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Ultimate 75+ Collaboration Tools for Agencies and Marketing Teams

A great project manager knows which online collaboration tools to use, and when to use them. It’s your job to keep your team moving forward as efficiently and productively as possible. But with so many tools out there, it’s can be tough to pick one. Here’s the ultimate list of 75+ collaboration tools to skyrocket your results.

What Are Collaboration Tools?

A team collaboration tool can be any piece of software that helps facilitate cooperation between team members. These tools come in a wide range of categories, which help teams across a business work more efficiently and achieve better results in a range of areas (e.g., design, coding, sales, and social).
The best collaboration tools share the following characteristics:

Easy Access
Collaboration tools should never place a barrier between team members. Instead, they should make it very easy to invite new members to join the team. This feature drives efficiency and places the focus on your priorities:  collaboration and teamwork.
Simple to Use

To make sure new team members are able to get started right away, the best tools are intuitive and easy to use. By removing complexity, these tools help people focus on working and getting the most out of them without any frustrations.

Collaboration tools should benefit the bottom line, rather than harm it. The best tools offer flexible and attractive pricing without charging too much for additional users.

The Best 75+ Collaboration Tools

In this exhaustive and extensive list, you’ll find every collaboration tool you could ever need. So let’s get started!

Project Collaboration Tools

Project collaboration tools can help you work together with your team or external partners on projects.


Filestage Screenshot Images

Filestage can take your project management initiatives to the next level. By taking the stress and uncertainty out of project management, this powerful tool makes your projects fun again.

Specifically, Filestage eliminates the need for long email threads, yet it gets everyone involved in the conversation (both internal and external users). With this tool, you’ll never miss a piece of important feedback again.


Clarizen Screenshot

Clarizen is a piece of project management software that gives project managers the opportunity to manage work, automate processes, and drive collaboration across the enterprise.

As a collaborative work management solution, this tool aims at delivering the functionality and features that simplify work across an organization. And it helps everyone accomplish their goals.


Trello Screenshot

Trello is a project management tool that makes it very easy to adapt to your specific needs. Its apps are equally powerful on tablets and smartphones, which gives your team insight and visibility while you’re on the move.

Despite Trello’s simplicity, the board, list, and card functionality are surprisingly powerful. In other words, project managers and team members alike are able to adjust their tasks and update the team in a flash.


Wrike Screenshot

Wrike can give project managers the visibility and control they need to manage their projects without the sinking feeling they’ve missed something. And this cloud-based collaboration software scales across teams, too.

Overall, Wrike aims at helping project managers in four key areas: driving visibility, simplifying planning, enabling collaboration, and streamlining workflows.


Asana Screenshot

Asana helps project managers keep their teams on schedule by making it easier to organize and plan their workflows and projects. This cloud-based tool can be used on a range of devices.

Asana’s variety of views help project managers and team members alike see the goals, projects, and daily tasks that create their total responsibilities.


Basecamp Screenshot

Basecamp focuses on sharing a feeling of calm and control. This tool aims at offering sophisticated functionality without the complexity that comes with such tools.

This tool tries to achieve this goal by harmonizing communication and key tasks in one place, which gives project managers one-stop shopping for all of their emails, chats, documents, and more.


Mavenlink Screenshot

Mavenlink is a project management tool that grants project managers the ability to bring project management, time-tracking, and resource-planning into just one platform.

The goal of this tool is to act as a modern, collaborative platform that empowers project managers to elevate both the operational and financial performance of the projects they’re responsible for managing.

Easy Projects

Easy Projects Screenshot

Easy Projects covers a range of areas (e.g., time-tracking, budgeting, and resource- planning). This collaboration tool offers this functionality in an effort to help project managers get rid of the spreadsheets, emails, and whiteboards that distract them.  

As an enterprise solution, Easy Projects covers a range of areas to try to simplify project planning and execution within larger businesses.


Scoro Screenshot

Scoro streamlines work while it eliminates routine tasks. As an end-to-end solution for business management software, this tool is aimed at project managers in both corporate and creative services.

