolitan hubs of the advertising world. It is free to get a basic profile in their directory, with more features offered to agencies that pay for Certified Partner status.

18. Credo

credo screenshot

Credo connects prospective clients to a vetted and verified network of SEO experts and marketing agencies. Credo is a smaller service, but its strict quality standards for participating agencies mean that it can guide clients to an agency that will meet the specific needs for each unique project. Much like the other marketing brokerage services on this list, Credo does not offer its directory for public searching, instead taking care of the matching process for each client. There is no free option for agencies to be listed, and you can request pricing information via their website.

19. TopSEOs

topseos screenshot

TopSEOs evaluates and lists SEO, PPC, and social media experts. Their ranking offers a breakdown of best companies for small businesses, best enterprises, and other categories. Their strict evaluation method involves a research team assessing key strengths, weaknesses, and advantages of each marketing company, and it takes awards and recognition into account as well. Companies can apply to be evaluated on their website.

20. Winmo

winmo screenshot

Winmo adds a proven arsenal of lead generation tools to its marketing directory, creating an asset that is a cross between an ad agency directory and lead generation source. Winmo’s business model seeks to take on some of the time-consuming work of hunting down new clients for your agency, freeing up your agency to focus on work for your current clients. Winmo’s in-house research team keeps information on agencies and brands alike up-to-date. It is not a free service, and pricing package information can be found on their website.

Take some of the pressure off your team

We don’t need to tell you that it can be stressful to stay afloat in the digital marketing industry. The nature of the game means that no matter your agency’s current workload, you are always thinking about future client prospects. To an extent, this kind of stress is unavoidable, but considering the overtime hours that current clients often require, it can be impossible for firms to carve out time to breathe, plan, and contact future prospects.

The best way to lessen this kind of pressure (and therefore stave off burnout for you and your whole team) is to have a set system in place that ensures prospective clients are always looking at your firm even when you’re elbow-deep in current work. Listing yourself in marketing agency directories is a crucial step in creating this lead generation system. Not only will listing your agency save you time in the long run, as clients are more likely to come to you instead of requiring you to spend time on outreach, but your agency will be feeling less of the specific pressure that comes from not knowing where your next job will come from. This can improve workflows and morale for the whole office, ensuring that all of your work surpasses your own standards.