How IMPACT! Brand Communications saves one day per week on marketing reviews

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About IMPACT! Brand Communications

IMPACT! Brand Communications is a full-service digital agency from Singapore with clients from technology, B2B, and financial industries.



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  • Create a more efficient and intuitive approval workflow
  • Gather all feedback in one place
  • Improve client satisfaction

Favorite features

  • Dashboards for efficiently managing client approval workflows
  • Timestamps and annotations to speed up video reviews
  • Shareable links for a faster project sign-off
Explore Filestage for marketing

Running a digital agency is no easy task. All digital agencies operate in a fast-paced environment and are juggling a range of different needs from various clients. And if the process becomes overly complicated and tiresome, agencies soon face the risk of losing clients to another business.

Yet, IMPACT! Brand Communications found a way to navigate these struggles and deliver awesome projects to their customers without delays.

One of the major shifts that IMPACT introduced into their work five years ago was Filestage. The tool allowed them to transform their “tiresome approval process”, into a sustainable and efficient workflow.

Let’s take a look at how Donald Chan, Founder and Head of Business at IMPACT Brand Communications and his team leverage Filestage in daily business to maintain and improve their reputation among clients.

Email approvals were a struggle for everyone

As Donald simply puts it: “Before Filestage, the review process was just a bit tiring.”

There were two main issues the agency was facing while managing their approval process over emails:

  1. Struggling to keep track of versions and rounds of changes – It was difficult to determine which was the last version and what changes were implemented in each review round.
  2. Lack of context in all feedback – It was time consuming and complicated to go over long email chains and see which comment refers to which change.

This led them to turn to a visual and intuitive tool for managing feedback and approvals. 

In Donald’s words,“Collecting all client feedback through email just didn’t cut it for us. We needed a more visual tool that would allow us to timestamp certain parts of videos and point out exact areas of any visual for a faster and more accurate feedback process. This is when we discovered Filestage.”

Simplifying approvals with a single source of truth

“From the first time we started using Filestage it soon became a single source of truth for us,” says Donald. “Now, the tool is such an intrinsic part of our process that it’s even hard to remember exactly how the process used to look like before.”

Besides being a single source of truth for their team and clients, Filestage allowed the IMPACT to establish a simple workflow that works perfectly for their team.

Here’s the three-step process they use to make sure all assets are ready for publishing faster:

  1. Internal approval
  2. Sharing review links with clients 
  3. Client approval

Sometimes it only takes a couple of versions before the final approval. And other times they’ll need to send more versions for feedback. But, regardless of the number of versions they have to share with clients, Donald says there’s one thing about Filestage that particularly speeds up the sign off process.

“In most cases we just share links with clients and ask them for feedback on whichever file version we’re working on at that moment. This makes getting contextual feedback faster and easier, and speeds up the final sign-off.”

IMPACT Agency's feedback process in Filestage

Stimulating hybrid work (even before it was popular)

IMPACT Brand Communications had a hybrid setup long before the COVID-19 pandemic. And one of the reasons the team could easily establish a hybrid work arrangement was Filestage.

Chan says, “We were working hybrid before it was popularized due to the pandemic. That was one of the main reasons why Filestage stuck with us from day one, because we could review and request changes on files remotely while still having a good overview of the progress of each project.”

Saving one day per week on marketing reviews

Teams can only become more efficient once they establish intuitive and fast processes, and reduce stress levels. Donald mentioned that each review round with clients is somewhat stressful, and it was important to reduce the chances of error in each review round to establish a more productive process.

Donald Chan
“Filestage allowed us to create a more efficient and effective workflow. I would say that we save 20% of our time on a day to day basis simply by reducing the time we spend on emailing back and forth with the clients”

Donald Chan, Founder of the IMPACT Brand Communications Agency

By replacing email led review process with Filestage, IMPACT Agency saves up to 20% of their time on daily basis, which adds up to roughly one day per week saved for everyone in the team.

“Plus, the amount of stress we reduce around making sure that all changes are all correctly implemented from each review round is difficult to put in numbers, but it’s equally important to us”, says Chan.

Improved reputation among clients

Improved workflows and a satisfied team will go a long way in impressing your clients. And once your review process is so polished that every request for change is quickly addressed without misinterpretation, your clients will soon start to realize the change. 

Donald says, “We get a lot of positive feedback from our clients about the way we work thanks to Filestage. I think that the tool gives a more professional look to the clients, and they see how much it simplifies the sign-off process for them as well. One of our clients even adopted the tool for their own team after seeing how well it works for us!”

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