The Ultimate SMART Goals Template For Achieving Your Objectives 2020

Staying productive in a dynamic project environment is a huge challenge and requires plenty of work. In case you need you can download project plan tamplate here. Hence, setting the right goals is crucial. You can see a goal as a compass. Only if you are working towards a defined goal, you can be sure that you are on the right track. But how should you define a goal in detail? SMART goals are the cue. 

#1 SMART Goals Template
#2 SMART Goals Worksheet
#3 SMART Goal Setting
#4 SMART Goals Statement
#5 Benefits of SMART Goals
#6 3 Examples of SMART Goals
#7 Smart Goals Software
#8 Conclusion

SMART Goals Template

To help you properly define the right objectives, we prepared a SMART Goals Template. You can decide if you want to use it online (as a Google Doc) or download it (as a Word Doc). The advantage of using a Google Doc is that you can collaborate with multiple people on the definition.

You can also use a tool like Filestage to collaboratively edit your SMART Goals Template. Setting SMART goals will help you learn more about your limits. And if you work on them as a team, you can grow together.


Get the Free SMART Goals Template


Download SMART Goals Doc

Printable Image:

SMART Goals Template

SMART Goals Worksheet

Moreover, we composed a SMART Goals Worksheet, which will support you as you’re tracking your goals. And we added some sample goals. Of course, feel free to adjust it according to your needs (and SMART goals).

We strongly advise that you start defining your objectives by using the SMART Goals Template. Afterwards, you can reevaluate whether you want to use the Google Spreadsheet, or download the worksheet as an Excel spreadsheet.

Google Spreadsheet

Excel Spreadsheet

SMART Goals Worksheet

SMART Goal Setting

In 1981, the SMART methodology was first mentioned in George T. Doran’s article “There’s a SMART way to write management’s goals and objectives,” which was published in Management Review magazine. Doran discussed the complexity of defining and setting proper goals. This article marked the birth of SMART goals.

SMART Goals by Doran

But what does SMART actually stand for?

Here’s a breakdown of the SMART acronym:

S – Specific

A goal should be precisely defined, and mustn’t be vague or ambiguous. Make it as precise as possible:

What questions should you answer?

Who needs to be involved, in order to achieve this goal?

How can you encourage this person to collaborate?

What do you want to achieve? And how will you know that the objective has been achieved?

When do you want to achieve my goal? What is the exact due date, and why?

Which capabilities are needed? And which challenges do you need to overcome?

Why should you achieve the goal?

Where do you want to achieve your goal? (An answer to this question isn’t always necessary.)

M – Measurable

Goals need to be measurable. Hence, you need to decide about the metrics you want to use for measuring your objectives.

What questions should you answer?

How can you measure progress? And how do you know if you’ve successfully met your goal?

A – Achievable

You should be able to achieve your goal within the given time frame. Don’t neglect the encouraging aspect of reaching a goal.

An objective can be ambitious, but keep in mind that not achieving your goal can damage your motivation. Hence, it makes sense to link it with your abilities and competencies.

If you think that you can’t achieve a certain goal, think about your missing skills.

What questions should you answer?

Are you capable of achieving the goal?

Do you have the needed skills?  If you don’t, how can you acquire them?

R – Relevant

A SMART goal should have a direct influence on your overall business goals. If there is no connection between them, consider reviewing the goal again. Chances are that it isn’t relevant enough, so you should aim for something else.

What questions should you answer?

Why should you achieve this goal?

What is the impact of achieving the goal?

How does the goal relate to your overall team and company goals?

T – Timely

It’s important to determine a due date for each of your SMART goals. You need to derive suitable tasks, which will help you reach a certain goal. To determine the due date of the overall SMART goal, you need to sum up the estimated time it will take to finish all of the derived tasks.

What questions should you answer?

What tasks need to be finished to achieve the goal?

How long does it take to finish these tasks?

When is the due date for your goal?

Can the goal be achieved before this date?

SMART Goals Statement

Have you used our template to define your SMART goal(s)? Perfect. If so, it’s now time to craft a compelling statement, which you can refer to for daily motivation, share with your whole team, or print out as a poster.

