15 Simple Ways to Share Video Online

You know this: If you want to privately share a video, you go to social media or open your email tool and you recognize: the attachments are too large.

(If you’re lucky and it is small enough it’s still going to leave you sat there for half an hour waiting for it to send.)

What can you do?

We’re going to give you 15 ways you can share media without having to wait forever or find out your file is too large.

Who can use these tools?

We’re going to give you a range of options so you can find the best tools for your needs. Whether you’re trying to send family videos, working as a freelancer or part of a bigger business, one of these systems will give you an easy solution to sharing content.

Problems with sharing videos and media can affect your productivity massively. Think about it. How much easier would your life be if sharing large videos was easier? If you’re part of a digital business, then this list could be crucial to improving your client’s experience.

In this list, we’ll tell you exactly what the benefits of each website are, how much storage space they provide and how much it will cost you to use their services.

Filestage is an essential service for marketing and creative teams in the digital industry. The online proofing platform allows you to easily share, discuss and approve content files like videos, images or documents. 

Filestage makes not only video collaboration more efficient by enabling your colleagues and external partners to leave clear feedback on files and discuss ideas and changes in real-time. Furthermore, the tool organizes and automates feedback on files throughout the approval process, while reducing erros and ensuring compliance guides are met.  

The online proofing software helps you save time by automating manual tasks such as sharing content with reviewers, following up on feedback, and managing file versions. Once you’ve uploaded your media file your colleagues and clients don’t need to download it because they can work on it straight through their web browser. With Filestage you have all your files in one centralized platform, what makes it easy to keep track of a file’s progress. 

share and review videos with Filestage

If you do any type of creative work Filestage is the right tool for sharing and approving content. It’s good for promoting teamwork and can help dramatically increase your productivity by wasting less time on manual tasks. 

You can get the service from €89 a month for 10 team members, which is great value for money in any small business. With the starter package, you also get 50GB of secure storage space included. Filestage also offers plans for large enterprises, therefore it is a great choice for sharing content for business or commercial use.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox for sharing videos

Dropbox is a great service and because of that, it’s widely used. It has a simple interface which allows you to sort your files into folders similarly to your desktop computer. It’s useful for organizing videos and sharing specific files.

It’s very easy to use which is why it is great for personal use. The storage space is not the biggest out there so it’s also useful for freelancers but for larger businesses you might want to try something with more storage.

Dropbox pricing plans start at 9.99€/ month for 2TB storage for individual users. Professionals get up to 3TB of storage for 16.58€ a month. Dropbox also has plans for business teams starting at 3 users with 10€/month/ user. Enterprises need to contact Sales to get pricing offers. 

3. Google Drive

Google Drive screenshot

Google Drive is a useful integrated system for sharing videos online. As it is already connected if you have a Gmail account it’s easy to use other Google software as well such as Google forms and Google Sheets. (If you want to change your email provider, check our Gmail alternatives.) 

Google drive is also one of the most used systems with over 800 million users. The best feature is the integration with other Google apps, so if you’re a heavy Google user then this may well be the software for you.

Private users have up to 15GB free storage space. If you’re happy to pay for more storage you can choose the Google One plan and increase that to 100GB for $1.99 a month. Businesses can make use of the Google Workspace that starts at a price of $6/user/month and offers up to 30GB cloud storage per user.

4. WeTransfer

WeTransfer screenshot

WeTransfer allows you to send large video files, up to 2GB at a time, through email. It’s a completely free way to share video but if you opt for their paid for service for 11.69€/month you can send files up to 20GB. It’s very simple to use which makes it great for personal use.

If you’re looking for something quick and easy, then this is probably the service for you. You can quickly send a link to friends or colleagues without having to sign up for an account. However, if you need to send multiple files then this site will take longer than others. Your media also won’t be encrypted, or password protected unless you sign up for a paid account.

5. YouTube

Youtube screenshot

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site in the world. It is a very easy solution for video sharing if you are happy for your video to be public. You can also set your videos and private, open only to you and the users you select. If you want to send media for business purposes then there are far better sites, however, for personal use and one-off videos, YouTube can be really useful.

YouTube is also great for blogs and websites because it’s easy to embed your video once you’ve uploaded it to YouTube and made the settings public. It’s also helpful because it accepts a wide variety of video formats and changes the video streaming depending on the user’s quality of internet. The best feature of YouTube, however, is free unlimited storage, so no paid for account!

6. Vimeo

Vimeo share videos

Vimeo is a good video player with no ads, perfect for use on a mobile device. It’s a good platform for sharing commercial videos and media because you can charge for content. This is a good one for anyone who is in an artistic or creative field and wants to share their video.

With the free basic account, you get 500MB of per week, with 5GB of storage space in total. If you need more space for your data you can go for the Vimeo Plus plan which gives you 5GB of uploads a week and 250GB per year starting at 6€ per month.

7. VideoSprout

VideoSprout screenshot

Video Sprout is a simple service with a clean uncluttered interface, great for sharing private videos. This is a good one for secure sharing because only those you give permission to can access your video. It also has customizable features on the interface which is a nice bonus.

The free account comes with 100MB of storage and up to 500 views a month. Great for little video clips but not at all ideal for big projects with collaboration.

8. MediaFire


MediaFire is a great online file locker to upload your videos to and then your friends can easily download them. You can get 10GB of free storage but the website does have advertisements, which of your you can rid yourself of by upgrading your account. You can upload individual files of up to 4GB and you get unlimited bandwidth and downloads. The big perk of this one is being able to upload multiple items at once. It also has a good mobile conversion of the programme.

