Free webinar: How to streamline your marketing campaign reviews with ease

Are you tired of the endless cycle of feedback and missed deadlines in your marketing campaign approvals? Register for our on-demand webinar to learn how to streamline your marketing campaign reviews with ease. Discover proven strategies and tactics to get sign-off faster and more efficiently.

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Five things you’ll learn in our webinar

  1. The biggest challenges surrounding the marketing campaign approval
  2. What makes certain marketing approval workflows efficient
  3. How to build a successful campaign approval workflow 
  4. Examples from different brands and industries: How are the successful ones doing it?
  5. When is the right time to invest in a review and approval platform
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Meet the speaker

Sascha Neuß is a Content Review and Approval Consultant at Filestage.


As a media professional with 10+ years of experience in advertising, he produced 100+ commercials and developed an in-depth understanding of the content production process. Sascha is an expert in detecting customer pains in the review process and finding ways to solve them.


Filestage is the category leader for approval workflow software and a 100% remote company.