Enterprise file sharing – 7 ways to control access and improve collaboration

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Enterprise file sharing solutions enable seamless and secure collaboration with other organizations. And with data volumes passing 2 petabytes (that’s 2,000 GB) for enterprise organizations in 2022, they’re more important than ever.

It’s an innovative approach to enterprise file sharing that allows businesses to share data, documents, and multimedia files across teams and departments in real time. Say goodbye to emailing clunky files and lugging hard drives around the world.

Creating a digital space to communicate and share files, enterprise file sharing takes file management to a whole new level. 

With top-notch security measures like advanced encryption and access controls, businesses can confidently share sensitive information without worries. Plus, its scalability allows companies of all sizes to adapt effortlessly to changing needs.

So, if you’re eager to dive into a world of streamlined collaboration, enhanced productivity, and data protection, get ready to explore the seven best enterprise file sharing platforms.

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1. Google Workspace – best for document sharing and collaboration

Google Drive

Source: Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the go-to when it comes to enterprise file sharing sites and collaboration. It’s just one in a huge list of the best file sharing applications, but has proven to be one of the most universally used platforms, accounting for 44.97% of the market share.

It has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it file upload speed (we literally blinked and missed it when we tested it ourselves), making for a far more efficient file transfer, leading to lightning quick project turnarounds. 

It provides enterprise-grade security for secure file sharing, keeping identities, information, applications, and devices safe with its reliable cloud infrastructure. The identity and endpoint management provides two-factor authentication, single sign-on, and many more features.

It also supports data-loss prevention, automatic email spam, phishing, and malware defenses, with continuous monitoring and compliance, so you know your content is safe and secure.

Google Workspace’s productivity suite offers a plethora of virtual collaboration tools, you and stakeholders, clients, and colleagues can edit and comment on live documents. With granted access, you can also download your Google Workspace content directly onto your desktop.

Pricing and storage space

  • Free – 15 GB free file storage
  • Business Starter – $6/user per month – 30 GB file storage
  • Business Standard – $12/user per month – 2 TB  file storage
  • Business Plus – $18/user/month – 5 TB  file storage
  • Enterprise – Contact sales team – 5 TB  file storage

2. Filestage – best for sharing marketing assets and version management

Filestage is an online collaboration and enterprise file sharing tool that’s designed to supercharge your teamwork and increase your workflow, taking your business to dizzy new heights.

With its enterprise features, you get a powerhouse of collaboration tools and an enhanced file sharing platform.

It features top-tier document management, so you can share anything from spreadsheets to analytics reports, all the way to visuals, so you can keep all your projects in one place, with extra administrative control on downloading saved content to desktops. 

The real stand out feature with Filestage, however, is its seamless feedback look. With this, team members, stakeholders, and clients can leave comments, suggestions, and even mark up live documents. Like a virtual workshop without the coffee spills. Plus, you’ll always know who suggested what with its version control feature.

Version control is Filestage’s unsung hero, ensuring that you’ll never lose track of changes, edits, while keeping a file of previous versions to store all your progress.

It keeps your content safe, too! Filestage offers security measures such as two-factor authentication, password protection, and access controls, keeping your files in their own little vault.

Whether it’s a creative project, analytics reports, or you just need somewhere to store all your work, Filestage’s file sharing, collaborative features and security measures make business collaboration a (very secure) walk in the park.

Pricing and storage space

  • Free – 2 GB cloud storage
  • Basic – $49/month – 250 GB cloud storage
  • Professional – $249/month – 250 GB cloud storage
  • Enterprise – Contact sales team – unlimited storage space

3. Dropbox Business – best for sharing files with other companies

dropbox 1

Source: Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business offers a robust set of features tailored to meet the needs of your business, with secure and efficient collaboration, storage, and management for content.

With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration across all devices and platforms, Dropbox is a popular cloud storage platform for enterprises across the globe.

Dropbox Business’s file sharing capabilities are super advanced, meaning users can easily share files and folders with each other, allowing real-time collaboration and feedback with the built in tools. Shared links can be customized with specific permissions, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected.

A standout feature that Dropbox Business possesses is its file synchronization. It automatically updates files across all connected devices, ensuring that team members always have access to the most updated version of the document, enhancing productivity and reducing the risk of conflict in the editing process.

Security is super important when it comes to enterprise file sharing. Dropbox Business implements state of the art measures to safeguard data, with features such as data encryption, two-factor authentication, and granular access controls, giving users the tools to manage users efficiently.

Dropbox Business integrates with a wealth of third-party apps, making for streamlined content collaboration and development with collaborators. It integrates with tools such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Slack, and Trello, so teams can combine their favorite productivity tools to increase workflow.

With its collaboration tools, data security, and integrations, Dropbox Business is a standout solution for enterprise file sharing.

Pricing and storage space

  • Standard – $12/user per month – 5 TB file storage
  • Professional – $40/user per month – 5 TB file storage
  • Advanced – $30/month – as much space as needed, once purchased
  • Enterprise – Contact sales – as much space as needed, customizable

4. pCloud for Business

pCloud for business

Source: pCloud

pCloud for Business is an enterprise file sharing software and collaboration platform with an array of powerful features. With its user-friendly interface, pCloud for Business has become one of the more popular enterprise file sharing services platform due to its reliability.  

One of pCloud’s standout features is its security. Users can share files and folders with team members and stakeholders, controlling access permissions to ensure data privacy.

