8 best cannabis packaging design examples to spark your imagination

With the growing trend of decriminalizing and legalizing various cannabis products across the globe, there’s been a huge rise of new brands in the field. And while some stick with the good old marihuana leaf, others are being more creative with their cannabis packaging.

Innovative packaging design helps brands stand out from competitors who may seem a bit budget or trashy. And they also help to build strong connections with customers.

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to consume a cannabis oil that’s screaming, “I’m about to consume weed”, from the packaging. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the best examples of cannabis packaging, and explain all the specifics that a cannabis packaging designer should have in mind when designing their next piece.

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1. Caliva

Caliva is a cannabis brand from California that specializes in CBD wellness products. Their modern, slick, and minimalist design moves the brand away from the traditional notion of CBD and positions it in the world of wellness brands.

You might even think you’re looking at high-end pharmaceutical packaging instead of CBD!

Source: laurenjanestudio.com

2. Canndescent

Canndescent is an amazing example of premium cannabis packaging. They focus on elegant and high-end packaging by incorporating bold typography, rich colors, and sophisticated patterns to create a premium look and feel.

Whether you’re buying a luxury handbag from a famous designer, or you’re looking for fancy pre-rolled cones, the experience will be quite similar! 

Source: Canndescent

3. Kiva Confections

Specializing in cannabis-infused edibles, Kiva Confections utilizes eye-catching and vibrant packaging designs that convey their product’s flavor profiles effectively. Instead of going for luxury, this brand uses earthy colors and symbols from nature to emphasize the origins of their product. 

And which nature lover wouldn’t love this? 

Source: Kiva Confections

4. Houseplant

Is there anything less than great you would expect from Seth Rogan and his cannabis line? In the rising trend of celebrities creating their CBD lines, Seth Rogan’s Houseplant is definitely one that stands out. 

Combining Lego-like collectable products with a dynamic custom typeface and modern product design visuals, the design was created to help Houseplant stand out in a saturated US market. 

If you ask me, they made it. What’s your verdict?

Source: itsnicethat.com

5. Level

Level’s packaging design stands out with its use of bold and bright colors, featuring clear and concise information about the product’s effects and potency. This brand chose a more straightforward approach both in the looks of their packaging and the way customers can experience the product – strictly through tablets or vapes. 

The message is clear – choose the effect you’d like to achieve and we have the right cannabis to get you there! 

Source: Dieline

6. Dosist

Recognizable for its minimalist design, Dosist’s packaging uses clean lines, soft colors, and a simple, modern aesthetic, reflecting their focus on precision and consistency. What makes this brand stand out is the use of dose-pens that allow users to easily inject the right dose in their body.

So whether you want to get better sleep, calm down, or get that special bliss, Dosist claims to have the right technology to help you do it. 

Source: High Snobiety

7. Beboe

When you think of mindfulness and cannabis probably a brand like Beboe comes to your mind. The brand incorporates elegant and luxurious packaging elements, reminiscent of high-end cosmetics or perfumes, creating a sophisticated and discreet image for their cannabis products.

And their connection with mindfulness is just what every spiritual CBD consumer needs. 

Source: Forbes

8. Bloom Farms

Bloom Farms is all about nature and sustainability – one of the top packaging design trends this year (and hopefully for many years to come!) Their packaging design is characterized by its clean, eco-friendly aesthetic that showcases the cannabis leaf in a more subtle form. The brand also uses sustainable materials and simple typography to reflect their commitment to environmental consciousness.

Source: Dieline

The specifics of the cannabis industry in terms of packaging

Similarly to the pharmaceutical industry, cannabis packaging is specific for its looks and the information it has to convey.

Here are the five things that every cannabis packaging designer should have in mind when starting up a project:

  1. Child-resistant packaging
  2. Labeling and information
  3. Restricted imagery and branding
  4. Packaging material and safety
  5. Packaging material and safety

We’ll dive into each of these points in detail below, or check out our full guide to creating packaging labels.

1. Child-resistant packaging

Many jurisdictions mandate child safe packaging for cannabis products to prevent accidental ingestion by children. Packaging must be designed in a way that makes it difficult for children to open while still being accessible for adults.

2. Labeling and information

Cannabis packaging typically requires specific information in order to meet labeling compliance regulations. This includes the product’s name, potency, dosage instructions, warnings, ingredients, batch numbers, and manufacturing or expiration dates. Some regions also require QR codes or tracking systems for product traceability.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at our roundup of the best product label designs.

3. Restricted imagery and branding

The cannabis industry is under many regulations, including the restriction of certain imagery or branding elements that may appeal to minors or misrepresent the product. This can include limitations on the use of cartoon characters, celebrities, or excessive use of bold or vibrant colors.

4. Packaging material and safety

Cannabis packaging should adhere to safety standards, ensuring that it does not interact with the product in a way that compromises its quality or safety. Packaging materials should be suitable for preserving the product’s freshness, preventing contamination, and complying with any specific guidelines related to cannabis products.

5. Compliance with environmental regulations

Increasingly, there is a focus on sustainable packaging within the cannabis industry. Many regions require or encourage the use of recyclable, biodegradable, or eco-friendly packaging materials to reduce environmental impact.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a CBD lover, or just passionate about great designs, the cannabis industry and various brands have a lot to teach us about the power of amazing packaging design. 

Their commitments to communicating products in a completely innovative way and moving away from the more traditional approach to cannabis packaging is what makes them so exciting and interesting. 

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