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Creative collaboration in an asynchronous world

Creative collaboration is all about working with a team to find innovative ways to overcome business or marketing challenges. Companies often find themself stuck with some processes or products that aren't optimal for their business. That's when they gather teams to find innovative ways to solve a specific challenge. So let's take a closer look at everything you need (and what to avoid) to improve creative collaboration at your organization. Read More

The artwork approval process + 5 best practices

Creating an excellent artwork approval process is about juggling many different things. Filestage's design and artwork approval software is built to tick all these boxes and more. Read More

How to give and receive feedback on a website design

Giving feedback on a website design without a proper tool can be a nightmare. Think of all the screenshots and long emails to explain which parts of the design you’re referring to. But no worries, website feedback tools can quickly turn this nightmare into a pretty smooth process. Read More

How to collect UI design feedback (and why it’s important)

One of the most exciting parts of digital design is UI design. Its perfect balance between aesthetics and knotty problem-solving makes it so challenging and yet rewarding when done right.  Read More

8 ways to optimize the graphic design process

Having a solid graphic design process will help you to create better designs. Once established, you don’t need to think about the next steps each time you’re working on a new project. You just pursue your approach. Hence, you’re able to focus on the most important aspect: the graphic design. Read More

10 best design and creative collaboration tools for every situation

Making the design process more efficient is essential for any business, and that's where design collaboration tools come in. This article is about how you can improve design collaboration with colleagues, partners, and clients. So if you’re looking for the best design collaboration tools for your team, keep on reading. Read More

How to set up a design review process and get valuable feedback

Setting up an effective design review process to get valuable feedback is so important. With a good design review process in place, your whole team will make faster and more informed decisions so you can deliver designs that you're truly proud of! Read More

How to create a design feedback form + 20 example questions

Getting feedback on your designs is no easy task. And without a proper set of questions and techniques, you’ll likely miss the opportunity to maximize everyone's feedback. This article will shed some light on how design approval software and other tools can help you collect feedback. And you'll get 20 great questions to inspire valuable feedback on your designs! Read More

How to ask for (and give) great design feedback

Giving and receiving design feedback is a fundamental part of the design process. How you ask for (and give) feedback can make a big difference when it comes to the progress of your project, the morale of the design team, and the final output. Read further for advice on how to ask for and how to give constructive design feedback. Read More

The best design feedback tools for quick and clear design reviews

Feedback is a fundamental part of any design project. Find out how design feedback tools can help make the review process that much easier, giving designers the opportunity to collect in-context comments and annotations so that they can get on with their next round of amends and get closer and closer to sign off. Read More