Like many of the other tools in this list, Scoro tries to bring everything about a project onto one page that will help project managers get a privileged, complete view of their progress.


ActiveCollab Screenshot

ActiveCollab is a team collaboration tool that tries to equip project managers with complete control over the key areas of a project (e.g., tasks, communication, team members, and files).

By offering this functionality, this tool aims at preventing team members from missing deadlines, gives everyone a clear view, and reduces the amount of time spent on meaningless tasks.

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects Screenshot

Teamwork Projects is a specific tool offered by Teamwork, which offers a suite of tools to make teams happier, more efficient, and more organized.

The project management portion of its offering allows project managers to work in their own way, so they can focus on delivering results alongside an inspired, organized team.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects Screenshot

Zoho Projects is online software that helps project managers efficiently create and manage projects. This tool places a specific focus on helping project managers plan, track, and collaborate.


LiquidPlanner Screenshot

LiquidPlanner uses intelligent, resource-driven scheduling technology to help the entire team do their best work and achieve their goals.

The goal of this tool is to differentiate itself by offering “smart scheduling” technology that updates projects according to changes and new developments. This tactic gives project managers the ability to plan for best- and worst-case scenarios that will secure success.


Monday Screenshot

Monday is a project management tool with the objective of simplifying the way teams collaborate. It aims at giving project managers the power to manage workloads, track projects, and communicate with their teams.

This tool places a strong emphasis on producing visuals, giving team members an attractive space to collaborate, and making sure their tasks go according to plan.


ProofHub Screenshot

ProofHub is online software that gives project managers the ability to control their tasks and manage their projects. Specifically, it helps project managers bring down the project delivery time and make teams more accountable.

As with every collaboration tool, this option aims at giving teams a one-stop-shop for working together and maximizing their success.


GanttPRO online Gantt chart software

GanttPRO is a powerful online Gantt chart to help with your project management. It helps managers and teams work efficiently on tasks and their progress, collaborate with each other, manage resources and budgets, and log time.

The software is easily accessible from any place with an Internet connection. One of the powerful pros of GanttPRO is its very intuitive interface. The learning curve is really short so that team members can start working on tasks just in a few minutes.

Projectmanagercom Screenshot offers multiple project management options to its users, supporting Kanban, Gantt, and Dashboard views to keep team members on track. 

Additionally, it provides easy reporting, timesheet features and supports integrations with Zapier, Office Suite, Google Apps and more.


Clickup Screenshot

ClickUp takes productivity to the next level with docs, reminders, goals, calendars, and even an inbox. Its fully customizable and proprietary features work for teams of all sizes and industries, so all teams can use the same app to plan, organize, and collaborate. 

ClickUp’s ability to create custom views that you can save and share with anyone makes managing projects a breeze.

Meeting Collaboration Tools

Google Meet

Google Meet Screenshot

Google Meet is a high-quality video-conferencing application that’s offered by this tech giant as part of its G Suite, so it integrates with Google Calendar and Gmail.

Given that this tool is suitable for businesses of all sizes, it can accommodate up to 30 users while it maintains high-definition video calls.


Skype Screenshot

Skype is possibly the world’s most famous video-calling tool. It offers free online calls, messaging between members, and affordable international calling to both mobiles and landlines.

Skype for Business also offers a range of additional perks for professionals, and it helps facilitate effective collaboration between teams.


Zoom Screenshot

Zoom is a software-based conference room solution that’s recently collected a wide range of loyal users. This tool is used for both small and large video calls. Thanks to its invitation functionality, it’s easy to get the team involved.

This platform prides itself on offering high-quality video, clear audio, and instant document-sharing. It’s also a great option for hosting video webinars.

Appearin Screenshot brings your team and clients together to facilitate collaboration and group video conversations. This tool also offers a range of show-stopping features that set it apart from the competition, including: Simple screenshots

  • Branded rooms
  • Easy recordings 
  • The ability to join the platform from a range of devices.


Highfive Screenshot

Highfive is a video-conferencing platform that simplifies business collaboration by streamlining the meeting process. This platform purports to have reimagined meetings by improving the ease and quality of video conferencing.

