Free on-demand masterclass: How to fix your chaotic review process in minutes

Are you tired of handling your marketing collaboration process over email? Register for our on-demand masterclass and discover how to streamline your marketing collaboration and speed up your feedback and approval process.

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Five things you’ll learn in our marketing masterclass

  1. Stop the email feedback madness and make your feedback process smooth and enjoyable.
  2. Establish clear communication and avoid chasing feedback from your teammates or clients.
  3. Set up clear roles and ownership to successfully control output of the collaboration.
  4. Build a consistent collaboration workflow with achievable deadlines.
  5. Bonus: Includes free checklist and real world examples from leading brands

Meet the speaker

Niklas Dorn is the Co-founder and CEO of the review and approval software, Filestage. He holds a master’s degree in Electronic Media and has specialized in media and web technologies.

Filestage is the category leader for approval workflow software and a 100% remote company.