How Blue Pen Resumes made their client feedback process 5x more effective

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Blue Pen Resumes is a resume writing service for healthcare professionals and those wanting to enter the healthcare industry.


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  • Simplify and automate the client feedback process
  • Eliminate Word and email from feedback and approval processes
  • Improve the client experience

Favorite features

  • Automated workflow for simpler client management
  • Zapier integration to elevate the customer experience
  • Project dashboard for a straightforward feedback process
Explore Filestage for documents

Being a small business owner requires constant juggling between optimizing client experience and leaving enough time to focus on business development. In this attempt, many owners turn to technology to help streamline processes and attract new clients. 

Kimberly Cook, the Founder and CEO of Blue Pen Resumes, a healthcare resume-writing company, searched extensively for the right document collaboration and approval software to ensure that the client experience was seamless and efficient from start to finish. 

As a former healthcare executive, Kimberly was responsible for creating exceptional patient experiences, so serving clients in her business was a natural extension of her work in healthcare. 

In her quest to find the perfect software to match her vision, she tested various tools, but nothing seemed to offer the features she needed until she found Filestage. “Filestage helped Blue Pen Resumes eliminate manual back and forth, document version confusion, and streamlined and automated the review and approval process, which took our client experience to the next level!”

Here’s a closer look at their journey towards a more efficient feedback process with Filestage.

Word documents and emails weren’t enough for a smooth feedback process

Blue Pen Resume’s service is straightforward. In collaboration with their clients, the company helps them  write interview-landing resumes, CVs, and cover letters, and optimize LinkedIn profiles for the next step in their healthcare careers. However, the iteration process for each client wasn’t ideal for their growing business.

Cook says, “Going back and forth between email and Word to make sure all feedback was addressed wasn’t optimal for juggling multiple clients. Plus, it was easy to miss some comments despite Word’s review feature. That’s why we needed a centralized hub to track and manage client revision requests.” 

On top of that, having different file versions of Word had the potential to cause confusion during the revision phase of a resume project. “I wanted to be proactive in avoiding a situation where different document versions would frustrate our clients,” says Cook.

Kimberly Cook
“At the end of the day, my vision was to build the best healthcare resume-writing service with a world-class client experience that was frustration-free and seamless at all touchpoints. Which is exactly what we’ve been able to achieve with Filestage.”

Kimberly Cook, Founder of Blue Pen Resumes

Filestage enables a simple and straightforward feedback process

After trying out various tools, Cook gave Filestage a go which ended up as the best and the closest match for her vision for Blue Pen Resumes. 

Cook says, “Filestage offered the most user-friendly interface with a straightforward document delivery, review, feedback, and approval process. All of which have revolutionized the client feedback process and saved valuable time.”

“More specifically, the integrated automation features keep clients informed with timely notifications, which makes for a highly-streamlined and scalable process.” 

Filestage automations elevated the customer experience

One of the biggest goals for Cook was to create automated workflows that allow her to reduce manual work and avoid repetitive tasks. This really helped her to elevate the customer experience while keeping the process clean and efficient with automation.

Cook says, “One automation we use internally is the option to automatically change the status of the file and send it to the next review step once the deadline is reached. This simple action saves a lot of time and organizes the whole process which helps us keep all projects on track.”

But she’s not stopping there. When she first encountered Filestage, she was also intrigued by its integration with Zapier. 

Cook says, “One of the reasons I chose Filestage was because it was integrated with Zapier – unlike some other solutions I was considering. I aim to create an automation that triggers client-specific communication to add a personalized touch and further enhance our client experience.” 

Today, Blue Pen Resumes saves hours, if not days on collecting client feedback

Not only do customers appreciate a smooth feedback and approval process but her team is also saving a lot of time collecting all client feedback.

Cook says, “Thanks to Filestage, we’re saving hours clarifying feedback and completing revision requests. Different functionalities like the comments on specific areas of the work and the ability to highlight specific words make the revision rounds much faster.” 

“In the past, scope creep often happened with multiple revision requests submitted outside the review window. But with Filestage, this can’t happen. Due to clearer communication and timely system notifications, clients now submit their review requests on time.”

The quality of the feedback and review process improved 5x thanks to Filestage

Thanks to Filestage, Blue Pen Resumes has experienced major improvements in the overall client document delivery and revision request workflows. They now have a well organized feedback workflow that improves client relationships and speeds up the revision process.

Cook says, “I would rate my past workflow with a two, and now that I use Filestage, it became an absolute 10. I just can’t emphasize enough how much smoother the process has become for the clients of Blue Pen Resumes. All in all, Filestage has been a great match for my business.”  

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