20 most creative coffee packaging examples

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In the world of packaging design, coffee has had a special place for years now. Its relatively small and unique packaging size make this form an irresistible quest for many graphic designers. And when you add the continuously growing trend of hipster coffee lovers, you get coffee packaging that is a true work of art. 

So whether you’re looking to get inspiration for your own coffee packaging or you’re just exploring the most creative examples of packaging design, make sure to check out the following designs.

Here are the 20 most creative and inspiring coffee packaging examples designed to highlight the unique and delicious coffee within. 

1. Kaffa Roastery

A good coffee bean packaging is all about clever design combined with the unique design elements telling the whole story behind their specific coffee. And one such great example is Kaffa Roastery coffee packaging.

Their ecological approach to brewing and packaging delicious coffee inspired the packaging design which resulted in origami-inspired patterns with visuals featuring various animals. The subtleness and the uniqueness of this packaging design is what makes this coffee package stand out.

kaffa roastery

Source: kaffaroastery.fi

2. Cafe Royal Eiskaffee

The vibrant and somewhat humorous design, featuring a refreshing color palette and iconic branding make the Cafe Royal Eiskaffee packaging stand out in the supermarket shelves. The imagery on the packaging shows the indulgent Eiskaffee experience with humorous elements of putting animal heads on human bodies. 

Their coffee bags also provide clear product information, including all ingredients and serving suggestions for their ground coffee, making sure their customers are well-informed. The packaging format is convenient, often featuring resealable closures or single-serve options.

cafe royal eiskaffee

Source: thedieline.com

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3. Starbucks Tribute Blend

Starbucks Tribute Blend packaging stands out with its distinctive design and rich storytelling. The packaging features an artistic blend of colors, patterns, and textures, creating a visually captivating experience. 

Their custom-printed coffee bags tell the unique story behind the Tribute Blend paying homage to the company’s rich heritage and commitment to sourcing high-quality coffee beans. These custom printed bags include details about the origins of the blend, the farmers who cultivated the coffee, and the flavor profile. 

This combination of visual aesthetics and compelling storytelling elevates the packaging, making Starbucks Tribute Blend custom coffee bags a standout choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking a unique experience.

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Source: thedieline.com

4. Verve Coffee

Verve Coffee packaging sets itself apart with its distinctive and modern design approach. The packaging often features bold and vibrant colors, eye-catching typography, and minimalist yet visually striking graphics. 

The Verve Coffee package also prioritizes sustainability, eco-friendly materials, and incorporating thoughtful design elements like resealable bags or recyclable packaging.  

Plus, the packaging label provides detailed information about the coffee’s origin, tasting notes, and brewing recommendations, allowing consumers to fully appreciate the unique characteristics of each coffee blend. 

verve coffee packaging

Source: pinterest.com

5. Stumptown

Stumptown coffee packaging often showcases a vintage-inspired aesthetic, combining retro elements with a modern twist. It features hand-drawn illustrations, intricate patterns, and carefully selected color palettes, creating a unique visual. 

With its combination of vintage charm, informative content, and eco-conscious approach, Stumptown coffee packaging options capture the attention of coffee enthusiasts seeking a premium coffee blend.


Source: dailycoffenews.com

6. Little Wolf Coffee

Its charming and whimsical design make Little Wolf Coffee packaging stand out from the competitors. The packaging often features playful and imaginative illustrations, showcasing Little Wolf characters in various coffee-related scenarios. 

The artwork on coffee bags creates a delightful and memorable visual that captures the essence of the brand’s personality and storytelling. The coffee pouches also emphasize sustainability, utilizing eco-friendly materials and employing responsible sourcing practices. 

Little Wolf Coffee packaging

Source: bpando.org

7. Grumpy Mule

Grumpy Mule’s packaging incorporates vibrant colors and playful illustrations of mules, adding a sense of character and charm. Its rustic design often features earthy tones, textured backgrounds, and hand-drawn illustrations, evoking a sense of authenticity of their freshly roasted coffee. 

It embodies the brand’s mission of ethically sourced and sustainable coffee, with informative details about the coffee’s origin, farmer partnerships, and Fair Trade certifications. 

Grumpy Mule packaging also highlights the unique flavor profiles and brewing recommendations for each blend, enabling coffee enthusiasts to fully appreciate the diverse offerings.  

_Grumpy Mule coffee

Source: steenbergs.co.org

8. The Barn Coffee Roasters

The Barn Coffee Roasters packaging is unique due to its minimalist and sleek design. The packaging typically features clean lines, elegant typography, and a focus on simplicity.

The brand uses a monochromatic color palette to highlight a sense of sophistication and refinement. The Barn Coffee Roasters packaging also reflects their dedication to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and adopting eco-conscious practices. 

The Barn Coffee Roasters

9. Paper Plane Coffee Co.

Paper Plane Coffee Co. coffee packaging features a whimsical and artistic design with imaginative illustrations and playful patterns that evoke a sense of adventure and creativity. It captures the brand’s ethos of exploration and discovery, inspiring coffee enthusiasts to embark on a sensory journey with each cup. 