Its lightweight setup and management help facilitate an unparalleled user experience, which makes it feel like everyone is in the room.



Vevox is rated as the best live polling app on the market today as reviewed by customers on Trustpilot. Vevox is used by thousands of organisations such as Nestle, HSBC, Samsung and the BBC to spark collaboration in meetings through anonymous Q&A, live polling, live word clouds, interactive quizzes and self-paced surveys. Customers say that Vevox adds huge value to their virtual and hybrid meetings by making them more interactive and collaborative!

Design Collaboration Tools


Filestage Screenshot Images

Filestage can help project managers facilitate flawless design collaboration. Its specialized platform allows your stakeholders to leave feedback and comments in one place, so you can give in-context feedback that helps your team respond appropriately.

Filestage supports offers a wide range of file types, including videos, images, and PDFs. Tasks are also generated to form a comprehensive workflow.

Mockplus iDoc

Mockplus iDoc Screenshot

Mockplus iDoc is an all-in-one design collaboration and handoff tool for designers, developers, and product managers to work together online. It streamlines your entire product design workflow.

Overall, Mockplus iDoc provides impressive team management features for designers and engineers. It is fairly straightforward to organize team members, settings and project tasks


Visme Screenshot

Visme is a graphic design collaboration software that allows teams to create, edit and share various designs, presentations, reports and more amongst each other. With easy collaboration features that allow users to work together on any design project, your team can create folders, set permissions on certain designs and share their work across departments. Visme’s dashboard also comes with built-in analytics so that your team can track the performance of each creation and keep tabs on which designs might need tweaking.


InVision Screenshot

InVision is a digital product design collaboration tool that helps creative teams design better, faster, and more collaboratively. This sophisticated platform allows team members to acquire seamless user feedback while they enjoy real-time collaboration.

The team integrates with a range of additional tools, which gives creative professionals the ability to create rich, interactive prototypes that move projects forward.


GoVisually Screenshot

GoVisually is online proofing software that was specifically designed for marketing teams, graphic designers, and other creatives to deliver designs and collaterals without the chaos of email.

This tool makes a bid to automate the time-consuming parts of the proofing and approval process as it keeps all its users informed.


Figma Screenshot

Figma facilitates designs, prototypes, and the collection of feedback in one centralized platform. It accomplishes this goal by keeping every member of the team in sync as projects move from inception to completion.

This tool gives project managers the power to bring designers, stakeholders, and developers together to create designs that are functional and ready for use within the digital space.


Mural Screenshot

Mural is an online platform for brainstorming, synthesizing, and collaborating that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

This tool allows groups to gather ideas from across the enterprise, then share the awesome ones. Mural’s admin dashboard also offers a range of analytics and insights that can highlight the members of the team that are contributing.


Zeplin Screenshot

Zeplin is a connected space for product teams that facilitates the sharing of designs and style guides that contain accurate specifications, approved assets, and code snippets.

Therefore, this tool is particularly useful for teams that are engaged in code-based design and want to drive harmony throughout a wide range of collaterals. Furthermore, this software offers the integration of Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, and Adobe XD.


Sketch Screenshot

Sketch is a design toolkit that has become incredibly popular over recent years. It gives design professionals the ability to execute everything from early sketches to final pieces of art.

The toolkit gives professionals access to intuitive vector editing, lightning-fast prototyping, and powerful collaboration tools.

Concept Inbox

Concept Inbox Screenshot

Concept Inbox is a smart collaboration platform aimed at creative teams who need to visually discuss design and video pieces while they track changes and prototye together. This tool prides itself on its security and scale.

The platform and its range of functionality helps creative teams visually gather feedback, prototype applications, and control versions. It also helps them keep everyone up-to-speed and secure real-time collaboration.


Conceptboard Screenshot

Conceptboard is a workplace for virtual collaboration that enables teams to work efficiently, regardless of their location. It helps everyone get onto the same page and stay there.

By offering a shared and persistent workplace, this tool helps project managers boost productivity and efficiency on their teams.


