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10 reasons to use Filestage for online video collaboration

Since the pandemic, the world has embraced flexible working. This has led to a boom in demand for online video collaboration tools. That’s where Filestage’s video review and collaboration software comes in. It makes it easy to share video online, discuss feedback, manage versions, and get approval – all in one place. Read More

Video sharing 101: How to share large video files

If you’ve ever tried to share videos over email, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. With Filestage’s video review and collaboration software, you can share large video files and invite people to give feedback. Read More

Here’s How You Create an Amazing Video Production Process in 2021

Video production has become more important than ever. The customer journey has changed drastically, and consumers are spending much more time on video content as opposed to text-based media. Read More

How to Boost Your Packaging Design in 2022 – A Comprehensive Guide

With competition rising in almost all industries, companies want to stand out as much as they can – not only in quality, but also in the presentation of their products. The design of product packaging has the solution. Read More

The Best Packaging Design Software to Make Your Product Stand Out

What is 3D packaging design in 2021, and what packaging design software can help you achieve your goals? These and many more questions will be answered in the following article. Read More

How to Markup a PDF: The Ultimate Guide 2021

Team collaboration improves dramatically when everyone can work on PDF files without delays. Therefore, we have prepared this detailed guide to help you in marking up a PDF file, improving productivity, and collaborating more effectively. Read More

How to Annotate a PDF – The Ultimate Guide & 5 Great Software Solutions

“How do I annotate a PDF document?” If you ever have tried to annotate a PDF, you have probably discovered just how painstaking such a simple process can be. With an estimated 2.5 trillion PDFs in the world, there must be an easy way to work with such a commonly used file format. Read More

The 10 best brochure design software for your marketing team

Brochure design software helps marketers and designers create eye-catching and informative brochures that resonate with the target audience and turn prospects into clients. In this article we show you how to create a brochure using the best brochure design software. Read More

Make Your Architecture Design Process the Best It Can Be

Without a clear architecture design process in place, miscommunication can happen quite easily. This could leave clients believing that their comments haven’t been considered and the architects feeling lost in a sea of muddled requests. With this aspiration in mind, this article will show you the best way to structure your architectural design process. Read More

How to Create Brand Guidelines Your Team Will Love

The brand guideline document is designed to keep every element of the company’s branded content consistent and in line with the established look, feel and design of the brand. Get to know how you create professional brand guidelines for your marketing team. Read More