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7 tips to get creative approval fast

To get the best out of your team, you need a fast and efficient creative approval process in place. Imagine how many great ideas wouldn't get thrown out of the window if you had a faster creative approval process. Ready to get your work signed, sealed, and delivered? Let's dive in! Read More

The artwork approval process + 5 best practices

Creating an excellent artwork approval process is about juggling many different things. Filestage's design and artwork approval software is built to tick all these boxes and more. Read More

8 ways to optimize the graphic design process

Having a solid graphic design process will help you to create better designs. Once established, you don’t need to think about the next steps each time you’re working on a new project. You just pursue your approach. Hence, you’re able to focus on the most important aspect: the graphic design. Read More

10 best design and creative collaboration tools for every situation

Making the design process more efficient is essential for any business, and that's where design collaboration tools come in. This article is about how you can improve design collaboration with colleagues, partners, and clients. So if you’re looking for the best design collaboration tools for your team, keep on reading. Read More

The video production process – everything you need to know

Video production has become more important than ever for businesses. If you’re about to take the leap into the world of video creation, then you’ll want to know where to begin. Read More

How to set up your video post-production workflow

Mastering post-production will decide on your video's success. Here's how to streamline your post-production workflow and optimize your video content. Read More

How to speed up creative reviews with video production management software

You’ve met every deadline you’ve set yourself, but you’re being held up by stakeholders at the review stage. Filestage is a review and approval platform that helps you to collate feedback in one place, and keep on top of who’s approved your content and who you’re still waiting for. Read More

10 reasons to use Filestage for online video collaboration

Since the pandemic, the world has embraced flexible working. This has led to a boom in demand for online video collaboration tools. That’s where Filestage’s video review and collaboration software comes in. It makes it easy to share video online, discuss feedback, manage versions, and get approval – all in one place. Read More

How to Boost Your Packaging Design in 2022 – A Comprehensive Guide

With competition rising in almost all industries, companies want to stand out as much as they can – not only in quality, but also in the presentation of their products. The design of product packaging has the solution. Read More

The Best Packaging Design Software to Make Your Product Stand Out

What is 3D packaging design in 2021, and what packaging design software can help you achieve your goals? These and many more questions will be answered in the following article. Read More