It also allows users to share password protected links with expiration dates, adding an extra layer of security to your content.

It’s great for collaboration, too. One of pCloud for Business’s key features is its file versioning, enabling users to restore previous file versions in case of accidental changes and those heart-stopping accidental deletions to prevent data loss.

To keep your stakeholers and clients at ease, pCloud offers client-side encryption, ensuring that all files and content is encrypted before it leaves the user’s device. This means only authorized users can access the data, providing peace of mind for both businesses and clients when handling confidential information.

The built in monitoring allows administrators to track user actions, generating valuable insights into usability and data usage that aids future updates and amendments.

Speaking of amendments, pCloud is able to integrate with a number of productivity tools, such a Microsoft Office, allowing users to edit and collaborate on content directly through the platform. 

Pricing and storage space

  • pCloud Premium – $49.99/user per year – 500 GB
  • pCloud Premium Plus – $99.99/user per year – 2 TB

5. Zoho WorkDrive

zoho workdrive

Source: Zoho Workdrive

Zoho WorkDrive is an easy-to-use, business-focused cloud storage service that transforms the way your business functions. 

It gives teams a secure, shared workspace for plenty of workshopping and collaborating, providing projects, files, and content with somewhere to call home.

With the team account, you can create ‘favorites’ and label your documents, keeping your team super organized and keeping functionality tip-top with folder management tools and a large collection of in-house applications.

Zoho WorkDrive integrates with Google Workspace and Microsoft Office. But, with Zoho’s Office Suite, you needn’t call for integration. It offers almost identical services to that of Google Workspace and Microsoft Office, but builds on it with Zia,  its in-house, Grammarly-style proofreading tool.  It’s just nice to know it’s there, right?

It offers a top-notch security system, too. Featuring data recovery, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems, two-factor authentication, and encryption to keep your files and content safe.

But it doesn’t end there, it also offers team-level security. With admin-level controls, transfer file ownership, shareable links with expiration dates, and distribute role based permissions among teams. 

Pricing and storage space

  • Starter – $2/user per month – 1 TB
  • Team – $4/user per month – 3 TB
  • Business – $7/user per month – 5 TB

6. TitanFile

Source: TitanFile

Next up is TitanFile, an award-winning enterprise file sharing solution for businesses. One of the best platforms for enterprises, it’s utilized by IT, accounting, law, and governmental industries.

TitanFile specializes in top-tier security, including AES 256-bit and end-to-end encryption. This is controlled by customer-managed encryption keys to ensure that security compliance measures are met by businesses and offering peace of mind that their content and data is safe.

With granular access control, content is in the users, and only the users, hands with TitanFile. Its security measures ensure that unauthorized users (including TitanFile themselves) have absolutely no access to your files unless authorized by an administrator.

With any project comes sharing large files, and for documents of a certain size, sending them over email has proven to be inefficient and poses a higher security risk due to the lack of encryption.

Its file transfer capabilities make file sharing super easy and worry-free, offering unlimited storage and file uploads. It offers a Microsoft Outlook plug-in, so you can integrate TitanFile with your email and send and receive large files without having to leave your inbox.

TitanFile keeps the end-user in mind, meaning businesses can dedicate their time to their work rather than wasting time sending files and attempting to collaborate without a central hub. It’s super accessible, too, offering a mobile app for on-the-go use. 

Pricing and storage space

  • Starter – $16/user per month – as much space as needed
  • Pro – $24/user per month – as much space as needed
  • Enterprise – Contact sales team – as much space as needed

7. FileCloud

file cloud

Source: TechComm

FileCloud is an enterprise file sync, sharing, backup, and collaboration solution that caters for enterprises such as law firms, car manufacturers, and medicare services. 

It boasts state of the art, enterprise grade  security measures, ensuring safe file sharing with an easy-to-use interface. Taking the extra step, it includes Zero Trust principles that are built into the system, covering identity authentication, permissions authorization, and reverification.

One of our favorite features, FileCloud comes with an automated workflow. Any user can set up review processes, send automated messages, and create workflows without knowing how to code (phew).

You can sync FileCloud across multiple mobile devices, creating an online workshop where you can access files and documents from anywhere. Collaboration has never been easier.

FileCloud’s collaboration services are a comprehensive solution to a streamlined and secure workflow. Through its capabilities, add-ons, and integrations, it creates a reliable and easy-to-use system for internal and external users. This way, everyone works from a centralized hub with extremely low risk security threats, and an optimized workflow. 

With this, you can communicate with smart notifications, file activity tracking, version history, and custom workflows, with file locking and upload restrictions. 

Want to know more on how to increase your workflow? Take a look at our 20 workflow management solutions.

Pricing and storage space

  • Essentials – $12.50/user per month – 1 TB plus 100 GB per additional user
  • Advanced – $18.75/user per month – 2.5 TB plus 100 GB per additional user
  • GovCloud – Contact sales team – 1 TB plus 100 GB per additional user

Final thoughts

In the fast-paced world of enterprise file sharing, the game is ever evolving. With remarkable solutions like the ones listed above, it’s clear that the choices are in abundance, each with its unique set of strengths.

Enterprise file sharing has emerged as an absolute for modern online collaboration. These platforms aren’t just file sharing tools, they’re your lifeline for efficient teamwork, a productive workflow, and a safe space for secure file sharing.If you’d like to put our file sharing, review, and approval software to the test, start a free trial →