GMG CoZone Alternative

3 GMG CoZone Alternativen, die du auf dem Schirm haben solltest

Vermutlich hast Du schon davon gehört. Die Proofing- und Freigabesoftware für digitalen Content GMG CoZone stellt Ende August 2018 ihren Service ein. Wenn du GMG CoZone bisher genutzt hast, musst du dir jetzt jedoch keine Sorgen machen. Wir haben dir 3 passende Alternativen für...

7 Tips To Building a Successful Creative Team

Growing a three person marketing agency into a multi-million dollar, 26 employee agency was single handedly the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Startup growth is a test of endurance, character, and sheer will power, and it can beat down the...

Collaboration Skills

20 Collaboration Skills Every Marketing Manager Needs

A successful marketing campaign requires different skills sets and often involve multiple roles. Copywriters, designers, PPC specialists and more. The marketing manager is responsible for pulling this team together. Hence, collaboration skills are crucial. But what collaboration skills are most important...

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