Top 10 free file sharing sites for rapid remote collaboration

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Crossed wires, misread emails, endless meetings, missing versions … These are all trials and tribulations of collaboration. When working as part of a team, it can be pretty difficult to collaborate seamlessly. Especially as we’re almost fully-remote these days.

With the exponential rise in cloud-based service in the workplace, it transpired that in 2022, 80% of employees in the US requested file sharing as a tool on their cloud-based service. This was due to a 92% loss in files from using email, increasing the need for file transfer software.

It’s imperative that workplaces are adequately equipped with efficient tools for file transfer. They must offer maximum file security and optimum storage space for sharing large files without crashing, helping to improve workflow and collaborative efforts between teams. 

What to look for in a file sharing site?

File upload speed

Being chased for files or working to a deadline can add a lot of unnecessary pressure. To get projects started, submit edits, or fire that file off to a colleague as quickly and efficiently as possible, a quick file upload speed is an absolute must


Finding a file upload system that integrates with existing tools is imperative for a steady workflow. 

With this, you can upload your files to your chosen platform via your email service or work-based communication networks such as Microsoft Teams, and upload straight from creative softwares like Adobe Illustrator.

Collaboration tools

Most file upload sites come with a built -in virtual collaboration tool. If not, they usually integrate with external programmes to make collaboration seamless.

File sharing software with optimized collaboration tools promotes productivity. It provides a digital space where you can share ideas and leave live feedback, fuelling innovation and creativity no matter where you’re based.

With that being said, come and take a look at our top file sharing sites for optimum collaboration.

Share files and get feedback in one place

Review and approve videos, designs, documents, and more with Filestage.

1. Filestage – best free file sharing site for content reviews

Filestage is an online proofing and collaboration tool that allows teams to remotely collaborate on projects. The online tool provides a streamlined collaboration process that includes speedy file transfer and upload speed, with real-time updates on digital content, websites, and documents.

Filestage makes file transfer extra easy, bringing colleagues, stakeholders, and collaborators all to one place to create an intricate and steady collaborative workflow, producing top-notch content for your business.

All you have to do is upload your file, pop in the reviewers’ email address or copy and paste the review link, and share to your heart’s content! 

When it comes to file transfer software, Filestage is super easy to use compared to other file transfer platforms. It integrates with multiple collaboration tools, including Asana, Microsoft Teams, Figma, and OneDrive.

Music to your ears? Speaking of – Filestage also supports audio file transfers and reviews.


  • 2 GB free storage on the Free plan
  • Upgrade to Basic for 250 GB secure cloud storage
  • Upgrade to Enterprise for unlimited storage
  • Quick and efficient upload speed
  • Add password protection for extra security
  • Automation
  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Full version history
  • Review live websites
  • Easy-to-use hub
  • Integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud


  • No downloadable app


  • Free
  • Basic at $49/month
  • Professional at $249/month
  • Enterprise – contact the sales team for a quote

  2. Hightail

Hightail Spaces

Source: Hightail

Hightail isn’t just a file upload and transferring service, it also offers an extensive list of collaborative tools for team projects, helping aid large video uploads and the post-production process. 

While collaborating, Hightail gives teams a place to collect assets and feedback in one place, assign and manage tasks, preview content side by side with version history, keep control of those versions, and have real-time conversations with your collaborators.

Hightail’s file sharing tool for business is super accessible as it can transfer files through desktop or the downloadable app. It sends large files to colleagues and collaborators with ease whether you’re stuck at your desk or on the go.

If you’re a creative type (designers, mainly), Hightail might be the one for you. It enables users to integrate with Adobe extensions such as Photoshop and Illustrator via the Hightail Sync extension so you can share files, comment, and leave feedback straight from your chosen Adobe software!


  • Integrations with Adobe programmes
  • Collaborative services
  • Accessible


  • Slower upload speed than other platforms
  • User interface could be complicated for beginners
  • Smaller size limit with the Free plan


  • Free
  • Pro at $12/month
  • Teams at $24/month
  • Business at $36/month

3. WeTransfer


Source: WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a cloud-based online file sharing service that’s gathered over 70 million users across 190 countries. You can send large files without having to register for an account, with a tiered subscription service for unlimited file space.

Arguably the most popular free file sharing website around, it’s best for transferring large and multiple files quickly over the internet. And when we say quickly, we mean quickly. 

Just pop your recipient’s email address in or generate the link and you’re good to go!

It’s a state of the art collaboration tool, too. It gives teams full visibility of all transfers and version control. 