Cage Screenshot

Cage is a tool for media collaboration and project workflow that helps designers, agencies, and in-house teams collaborate better and celebrate sooner. By facilitating better collaboration, this tool helps project managers move their projects forward.

This tool also integrates with a wide range of popular tools that make workflows even smoother and simpler. These tools include Creative Cloud, Slack, and Dropbox.


Workfront Video Screenshot

Work front is a one-stop-shop for all enterprise work. It offers a connected, flexible, and collaborative space for professionals working on marketing and agency teams.

This tool gives teams a place to connect, optimize, and adapt. By focusing on those three goals, the tool aims at saving time and improving efficiency in a way that will provide a demonstrable impact on a business’ bottom line.


Binfire Screenshot

Binfire is a tool that makes it easy to plan and manage a range of projects. This tool makes it possible for project managers to choose between a range of styles, including Agile and Waterfall.

This tool drives accountability and visibility by offering an all-in-one workspace, where project managers and team members can plan, create, track, and collaborate.

Visual Inspector

Visual Inspector Screenshot

Visual Inspector lets project managers and team members make direct changes and comments on live websites without coding. Therefore, they can more effectively collaborate with different profiles of your team members.

So essentially, every website can become your canvas, which makes it easy to make suggestions that can then be implemented by the development professionals on your team.

Approval Studio

Approval Studio

Approval Studio streamlines the artwork approval process to achieve fast and efficient feedback via on-page annotations. It is a solution for designers, creative teams, and agencies.
Some of the unique features are reports and 4 comparison modes that highlight changes between files. Everything is in one place, and all actions are trackable.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD Screenshot

Adobe XD is a UI/UX design solution that helps creative teams around the world develop beautiful websites and mobile apps. This platform helps facilitate the design, prototyping, and sharing of visual collaterals.

Furthermore, Adobe XD fits in well with other Adobe products. So your team will feel right at home, which will help them design in one application at the speed of thought.

Time-Tracking Tools


Timely Screenshot

Timely is an application that aims at establishing itself as the definitive tool for automatic time-tracking. It can help project managers all over the world improve both their productivity and profitability.

Since this tool is simple and intuitive, it empowers project managers to quickly track time and manage profitability, productivity, and efficiency in one place.


Everhour Screenshot

Everhour is a piece of time-tracking software that helps project managers in a range of management areas, including budgeting, forward resource planning, expense-tracking, and visual dashboards. 

Many businesses around the world trust the tool because all of these features help project and HR managers achieve a precise, painless routine for invoicing and payroll. 


Toggl Screenshot

Toggl is a productivity tool that gives project managers the power to accurately track the time they spend on projects. This simple tracker helps give users a hassle-free way to make smarter choices.

The data collected by the tool can be extracted in a range of formats, then crunched elsewhere. So it gives project managers the flexibility they need for driving profitability.


Harvest Screenshot

Harvest makes it easier to track employee timesheets and billing. To achieve this goal, this tool offers simple time-tracking and fast online invoicing.

This tool is trusted by project managers around the world, who use it to make the most of their team’s time. It helps boost efficiency, and ultimately increases the profitability of the projects you manage.


TimeLeap Screenshot

TimeLeap is a free, simple time-tracking tool that helps project managers effortlessly track the number of hours they’ve invested in a project.

This tool’s unique point is that it’s completely free of charge. The creators decided to create this tool after getting frustrated with the existing landscape of complex, expensive tools. So it’s a great option for project managers looking to cut costs.

Video Collaboration Tools

Everyone who has collaborated on videos in the past knows about the struggle. Video collaboration tools allow you to simply leave feedback on videos and ensure consistent version control.


Filestage Screenshot Videos

When it comes to coordinating video projects, Filestage is the ultimate platform. This seamless, slick tool makes your video projects fun again, and it empowers creatives and stakeholders to share detailed and in-context feedback.

Our platform is particularly powerful, given that it’s so simple to invite external stakeholders to review your project.


Wipster Screenshot

Wipster helps media and post-production professionals achieve faster creative collaborations and reviews between both clients and internal teams—by making projects more efficient.

