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Document version control best practices and examples

Which document version is the latest? Which ones are out of date? It’s anyone’s guess. But by introducing some simple best practices or setting your team up with document approval software, you can wave goodbye to this issue – and all the wasted time that comes with it! Read More

The best document collaboration software for feedback management

Document collaboration software helps you and your team work more productively. It makes problem solving faster, brainstorming more effective, and feedback significantly easier to collate. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of document collaboration tools out there, but we’ve highlighted the best of the bunch. Read More

7 best practices for your document approval workflow

Almost everything in the modern workplace starts as a document. And collaborative tools like Google Docs and Microsoft Word make them easier than ever to create. Let’s take a look at seven best practices for your document approval workflow and how document approval software can help. Read More

How to review documents in 5 easy steps

From marketing to law, document reviews are essential. They help to make sure your content is accurate and free from embarrassing mistakes. Here’s how document review software simplifies the whole process in five easy steps. Read More