10 best Geico commercials for a good laugh


If you haven’t already seen the Geico commercials, it’s time you discover this breath of fresh air in otherwise, a sea of unmemorable commercials from other insurance companies. 

For anyone unfamiliar with the brand, Geico (short for Government Employees Insurance Company) is a private American auto insurance company. Since insurance companies aren’t exactly famous for their creativity in marketing, this one is a true gem when it comes to their video ads.

Here are the top ten Geico commercials that will undoubtedly make you laugh! 

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1. Unspeakable Family (2015)

Have you ever thought there would be an ad for which you wouldn’t impatiently wait for the first few seconds to go by so that you can skip the rest?

This Geico commercial, produced by The Martin Agency and part of the Cannes Lions selection for 2015, is an excellent example of how to keep your viewers locked to the screen with great humor and straightforward messaging. 

In response to YouTube’s functionality where users can skip ads after a few seconds, this insurance company created this intelligent commercial that will make you keep watching it until the end.

2. Crushed Pottery (2018)

Another great example of keeping your viewers engaged beyond the first few seconds is the Geico Crushed Pottery commercial. Playing with the frames and seemingly squeezing the two main characters out of the screen is a smart way to keep their viewers curious about what happens after the giant Geico sign covers the actors. 

Once again, a proof that witty humor and originality can help you get away with some pretty blatant advertising.

3. Scheduling Standoff (2022)

What would a cowboy standoff look like if cowboys were throwing their busy schedules at each other instead of exchanging threats? 

That’s precisely what cowboys from the Geico commercial are doing, and it’s hilarious. What a simple way to prove the point that you need more simple ways to save money instead of overscheduling.

4. The Gecko Takes a Stroll (2021)

Here’s one great example of using a mascot to bring your commercial closer to the audience and lock their attention for longer than two seconds. 

In the ad, the company’s mascot Gecko, a cute cartoon-like lizard, tells a story of how no chestnut ever  announces its fall from the tree. Insinuating that you wouldn’t need their insurance if you could predict an accident.

Whether it’s because the gecko was so cute or because it had a great voice for storytelling, there was something funny and irresistible in this Geico commercial.

5. Rebel Rene (2022)

There’s a reason why a good movie trailer can get you to buy tickets and watch the movie as soon as you can. They are relevant and suspenseful all at the same time. And Geico knew exactly how to use those movie trailer-like characteristics and put them in their Rebel Rene commercial.

Another funny Geico commercial that made 30 seconds fly by!

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6. Life in a Victorian Home (2022)

Here’s one of many Geico commercials that tells a story of a new homeowner through a historical (or, in other cases, movie) reference. And there’s nothing funnier than seeing ladies from the modern and Victorian eras making fun of each other for their clothes or habits. 

This simple and benign humor will definitely put a smile on your face. And what’s most important to Geico – make you remember their bundle insurance.

7.  Open Floor Plan Problem (2022)

What comes to mind when you imagine an open floor plan at your apartment? Probably a spacious place with lots of light. In this Geico ad, you’ll see a different perception of an open floor plan. It’s one that involves a live studio audience. 

Though this may sound confusing at first, this little wordplay is what makes this Geico commercial funny and witty at the same time. 

Check out the full ad here.

8. The Gecko Makes a Connection (2021)

The regular host of Geico’s commercials, their mascot Gecko, once again takes the leading role in explaining the benefits of their insurance packages. But this time, to a bunch of big scary motorists. 

If you want to see how a small and cute lizard Gecko manages to melt the hearts of these manly figures on their motorbikes, make sure to check this one out! 

Check out the full ad here.

9. How Old is the Gecko? (2021)

At Geico, even the commercial celebrating their 85th anniversary is done in an original and lighthearted way. Instead of glorifying their history in the insurance industry (what would be a common topic among many other brands), Geico uses the opportunity to make fun of Gecko for his age.

10. Too Many Robot Tests (2022)

Here is another example of how Geico takes a well-known frustration and turns it into a great joke for their commercial. This time they made a parody out of robot tests that you’re forced to pass every time you sign up for a new online account. 

And seeing a real robot trying to figure out ugly handwriting to pass his robot test while waiting for his coffee in a Starbucks-like place is hilarious. 

If you’re struggling to see the connection between Geico and robot tests, then make sure to check out the ad. The simple and, once again, so intelligently funny messaging makes the brand brilliant in its advertising!

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Final thoughts

There is no doubt that Geico is doing a fantastic job at entertaining its audience with clever and hilarious videos. Even more importantly, this car insurance brand successfully spreads its messaging in just a few seconds, leaving enough time for jokes to take the central part of any ad. 

So whether you’re a marketer, a producer or a creative director, we hope this list of amazing Geico commercials spark some inspiration for your projects.