The shared branding, email avatars, and real-time feedback creates a sense of community that makes for a steady and productive collaboration. You can preview, playback, request feedback and changes, approve, and automate your content.

Prefer to send your files over email? Check out the easiest ways to send large files over email for all there is to know.


  • Super-fast file transfer speed
  • Three-tiered subscription service
  • Email or link file sharing


  • Limited file size for transferring with free service


  • Free
  • Pro at $10/month
  • Premium at $19/month

Tried it before? Don’t like it? Here are our favorite WeTransfer alternatives.

4. Google Workspace

Google Workspaces

Source: Google Workspace

We’ve been expecting you, Google.

Google Workspace is a go-to when it comes to enterprise file sharing and collaboration. It’s proven to be one of the most universally-used platforms, accounting for 44.97% of the market share.

It has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it file upload speed (we literally blinked and missed it when we tested it ourselves), making for a far more efficient file transfer, leading to lightning quick project turnarounds. 

Google Workspace’s productivity suite offers a plethora of collaboration tools – including secure file storage in Google Drive. You and stakeholders, clients, and colleagues can edit and comment on live documents. With granted access, you can also download your Google Workspace content directly onto your desktop. As a result, it’s one of the leading free business communication software.

It provides enterprise-grade security for secure file sharing, keeping identities, information, applications, and devices safe with its reliable cloud infrastructure. The identity and endpoint management provides two-factor authentication, single sign-on, and many more features.

It also supports data-loss prevention, automatic email spam, phishing, and malware defenses, with continuous monitoring and compliance, so you know your content is safe and secure.


  • Free cloud storage up to 15 GB
  • Business Starter at $6/user/month
  • Business Standard at $12/user/month
  • Business Plus at $18/user/month
  • Enterprise – Contact sales team

5. Send Anywhere


Source: Send Anywhere

Presenting a more easy-to-use interface (it’s easy on the eye, too. Check out those illustrations!), Send Anywhere is an online file sharing platform that requires absolutely no setup, so you can get right on to it. You can share files online via desktop or downloadable app on Windows, Android, MAC, and iOS.

All you have to do is upload your file for transfer, sending the file directly through the website, email, or a shareable URL. No more time-wasting with individual sharing, you can send the link through your chosen collaboration tool or in a group chat on your online work-based communication platform. 

It prioritizes security. With end-to-end encryption during transit, your content is safeguarded from unauthorized access, so it won’t go any further than your team. 

With Send Anywhere’s security measures, data is transmitted directly between devices, ensuring that only authorized users can access shared content. Giving us the element of trust we all need when taking on collaborative projects.

It can even transfer files in real time, just start entering the six-digit verification code and the file transfer begins, so you can get collaborating as fast as you can say Send Anywhere!


  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Offline sharing
  • Customizable permissions


  • Limitations for offline mode
  • Limited collaboration features


  • Free
  • Lite at $5.99/month
  • Standard at $9.99/month

6. Sharefile


Source: ShareFile

With optimum file sharing benefits, ShareFile is one of the best online file sharing platforms for collaboration among teams wherever they are.

You can effortlessly upload and share all types of files, from large video files to important documents that keep your projects rolling. All without the need to email back and forth like a game of digital ping pong.

But, it doesn’t end there. ShareFile is the perfect sidekick for remote collaboration. It provides a space where team members can dive into files, add comments, and edit in real time!

ShareFile makes you feel a little less remote. With its robust collaboration features like real-time editing and version control, you can make sure everyone’s marching to the beat of the same drum, even if you’re miles apart.

It’s pretty handy at keeping your files safe, too, with encrypted transfers and access controls. Basically, no one’s getting in unless you let them.


  • Easy file upload
  • Real-time editing
  • Version control
  • 3rd party integrations


  • Higher cost than most file sharing platforms
  • Challenging interface


  • Standard at $50/month
  • Advanced at $80/month
  • Premium at $125/month

7. OneHub


Source: OneHub

Full to the brim with collaboration magic, OneHub’s file sharing platform is top tier when it comes to collaboration.

OneHub isn’t your run-of-the-mill file-sharing tool, it brings teams closer no matter where they are. Sharing files becomes light work, whether it’s a creative project or an oh-so-serious admin document.

With OneHub, you can say goodbye to the hassle of file sharing by effortlessly uploading and sharing anything. Say goodbye to mixed messages, ‘glossed over’ emails, and zip files. It’s all smooth sailing from here.

It doubles up as the holy grail of collaboration. Team members can get stuck into files, leave comments, advise, save versions, and co-create like never before. Every voice is heard, and every idea is seen.