This platform aims at helping the members of teams of all sizes (including the creative editor, production manager, and external stakeholders).

Frameio Screenshot is a video review and collaboration platform that helps project managers quickly share video projects with both the team and clients, in order to get fast, accurate feedback.

This tool gives project managers the power to collect feedback about their videos, securely access media in one place, and present their work in the best light. So speeds up projects and improves the overall quality.


Vimeo Screenshot

Vimeo is best-known for its hosting, sharing, and streaming capabilities. It also offers a range of video collaboration tools that help project managers creatively collaborate in a simple way. 

So Vimeo removes the ambiguity from creative feedback, which helps video editors make accurate and effective changes the first time around. This platform’s version control also helps make sure everything stays on-track.


QuickReviewer Screenshot

QuickReviewer helps project managers achieve faster design review and proofing by facilitating feedback and approval in one place. This platform also accommodates videos, PDFs, and images. And it speeds up the review process by offering collaborative reviews and consolidated feedback on a single platform.


LookAt Screenshot

LookAt is a tool that’s aimed at helping creative teams review and collaborate on videos. It offers a simple way for creatives to share feedback and discuss their work.

By speeding up the review and collaboration process, the tool aims at simultaneously making projects more efficient and improving the quality of final collaterals. LookAt can also integrate with a range of other tools.


Vidhub Screenshot

Vidhub enables creative teams around the world to review and discuss their videos online. This tool helps creative teams easily send detailed, time-coded feedback.

With this functionality, creative teams can focus on the important work at hand, rather than juggling emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings. So by improving the quality of final materials, projects can be much simpler. 


RemarkHQ Screenshot

RemarkHQ is an enterprise-grade tool for video collaboration, review, and approval. Since it can be used on any device anywhere, it offers a lot of flexibility.

This communication tool is easy to use. And it puts the conversation in one place, rather than spreading it across a range of disparate, clunky channels.


Shotgun Screenshot

Shotgun helps creative studios track, schedule, review, collaborate, and manage their digital assets. This software is aimed at larger studios looking to achieve a simpler,  faster creative pipeline.

Thousands of studios around the world call on the tool to bring teams together and harmonize creative workflows. Shotgun also integrates with a range of popular tools, and it helps creative professionals work quickly and efficiently.


Screenlight Screenshot

Screenlight understands that disorganized client feedback can derail a production. So it offers a centralized space to upload and share work that will capture exact feedback.

This functionality can help large creative teams push their projects across the finish line with minimal disruption or negative impact on the quality of the final collateral.


Cage Screenshot Video

Cage is a powerful tool for video collaboration that helps creative teams quickly design, revise, and share assets with internal and external stakeholders.

This tool aims at helping team members more effectively and quickly collaborate, in order to help projects move forward and deliver work that will impress every time. Cage also aims at reducing inefficiencies across the course of a project.


Workfront Screenshot

Workfront is an online software for work management that helps its customers achieve more and witness a reduction in project-review time.

This tool aims at helping teams connect, optimize, and adapt. It’s a one-stop-shop that helps increase transparency, encourage collaboration within an organization, and improve their final results.


Aproove Screenshot

Approve is an online proofing tool that’s aimed at marketing teams, graphics designers, video-makers, printers, and advertising agencies.

This tool exists to help groups streamline the review and approval process of marketing collaterals. It achieves this goal by offering a suite of features that make leaving and implementing feedback simpler and more accurate.


InMotionNow Screenshot

InMotionNow is a piece of creative software that’s aimed at project managers on marketing and creative teams.

This tool gives project managers the functionality they need to help their team proof, execute, and stay ahead of project deadlines. These features foster a feeling of stronger collaboration on teams and streamline the various stages of a project.


GoProof Screenshot

GoProof can facilitate more effective creative collaboration, and it integrates with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite to make reviewing even simpler.

By bringing media review into one place, this tool helps project managers keep their creative team members sane and focused. This tool facilitates the collection of effective feedback and deeper collaboration.

