The 10 hottest coffee ads of all time

best coffee ads

The humble coffee bean is one of the most traded commodities in the world, with 400 billion cups of the stuff consumed each year. 

But what’s even more interesting (from a marketing perspective, at least) is the sheer variety of consumers that drink coffee on a daily basis. From home-brewing ritualists to instant on-the-go slurpers, everyone has a different relationship with this tasty pick-me-up, which makes for some equally diverse and creative coffee ads. 

In this article, I’ll be serving up 10 of the best coffee ads in the following categories: 

  • Top coffee video ads 
  • Top coffee print ads 

Let’s go! 

Top coffee video ads 

The coffee and hot beverage industry is highly competitive, with numerous brands vying for the same consumers’ attention. Standing out in this crowded market requires cupfuls of craft, creativity, and brand storytelling. 

Here are five coffee video ads that are a cut above the rest. 

1. Starbucks – Every Name’s a Story

Have you ever really lived if you haven’t had your name misspelled on a Starbucks’ coffee cup? Well, in this ad, Starbucks used their iconic ordering system to draw attention to a common experience faced by trans people. It tells the story of James, who gets misgendered every day until he gives his name to the barista when ordering a coffee.

Unlike a lot of LGBTQ+ advertising which often feels fake and insincere, this coffee ad handled a serious subject matter with care while staying authentic to the brand. 

2. McDonald’s – Good Coffee. Simple

Not everyone wants to pay an arm and a leg for a cup a’ Joe. Especially if it’s one that’s gone in two sips. 

That’s why McCafe prides itself on serving customers quality coffee without all the fluff. They’re not trying to compete with “hipster” cafes. In fact, they want to do the opposite. And in this ad, they poke fun at the complex world of artisanal, specialty, craft coffee. I don’t know about you, but I’m lovin’ it! 

And if you like this one, you should check out our full round up of great McDonald’s campaigns.

3. Costa – Monkeys & Typewriters

Costa have made their fair share of wacky ads over the years. And they set the tone right from the start with their first TV spot, focusing on the age-old theory that a room full of monkeys using typewriters will eventually be able to type out the works of Shakespeare. The question is, will they learn to make great coffee, too? 

4. Community Coffee – Bustin’ Loose

Coffee is meant to make us feel good and this ad does just that. A flock of cockerels busting some moves as they get ready for the morning shift – to a banging tune, might I add! This video advert had me grinning from ear to ear. Topped off with the endline, “Mornings are coming on strong”. 

5. Folgers – Allow Us To Reintroduce Ourselves

After 170 years in the caffeine business, Folgers had found itself with a reputation problem. A lot of people had come to think of the brand as being a bit drab and outdated. But instead of pushing back, the New Orleans based coffee company decided to embrace their “Bad Reputation” with one rebellious rebrand and a cracking campaign to match. 

The video ads were launched alongside a new, unapologetic hashtag, #DamnRightItsFolgers. Everything about this campaign stood to bring a sense of pride to an all-American product with bags of soul!

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Best coffee print ads

From posters and press ads to brilliant billboards, print produces the crème de la crème of coffee advertising. This is where top class copywriting and simple, striking visuals come together, creating something superb! 

With that said, let’s take a look at five of the best coffee print ads.

1. Folgers – Manhole Coffee Covers

Folgers coffee ad
Source: Creative Criminals

Another great ad from Folgers! This delightfully simple out of home stunt turned a steamy manhole cover into a steamy cup of coffee. This advertisement got so much media attention as a top story when it was made back in 2009. And it still gets shown to advertising students today. Goes to show that you don’t need big budgets to make a big impact.

2. McDonald’s – XL Coffee

McDonalds coffee ad
Source: Ads of the World

Taking a basic truth and dramatizing it in a unique way is a tried and tested technique that has led to some of the greatest advertising. 

This press ad for McDonald’s Sweden exaggerates the size of their Extra Large Coffee. Is it super silly and OTT? Absolutely, but that’s what makes people smile. They made clever use of their advertising material to create something fresh and gave the consumer a little payoff (i.e. a chuckle) once they read the end line. 

3. Black&Blaze – Coffee Capsule

Black&Blaze coffee ad
Source: Ads of the World

Having barista-brewed coffee at home is the stuff of dreams. The Zurich-based coffee roastery managed to bring this to life with a visual so strong that it could nearly stand alone without a headline. The idea is simple, eye-catching, and conveys a sense of luxury and exclusivity around the brand. 

4. Naber Kaffee – Sleep Tight

Naber Cafe ad
Source: Pinterest

Decaf coffee can be a divisive topic at the best of times. But this ad from Naber Kaffee draws attention to one of decaf’s biggest benefits with this print ad. Made with nothing but two coffee beans, it doesn’t get more wonderfully uncomplicated than that. 

5. Tim Horton’s – No More Zombies

Tim Horton’s coffee ad
Source: Ads of the World

Coffee wakes us up. We all know that. Which is why, to really stand out, coffee brands often need to work extra hard to find a fresh stance on something familiar. And this Tim Hortan’s post-Halloween campaign absolutely kills it! 

The Canadian coffee company launched a collection of frighteningly funny posters just after Halloween that showed everyday folk struggling to stay awake and alert. Everybody’s struggled with an early start at some point, so the relatability of this print campaign is what makes it so impactful. 

Final thoughts 

Coffee is a highly competitive market, which means successful businesses need to work extra hard to stand out from the crowd. And as a result, we don’t just get to enjoy great coffee but great coffee advertising too! 

I hope this article has given you some inspiration for your next advertising project. And if you’d like to see how Filestage can help create a silky smooth review and approval process across all your marketing materials, start your free trial today.