OneHub’s got your back with security, too. Its security features include role-based permissions, two-factor authentication, custom session timeouts, and super complex passwords. Did we mention the user-friendly interface? With this, you’ll be up and collaborating in no time. 


  • Drag and drop uploading
  • Folder-based organization
  • User management
  • Object level security
  • Workflow tasks
  • Integrations


  • Higher pricing
  • Limited advanced collaboration features


  • Standard at $12.50/month
  • Advanced at $20/month
  • Data Room Edition at $300/month
  • Unlimited Edition at $500/month

8. Dropbox

dropbox 1

Dropbox is a famous file sharing software designed to simplify collaboration and storage management. The tool was launched in 2007 and has a long history of helping people store and share files, with seamless access across devices.

Dropbox’s user-friendly interface makes file sharing completely effortless through links or shared folders. This helps you establish better collaboration with your team members and clients. The tool also automatically syncs files across connected devices, giving you access to real-time updates. 

Due to its robust security features, reliability, and simplicity, Dropbox is hugely popular for both personal and professional file sharing.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Cross-platform compatibility to support seamless access from different devices
  • Automatic file synchronization across connected devices
  • Easy-to-use sharing features, allowing users to share files and folders with colleagues or external collaborators


  • Dropbox provides a limited amount of free storage, and additional storage comes with a cost
  • While Dropbox implements security measures, some users are cautious about storing sensitive or confidential information on a third-party server


Dropbox offers four different pricing plans, including:

  • Plus – for $9.99/month
  • Essentials – for $18/month
  • Business – for $16/month per user
  • Enterprise – for $20/month per user

With each upgrade you get additional storage space and features. You can find out more about Dropbox’s pricing plans on their official website.

9. Box

Box Dropbox alternative

Box is a file-sharing software for secure collaboration and document management. The tool offers a cloud-based platform for storing, sharing, and managing files. One thing that this tool stands out for is its focus on enterprise-level security, compliance, and granular access controls. 

Plus, it enables teams to collaborate in real time, providing features like file versioning, comments, and task assignments. Like most other file sharing apps, Box integrates seamlessly with popular business applications and supports a variety of file types. 


  • Box prioritizes security with robust encryption, access controls, and various compliance features
  • It provides extensive collaboration tools, including real-time editing, commenting, and task assignments
  • Box integrates with a wide range of third-party applications and services, such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and Salesforce
  • Its flexible plans and options for additional storage make it scalable and can accommodate the growing storage 


  • Users may find the pricing comparatively higher, especially for businesses with extensive storage or advanced collaboration needs
  • Box’s user interface is feature-rich and complex at the same time
  • Users report occasional challenges with file previewing, especially for certain file type


Box offers four pricing plans, including:

  • Business – €13.50/user per month with a minimum of three users and the possibility to upload files up to 5 GB 
  • Business Plus – €22.50/user per month with a minimum of three users and the possibility to upload files up to 15 GB 
  • Enterprise – €31.50/user per month with a minimum of three users and the possibility to upload files up to 50 GB 
  • Enterprise Plus – Custom pricing available only after consultations with their sales team

10. Mega

In their own words, Mega is all about “Online privacy for everyone”. All files are encrypted when shared through the platform, and they also offer generous free storage space and affordable premium plans. Plus, it has a user-friendly interface, perfect for sharing files, chatting, or setting up private calls.


  • Mega ensures higher levels of data security by using end-to-end encryption
  • Mega offers a generous amount of free cloud storage space, allowing users to store and share files without incurring additional costs
  • Mega supports various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS
  • The tool has an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • It offers affordable premium plans


  • Mega is primarily focused on file storage and sharing, but it lacks collaborative features compared to the other platforms
  • It doesn’t provide a built-in file preview option for certain file types
  • Mega imposes bandwidth limitations for free users, which may impact upload and download speeds, especially during peak usage times 
  • Its customer support has been criticized for being less responsive and providing limited assistance compared to some other file-sharing platforms


Here are the four pricing plans offered by Mega:

  • Pro Lite – €49.99 per year for 400 GB storage and 12 TB transfer
  • Pro I – €99.99 per year for 2 TB storage and 24 TB transfer
  • Pro II – €199.99 per year for 8 TB storage and 96 TB transfer

Pro III – €299.99 per year for 16 TB storage and 192 TB transfer

Final thoughts

In the world of modern collaboration, this list of file sharing sites has emerged as the best-of-the-best, helping us conquer the challenges of remote teamwork. In a world once plagued by crossed wires and version chaos, these platforms have become a guiding light in seamless collaboration.

If you’d like to put Filestage to the test for your file sharing needs, start a free trial →