Group Collaboration Tools


Slack Screenshot

Slack boasts over 10 million daily active users, and each of them uses the platform to share information and updates with their team. In many offices around the world, it has become an indispensable tool.

This tool is a project manager’s dream, given that its channel functionality makes it easy to organize the smaller parts of a range of projects. 


Fleep Screenshot

Fleep positions itself as the ideal way to communicate within and across organizations (including team chats, important project communications, and even one-on-one conversations).

This chat client is available on a range of platforms. It caters to on-the-go conversations, and it offers functionality that’s similar to channels in Slack. In other words, users don’t have to log in and out to enjoy their conversations.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Screenshot

Microsoft Teams is group chat software that’s part of the Office 365 suite. This powerful client enables team members to chat, meet, share files, and collaborate on a range of tasks.

Many businesses find that this tool can become the central hub for teamwork in their organization—given that many companies offer 365 free licenses.


Chanty Screenshot

Chanty offers AI-powered chat functionality for teams that’s enhanced by unlimited message history, easy-to-use collaboration features, and a range of apps.

This tool aims at helping project managers run a team that’s more connected and capable of achieving great collaboration. It achieves this goal by offering text, voice, and video communication, as well as the ability to share documents, screens, and tasks.


Flock Screenshot

Flock is a great team communication app and online collaboration platform. This tool offers team-messaging, project management, and a range of other powerful features.

This tool is aimed at modern teams that have to simultaneously balance a range of tasks. By bringing emails, meetings, and a suite of tools into one place, the platform helps project managers run a more efficient team.

Document Collaboration Tools

Collaborating on documents can be quite cumbersome. Document collaboration tools simplify this process and enable you to work together on documents in real-time.


Filestage Screenshot PDF

Filestage offers fast, effective collaboration on a range of file formats. Whether you’re looking to polish an incredibly important video or create the most beautiful print collaterals, Filestage has you covered.

This tool helps your internal and external stakeholders deliver in-context feedback about your collateral. It also helps you make sure your team never gets lost, and that their changes move the project forward.

Google Docs

Google Docs Screenshot

Google Docs may be the best-known tool within the G Suite. This application allows users to create and share free online documents for personal and professional use.

This word processor comes with all of the editing and styling tools professionals need to format their text and create clear documents. Suggestions and comments make sure that everyone has their say, and that feedback doesn’t get lost in translation.

Office Online

Office Online Screenshot

Office Online is the cloud-based version of Microsoft’s Office suite. The full suite of applications is on offer here, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote.

The cloud-based version of the Office 365 suite facilitates real-time collaboration. In other words, multiple team members can simultaneously collaborate on a document to drive accuracy and efficiency.


Evernote Screenshot

Evernote has established a reputation as one of the world’s best note-taking devices. This platform allows individuals to take notes on one device, then instantly share them with other devices.

In other words, the team can collaborate on the move, stay updated, and access all the most recent and relevant information. By fostering collaboration and organization, this tool can help creative teams improve the quality of their projects.


Notion Screenshot

Notion is an all-in-one workspace that empowers creative professionals to share notes, tasks, wikis, and more. This tool can be used on a range of devices, and it places a strong emphasis on seamless organization.

The ability to easily create a simple knowledgebase can help project managers quickly spin up new projects and get every team member on the same page.

File Collaboration Tools


Filestage Screenshot Videos

Filestage helps countless creative teams around the world manage their files and keep pace with version control. This tactic helps prevent confusion, and it ensures that projects move along at the right pace.

Filestage’s version-control features are incredibly simple to navigate, and they ensure that internal and external stakeholders stay on the same page and collaborate appropriately.

Google Drive

Google Drive Screenshot

Google Drive is a safe place for individuals and companies to store files and access them across devices. A wide range of file formats are also supported, so it’s particularly useful for creative teams.

The Drive Enterprise option also means that businesses will only pay for the storage their team members use, which helps project managers cut down on costs and run profitable projects.


Dropbox Screenshot

Dropbox is yet another modern workspace that allows teams to harness their creative energy—by keeping key documents in one central place.

