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The ultimate feedback management guide for creative projects

If you’re responsible for feedback management, you’ll know just how chaotic things can get. With some tweaks to your feedback management process and the right software, collecting, analyzing, and implementing feedback on your creative projects is a breeze.  Read More

27 best feedback tools for every situation

Feedback is important in just about every company. It helps you to create your best possible work, to improve your products and services, and to keep your business moving forward.  With the right feedback software, feedback management is made so much easier. Read More

What is a feedback loop? – 6 feedback loop examples

From customer feedback on your products and services to internal feedback on a particular project or policy, feedback loops help you to create your best work and grow in the right direction. Read More

The 5-step feedback process for creating your best work

Whether you’re responsible for collecting feedback or giving it, keep reading for tips on setting up your feedback process. With a clearly defined feedback process and the helping hand of online proofing software, collecting feedback on your work is an absolute breeze. Get ready to revolutionize your workflow! Read More