If you do opt for the Pro version you’ll find yourself with an entire 1TB of storage space for $5 a month or $50 a month for the business version. If you choose the annual billing the prices will be slightly lower. 

9. Amazon Drive

Amazon drive screenhsot

Amazon Drive is a great cloud storage for photos and an easy user experience. It also has fast syncing features and allows you to preview your files. The free version gives you 5GB of storage space and you can pay anything up to $120 yearly for 2TB so you pay for the amount of space you need. 

It is an easy system to use especially if you already have an Amazon Prime account. However, it does not integrate with other systems particularly well but is it useful as an app on your desktop.

10. iCloud

iCloud screenshot

iCloud is ideal for avid Apple users. If you want to be able to sync your files from your Mac to your iPhone to your iPad then this software is great. You can save any files to the cloud with 5GB of free storage space and upgrade to 50GB storage for only 0.99$ a month. If you need more storage you can pay $9.99 a month for a whopping 2TB of storage. It also incredibly easy to use for any Apple user.

11. Box

Box screenhsot

Box makes it simple and easy to share your content, whether that’s in a personal or business capacity. One of the benefits of Box is there great customer service and helpful tips if you have any problems. Box will have a plan to suit the amount of storage you need. It’s great for sharing videos because you can easily create user groups and share contacts.  You can also set the permissions of each user to define how much they can access your videos and upload content. If you have a big team then Box is great because it allows you to send out bulk invites. You can also assign all your users into groups such as ‘management’ or ‘content designers’.

This service is not only good for sharing videos but the amount of team features helps to promote both teamwork and productivity.

The beauty of this software is you can start with a free individual plan including 10GB of storage or upgrade that to 100GB for £8 a month or you can have a business plan starting at £4 a month and running all the way up to big enterprise plans. So no matter how big or small you are Box is a great way to share video online. It also integrates well with Microsoft and good security features.

12. Jumpshare

Jumpshare for videos

Jumpshare is useful for sending any type of visual project. You can also record from your screen to give feedback and editing notes which is a useful tool for freelancers. It has a very simple drag and drop style interface which transfers well onto their mobile app. 

The basic account is free and comes with 2GB of storage space which is fine for any solo freelancer, or you can purchase their business plan for $15 a month which comes with 2TB of storage space. It’s a very simple software to use for sharing video and for non-business purposes the free account should be plenty of space.

13. MEGA

Mega video hosting

Mega is a file hosting service offered by a New-Zealand based company, Mega Limited. It’s great if you want an end-to-end encrypted service and other privacy features such as password encryption. They have plenty of useful features like live encrypted backup, preventing you from losing any of your content. You can also share your videos securely and allow your contacts to access your videos. It’s also a useful service for collaboration because you can see edits in real time.

Their plans run from 4.99€ a month for 400GB of storage up to 29.99€ a month for a huge 16TB of storage. There are other programmes with better free services but if you are looking to pay for quality video sharing then this one is a good choice. Consider MEGA if you are particularly worried about the security and privacy of your content and need to end-to-end encryption.

14. SugarSync

SugarSync screenshot

It’s all in the name. SugarSync is great for syncing and integrating with your other programmes. It’s great for syncing any file or folder on your computer. You can create backups of all your files and access them from other devices in the same way you would from your own computer.

Its versioning feature lets you undo unwanted file changing without having to go back to square one. It also has a useful feature which lets you back up every photo you take.  Also, if you have been sent video content in an email attachment SugarSync can upload straight from the email which may say you time an energy if you’re working with a lot of videos through email. It’s a very functional system with good sharing speeds which you might find helpful for sharing your videos online.

You can find a 30-day free trial to check out the software. After that, you can get 100GB of storage space at $7.49 a month. If you’re after more space, you can get up to 1TB for $55 a month with multiple users or even create your own personalized plan. The fact you can personalize a plan is a good way of using the service if you are working in a small business and need to share a lot of content.

15. Yandex Disk

Yandex Disk store your photos

Yandex Disk has great storage and sharing features like any other cloud service, it also works well on mobile devices. You have the benefits of unlimited photo storage and Office integration which you may find useful. You can download the desktop app which is fairly easy to use and if you download the app on your phone you get unlimited storage for photos and videos.

The software is well designed and simple to use, the use of a sync folder can often make life much easier. You can easily share videos but if you want password protection then you can share them as folders which allow you to limit permissions.

It’s preview features are good alongside being able to stream music and video through the service. The free version comes with 10GB of free storage or you can get 1TB for around $10 a month. It isn’t ranked as one of the safest cloud services but it does have some useful features for video sharing, so for commercially sensitive work you may be better off with a different service.


There are so many ways to share video content. For little clips and snippets in your personal life, you may find social media or something like Video Sprout adequate. However, when you want to share bigger files then one of these ways is going to be smoother than using email clients or social media. We’ve given you a complete range of options, from the free to the expensive but we feel that all these services have their values and useful features.

If you’re only sending one small to medium size file at a time, We Transfer is great. For sharing family photo albums Dropbox is a good service. For any type of creative or collaborative work, Filestage is brilliant for streamlining your workflow. For those of you looking for something for a larger business then something like Box or Google Drive is great for their plans and integration opportunities.

Now, you can just have fun to share videos online.

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