The documents stored on Dropbox can be easily organized and accessed from a range of devices, which gives team members the power to work anytime, anywhere. This feature helps reduce the amount of time spent searching for documents.


Box Screenshot

Box allows creative teams to manage, share, and access their content from anywhere. Enterprise-grade security underpins online collaboration, as well as the ability to edit documents online.

This tool helps project managers get the most from their team by boosting productivity and reducing the friction that comes from accessing a wide range of documents.


WeTransfer Screenshot

WeTransfer is a simple platform that accommodates file-sharing all over the world. Files up to 2GB can be sent for free, which makes this tool a great option for creative teams.

This platform doesn’t require registration, and it’s free (up to a certain file size), which makes it a simple-to-use option for many creative teams that share files (both internally and externally).

Sales Collaboration Tools


HubSpot Screenshot

HubSpot offers a suite of sales collaboration tools that help boost sales productivity and give sales professionals more time.

This sales tool makes it possible for sales professionals to uncover new leads, connect with those leads, close deals faster, and more effectively manage the sales pipeline. So HubSpot is a great option for sales professionals to explore.


Pipedrive Screenshot

Pipedrive is a CRM that aims at achieving maximum output with minimum input. This tool achieves this goal by making the importing and exporting of your data very simple.

A friendly UI also makes it easy to leverage integrations and add-ons—in a bid to grow your sales. Project managers will find that this tool is intuitive and easy to use, which makes it a great option for sales teams.


Freshsales Screenshot

Freshsales is another CRM tool that uses AI-based lead scoring to save time and boost results for sales professionals. A range of other features also helps boost results (such as a built-in phone, email, and activity capture). 

This tool is used by a large number of sales teams around the world. Its ability to surface high-potential leads can massively improve the efficiency and results achieved by your sales team.


Salesforce Screenshot

Salesforce is the biggest name in customer success. It gives sales professionals the opportunity to forge meaningful and lasting relationships with prospects, which makes it easier to close deals and pass these clients along to customer success teams.

This tool is easy to configure to the specific needs of your organization. It can take some time to get the tool set up. But once you’re done, it fits just right.


Pipeliner Screenshot

Pipeliner is a  tool for CRM and sales enablement that helps project managers and sales teams focus on pipeline management, sales processes, and accurate analytics.

This tool prides itself on a range of winning features, including a sales-friendly interface, dynamic visualized reporting, integrations, and a mobile app that has a built-in AI.

Code and Software Collaboration Tools


GitHUb Screenshot

GitHub is the world’s leading software development platform. It brings developers together to discover, share, and build better software.

This tool can be used to host and review code that is open-source or private. Here, developers can manage their projects and build the software your project requires. The enterprise version of this tool boasts higher security and more administrative features.


Bitbucket Screenshot

Bitbucket is a tool produced by Atlassian, the company behind JIRA and associated products. It enables developers to collaborate on code with inline comments and pull requests.

This tool also makes it easy for developers to manage and share their Git repositories. This feature provides deeper collaboration and improved results across the board.


CodePen Screenshot

CodePen is an online code editor that allows your developers to learn, build, and share the three most common web development languages: JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

This tool helps the front-end designers and developers in your team build and deploy their websites, share their work, and build interest test cases that help them learn and debug.


GitLab Screenshot

GitLab aims at covering every part of the development process—from project planning and source code development to CI/CD and monitoring. In other words, it’s a single application that can be used throughout the DevOps lifecycle.

This tool is used by thousands of teams around the world who call on it to make the DevOps lifecycle 200% faster (on average).


Coda Screenshot

Coda offers a world of potential to project managers, who can use this doc to achieve a wide range of purposes, such as launching and managing projects.

Essentially, this application is a canvas that blends tables and texts, and provides a unified workspace that teams can scale with their level of growth. While this tool can be difficult to master, it has a lot of potential.


There you have it: the ultimate list of the best collaboration tools. We hope it helps you find the collaboration tool you’re looking for, so you can take your projects to new heights! The right tools are out there. To help you find the best one for you, you should make the most of free trials!

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