10 reasons to use Filestage for online video collaboration

10 reasons to use Filestage for online video collaboration

Since the pandemic, the world has embraced flexible working. Research from McKinsey shows that 58% of Americans have the opportunity to work from home at least one day a week. And 35% have the option to work from home full time.

This has led to a boom in demand for online video collaboration tools. It’s easy enough to hop into a doc and add some comments. But when you need to review video content with different stakeholders every day, email, PowerPoint, and Zoom calls just don’t cut the mustard.

That’s where Filestage’s video review and collaboration software comes in. It makes it easy to share video online, discuss feedback, manage versions, and get approval – all in one place.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 ways Filestage helps with online video collaboration:

  1. File sharing links never time out
  2. Collaborate on videos without downloading them
  3. Point and click to add comments and annotations
  4. No more matching timecodes to video edits
  5. Tick off feedback as you make edits for the next version
  6. Refer back to previous versions in seconds
  7. Approve a video or request changes in one click
  8. Manage all your review rounds in one platform
  9. Set due dates to keep video reviews moving forward
  10. Review designs, websites, and other formats too

1. File sharing links never time out

“Hey, you know that video edit I hassled you for last week? Yeah, the one you worked late to finish. Funny story! I didn’t actually download it. So, umm, could you send it again, please? 🙏”

If you’re a video editor or project manager, you’ve probably been sent this email more times than you can count. Unless it’s your first day, in which case, good luck to you!

“Filestage makes things easy. We no longer need to send heavy files around or set up box folders to exchange content.”

Sarah Chen, Medical Director at Publicis Health

Get one link to all the videos in your project

With Filestage, you don’t just upload videos to folders (Dropbox) or transfer links (WeTransfer). You upload them to projects. This makes video collaboration easy for you, your teammates, and your reviewers, giving you one place to see all your videos.

Once you’ve uploaded your content, you can invite people to your project to check out your content. And the next time you share a new video or version, they’ll be notified automatically – so you don’t have to waste time sharing (and resharing) new links.

And it’s not just uploading that’s easier with Filestage.

Copy review link

2. Collaborate on videos without downloading them

Imagine if you had to download the latest episode of Stranger Things before you could watch it. It would be enough to send a Demogorgon mad!

And yet, after years of streaming wars and video on demand, marketing teams and agencies are still downloading videos to their desktops before they can take a look.

Time to change that.

View all your content in your browser

Filestage’s review and approval platform makes online video collaboration easy, right from your browser.

You can log in from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Then you’ll have instant access to all the content you’ve uploaded or other people have shared with you. All in one place.

Review videos online

3. Point and click to add comments and annotations

Video content and email feedback are a match made in hell. Reviewers have to take screenshots and write long-winded descriptions to make their feedback clear. But, the trouble is, stakeholders rarely take the time to read each other’s comments.

This leaves video editors and project managers with a mountain of feedback that’s full of conflicts and easy to misinterpret. Often, the only option is to call a meeting to get everyone on the same page.

“In Filestage we appreciate that you can place feedback with markers exactly where it is needed. This saves us an enormous amount of time and avoids misunderstandings.”

Marcel Martin, UX Director at Oddity

Give and receive clear feedback with full context

With Filestage, giving feedback on videos is quick and easy. In fact, it’s so easy that once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Here’s how it works in three simple steps:

  1. Click play to start watching a video
  2. Tap anywhere on the video to pause it and create a marker
  3. Write a comment, draw annotations, and share attachments as references

This will create a comment that all your teammates can see. And it’ll be attached to your marker so everyone knows what you’re talking about.

Leave comments on video

4. No more matching timecodes to video edits

Is there anything less inspiring for creative people than a long list of timecodes and comments?

As it turns out, there is. It’s that list of feedback multiplied by five and scattered across separate email chains. Some are duplicates. Others are blatant conflicts. And you’re left piecing the whole puzzle together so you can match it up with your latest edit.

Oh, the joy!

Click on a comment to jump to the exact frame

In Filestage, all your video’s comments appear in the sidebar on the left. You can simply click on a comment and you’ll jump to that frame in the video. Or if you’d prefer, you can hit play on the video and click on a marker to highlight that comment.

That means less time messing around with feedback and more time making sure your next edit is the best yet.

Review video file timecodes

5. Tick off comments as you make edits for the next version

When you’re working through comments from different people and places, one of two things will happen:

  1. You’ll go to painstaking lengths to copy and paste all the comments into one place, then you’ll print them out so you can cross them off as you go
  2. You’ll wing it, miss something important, and add another review round to your approval process

Or there’s always the third option…

Turn your feedback into a ready-made to-do list

One of the biggest benefits of online video collaboration in Filestage is that every comment and discussion happens right beside your latest edit. And because every comment has a checkbox in the corner, you can tick them off as you go.

Use comments as a to do list

6. Refer back to previous versions in seconds

Videos rarely go from v1 to final within a couple of days. Just one round of feedback can take a week or more – especially when you’re collaborating over email.

As time goes on, it’s easy for reviewers to forget what they said about a previous edit. And you can bet they won’t go trawling through the inbox to find out!