The packaging is covered in vibrant color palettes making it stand out on the supermarket shelves. It also emphasizes sustainability, employing eco-friendly materials and eco-conscious practices. 

Source: paperplanecoffee.com

10. Lazy Coffee

If you’re looking for a more relaxed and laid-back design, then Lazy Coffee custom coffee packaging is definitely one of the best examples. The packaging often features muted and calming color palettes, embraces a minimalist aesthetic, and focuses on clean lines and simple typography. These design choices were all made to reflect the brand’s emphasis on simplicity and mindfulness. 

Lazy Coffee packaging offers a unique and soothing experience for those seeking a moment of relaxation and enjoyment with their coffee.

Lazy coffee

Source: worldbranddesign.com

11. Joe Coffee Company

Joe Coffee Company packaging offers a slightly different, sleek, and contemporary design. Their premium packaging features a clean and modern aesthetic, characterized by minimalist typography and bold color accents. 

It communicates a sense of sophistication and urbanity, reflecting the their dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Joe Coffee Company

Source: joecoffeecompany.com

12. Dogwood Coffee Co.

Dogwood Coffee Co. packaging often features abstract artwork, showing a mix of colors, patterns, and textures that bring out a sense of creativity and individuality. It captures the brand’s passion for unique flavor profiles and specialty coffee. 

Dogwood Coffee Co. packaging also emphasizes sustainability, utilizing eco-friendly materials and advocating for responsible sourcing practices. 

Dogwood coffee

Source: tourismwinnipeg.com

13. Counter Culture

Counter Culture coffee packaging often features clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and an emphasis on typography, reflecting the brand’s transparency and simplicity. It showcases the coffee’s origin, specific farm details, and tasting notes, allowing coffee enthusiasts to dive into the specifics of each batch. 

The packaging also incorporates educational content, sharing brewing tips and information about the coffee industry. 


Source: sprudge.com

14. Metric Coffee Co.

Another great example of modern sleek design is Metric Coffee Co. coffee packaging. The packaging often features clean lines, bold typography, and a minimalist color palette, which gives a sense of sophistication and elegance.

 It reflects the brand’s precision and craftsmanship, mirroring their approach to sourcing and roasting exceptional coffees. Metric Coffee Co. packaging also shows detailed information about the coffee’s origin, processing methods, and flavor profiles, allowing coffee enthusiasts to appreciate the nuances of each batch.

Metric Coffee Packaging

Source: design.sca.coffee

15. Anomali Coffee

Anomali Coffee’s packaging stands out with its unconventional and avant-garde design. The packaging often features real artwork, pushing the boundaries of traditional coffee packaging. 

Anomali Coffee packaging emphasizes the coffee’s origin, unique processing methods, and flavor notes, providing coffee enthusiasts with a somewhat different tasting experience.

Anomaly Coffee packaging

Source: tripadvisor.com

16. Reunion Island Coffee

Reunion Island Coffee packaging is characterized by its elegant and refined design. The packaging often features a harmonious blend of earthy tones, sleek typography, and subtle accents, creating a sense of sophistication.

Reunion Island Coffee

Source: dailycoffeenews.com

17. Passenger Coffee

Passenger Coffee packaging embodies a blend of elegance and simplicity. It features clean lines, minimalistic designs, and a focus on typography, creating a visually pleasing and modern aesthetic. 

The packaging also emphasizes sustainability, utilizing eco-friendly materials and advocating for ethical sourcing practices. 

passenger coffee

Source: infantree.com

18. Red Rooster Coffee Roaster

What’s more charming to feature as a part of coffee packaging than hand-drawn illustrations with rustic motifs? That’s exactly what Red Rooster Coffee packaging designers had in mind when designing the brand’s visual identity.  

The packaging often features earthy tones, different hand-drawn illustrations for each coffee bag, and a vintage-inspired design, creating a warm and inviting aesthetic. 

Red Rooster Coffee Roaster

Source: amazon.com

19. Beanberry Coffee

Beanberry Coffee minimalistic packaging highlights the product branding and their dedication to high-quality and sustainable practices. Their simplistic earthy design speaks for itself when it comes to showing natural and environmentally friendly materials they use. 

With its combination of elegant design, informative content, and sustainable ethos, Beanberry Coffee packaging offers a unique and refined experience for everyone looking for an exceptional coffee with a touch of contemporary elegance.

beanberry coffee

Source: brian-coffee-spot.com

20. Wood Burl Coffee

Wood Burl Coffee packaging captures the essence of rustic charm and natural beauty. The packaging often features earthy tones, textured backgrounds, and intricate illustrations.

This coffee packaging reflects the their goal to show the unique characteristics of coffee and the importance of sustainable sourcing. 

Wood Burl Coffee

Source: unsplash.com

Final thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through these beautiful examples of coffee packaging. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our roundup of the top packaging design trends to beat the competition.

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