Here’s the framework of the statement:

To [achieve this goal], [you, your team, or your company] will [complete this action] by [set due date].

For example, a SMART goal here at Filestage could be:

To generate 100 qualified marketing leads, the Filestage marketing team will publish 12 blog articles by July 1, 2018.

Check out our motivational poster (wohoo!):

Filestage Motivational Goal

We used Canva to design it in 30 seconds.

Benefits of SMART Goals


SMART goals should be assigned to employees. Your coworkers should know what you expect them to achieve. So be transparent about your goals, and make them available to the whole team. That way, everyone knows about the current progress and the potential hurdles.

Don’t use SMART goals as opportunities to paint individual team members in a bad light. Instead, establish an environment of trust. Failing is important. Missed goals can be incentives to develop new skills.


SMART goals should be ambitious but achievable. And even more importantly, they should be part of bigger team and company objectives. SMART goals are opportunities to break down your long-term goals.

It may sound hard to win 5,000 new customers within one year, but it may sound achievable to send out 10 emails per day. SMART goals can encourage your team to take action and celebrate success more often.


The classic example of a vague goal is “generating more clients.” It’s easy to tell your employees to canvass for customers. But what does canvassing actually mean?

If you ask 10 employees, you’ll get 10 different answers to that question. The reason is that the goal isn’t clear enough. You can make everyone’s lives easier by setting SMART goals, since they’ll help your employees gain clarity.

Money and Time

Missing a target can cost you a lot of time. Regularly reviewing your objectives will both help you make sure that you’re on the right track, and ensure that your company isn’t wasting time and money.


When you’re working on a task, how do you know if you’re on the right track? Your SMART goal will tell you.

If you’re doing something that isn’t related to your objectives, stop doing it. Instead, concentrate on activities that are tied to your goals. Using this method will help you and your team become super-focused.

If you suspect that a SMART goal can’t provide you with this kind of direction, consider redefining it. Spend time setting the foundation, since it will define your trajectory next time.

3 Examples of SMART Goals

A Goal that’s Not SMART: Win new customers.

A SMART Goal:  To increase the number of customers by 50%, send out 10,000 emails and cold-call 1,000 potential prospects by January 10.

Spend more time on self-development.

SMART: Free up 1 hour per day by more efficiently coordinating tasks and activities, and spend that hour on self-development activities.

Produce more content.

SMART: Create 50 new blog articles for our corporate blog by July 1.

Smart Goals Software


Goalscape is a goal-management app that visualizes your progress, and provides you with informative charts about your activities. After you’ve defined your objectives, the app helps you stay on top of things and track your improvements.

Goalscape Software

To achieve your goals, do you need to get things done? If so,  you should try This simple, easy-to-use app is your personal to-do list, and it helps you manage all the activities involved in reaching your objectives.

anydo screenshot


Strides helps you manage and track all of your goals and habits in one place. It motivates you by providing you with valuable progress charts. That way, you have a little helper that supports you while you’re achieving your goals.

Strides Screenshot

Way of Life

Way of Life is an application that supports you identify both good and bad habits by tracking your routines. This app allows you regularly stay on track and quickly identify unproductive activities.

Way of Life Screenshot

Want to work on your habits in a SMART way? helps you focus on creating, building, and tracking your habits. You can set reminders that will push you, and get virtual high-fives from the community.

Coachme Screenshot

Goals on Track

This software allows you to set and manage your goals. Moreover, it helps you create action plans to achieve your goals. That way, you can efficiently manage your daily tasks and reach your goal step-by-step.

Goals on Track Screenshot


If you’re struggling to achieve your goals, try using the SMART goals approach. Often, your objectives lack clarity, and they’re too vague. Hence, even if you do your best, you’ll never be able to achieve your desired outcome without changing the objective.

Feel free to use our SMART Goals Template to define your objectives. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re using the SMART goals approach at Filestage, and we’ve already achieved various successes by applying it to our daily business.

Specifically, we love the precise, clear definition of goals. Everybody knows what to work on, and is able to iteratively reach his or her goal.

Have you already used the SMART goals approach in your company? In your experience, what were the results and benefits? I would love to hear your opinion in the comments. If you are in a marketing maybe you will benefit by downloading buyer persona template here for free.