This leads to the very worst type of feedback: the contradiction, the U-turn, the ol’ flip-flop.

Check the comments and keep reviewers accountable

In Filestage, all your versions are neatly stacked together in your project dashboard. So you, your teammates, and your stakeholders can go back to a previous version at any time to check the content and comments.

Not only does this keep your reviewers accountable for their feedback. It also gives you easy access to each video’s journey across the finish line.

Project dashboard with multiple review steps

7. Approve a video or request changes in one click

Our Year In Review report found that 1 in 5 people occasionally lose track of who’s approved their content. And 1 in 10 marketers has published mistakes because important review steps were skipped.

To combat this, some project and marketing managers set up spreadsheets to track change requests and approval. But this can be hugely time-consuming and steals focus from more important (and enjoyable) work.

“Filestage helped us to reduce the miscommunication in video approvals since feedback can’t get lost over a series of emails.”

Angelika Schneider, Executive Creative Direction Motion Design

See everyone’s review status from your dashboard

Filestage is more than just a feedback tool for online video collaboration. It’s an all-in-one approval platform.

Once your reviewers have added their feedback, they have a choice of two buttons:

  • ✓ Approve 
  • ↻ Request changes

This will update their status on your dashboard in real time. So you can see who’s given their approval, who’s requested changes, and best of all, who still needs to take a look.

Review decisions

8. Manage all your review rounds in one platform

In 2022, annual video ad spend is set to hit $180 billion. And by 2027, it could be as high as $313 billion. That means video is a big investment for your business and clients.

And the more money that’s on the table, the more people that need to sign off on your content.

Keep feedback organized between different stakeholder groups

With Filestage, you can create separate review steps for different types of stakeholders. One might be your internal creative team, another may be your agency contacts, or even their clients.

By setting up your project’s review steps and inviting everyone upfront, you can be sure that all your videos will be reviewed and approved by the right people. This helps to make sure content is only shared with certain stakeholders when you’re happy for them to see it.

Multiple review steps

9. Set due dates to keep video reviews moving forward

According to our Year In Review report, 48% of advertising and marketing professionals have to chase their reviewers for feedback and approval.

Not only is this a waste of creative time. It also causes delays in the review process, squeezing editing time and forcing you to stay late or get freelancers in to finish the job done before the deadline.

Send automated reminders instead of chasing people for feedback

Filestage is designed with fast feedback in mind. Each time you share a video with your reviewers, you can set a due date to let them know when you need your feedback. And as the deadline creeps closer, they’ll be sent reminder emails automatically.

But that’s not all. If you use Slack, Microsoft Teams, or project management tools like Asana and Trello, you can integrate them with Filestage. So all your reminders and updates are sent to the right channels without you needing to lift a finger.

Ah, the good life!

Set due date for video files

10. Review designs, websites, and other formats too

From Google Docs to Figma, creatives use dozens of different tools to collaborate on their content. And that’s great when you’re collaborating with your immediate team. But when it comes to sharing your work for feedback, it’s important to make the experience easy for your stakeholders.

One platform for all your content

Filestage is a complete review and approval platform for all your creative content. You can share videos, designs, live websites, documents, interactive HTML, animations, images, audio, and anything else you can dream up.

So instead of jumping between chat, email, PDF comments, and more, your reviewers can see, review, and approve all your content in one place.

“We love the flexibility to work across different formats such as images, videos, or PDF files – as we work with a mix of these formats for all campaigns.”

Rain Balares, GroupM
Multiple file formats

Frequently asked questions about video collaboration

What is online video collaboration?

Online video collaboration is where a group of teammates, stakeholders, or a mixture of both work together on video content using cloud-based software. As more and more people are working remotely, teams are looking for new ways to take video collaboration online.

One example of online video collaboration software is Filestage. It allows you to share videos, collect feedback, and collaborate in the comments until you’ve delivered a version that everyone is happy with. And it also supports designs, websites, and other file formats.

How do you collaborate on videos online?

You can collaborate on videos online by sharing your content on a centralized platform like Filestage. This gives your teammates and reviewers one place to watch your videos, add comments, and discuss ideas for the next version.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You and your reviewers can also draw annotations and upload attachments to illustrate your feedback. Or you can tag a teammate to get a second opinion.

How does online video collaboration make review rounds faster?

Online video collaboration makes feedback faster because your reviewers simply have to click on your video to add a comment. They don’t have to worry about writing out timecodes, taking screenshots, or writing long descriptions to give context.

And that makes things faster for video editors too. Instead of juggling a bunch of email chains and chat threads full of timecodes, they can see everyone’s comments in one place. And with Filestage, they can even use the comments as a to-do list while working on the next version.

Final thoughts

Getting video content across the line is a huge challenge, especially when you have to jump through different hoops for different types of stakeholders.

But by using Filestage for video collaboration throughout the review process, you can make feedback faster, clearer, and easier for everyone involved. So instead of chasing people for feedback or trawling through email chains to check who’s approved what, you can focus on making your next video project the best yet. Want to put it to the test with your team? Request a free trial of Filestage today.

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